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  • Make Diversification a Major Part of All SEO Strategy

    Make Diversification a Major Part of All SEO Strategy September 15, 2015 by Roger Montti Leave a Comment It’s shaky to build a site around ranking for keywords. Google has moved on from simply matching keyword strings in a search query to keyword strings on a web page. Search results are based on identifying searcher intent and matching what they’re trying to accomplish to ...

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  • Rethinking Outbound Linking

    For search engines, links have at least two functions. Links are a signal of relevance and links are a signal of authority (which includes a lack of authority, too!). Outlinks (links that point to a page on another site) can indicate what a web page is about. If a web page links to sites about green widgets then it could be a signal that the page is about widgets or about green widgets.

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  • TrustRank Teardown – Is Trust a Useful Metric?

    Trust is a popular metric for determining the authority level of a website or page. The concept of trust is based on a research paper by Yahoo and Stanford University researchers. TrustRank is based on the idea that good sites tend to link to other good sites. TrustRank begins with a seed set of high trust sites from which they map the outbound links.

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