Robb Henshaw

  • Does Anyone Trust Your Content?

    If you create an amazing content piece, but nobody trusts it, does it have any real business impact? This is the question more content marketers should be asking themselves. For all the discussion currently taking place around content marketing, the issue of trust is perhaps the most critical. At the end of the day, if people do not trust (or know) your organization, then no ...

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  • Influence vs. Expertise – What Actually Matters?

    As I’ve shared before, research from Nielsen confirms that consumers rely on content from trusted, third-party experts more than branded content and user reviews when learning about new products and making purchase decisions. Notice that the Nielsen study specifically calls out the value of “Experts”, not “Influencers.

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  • Native Ads Don’t Need To Be Deceptive

    If the explosion of native ads over the last year has taught us anything, its that there is a ton of potential for them, and that all of that potential can be easily squandered if a single, core issue is not addressed. And that core issue is trust. Unfortunately, far too much of the conversation around native advertising over the past year has focused on the best way to format ...

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  • People Trust Experts More Than They Trust You

    Raise your hand if you’ve ever produced a piece of content – whether it was a video, a blog post, a white paper, etc. – that just didn’t get any traction at all. You spent a lot of time (and money) producing the content, and it was a great, customer-focused piece – but it just didn’t get any views and didn’t generate any traffic or leads. Believe me, we’ve all been there.

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