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  • Why Awesomeness Fest Sucks

    I’m in Phuket, Thailand right now for a conference called Awesomeness Fest. I first learned about Awesomeness Fest a couple of years ago, but didn’t get the chance to make it out until now. I’ve realized that I want to attend events outside of the usual industry events in order to broaden my possibilities and learn from different perspectives.

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  • How to Systemize Your Life for Success

    In life, we place so much emphasis on goals. Setting goals, reaching goals, making new goals. While goal setting is great and pretty essential – you have to know where you’re going to get there – exclusively focusing on the goal is not that effective. In fact, it makes us feel like a failure over and over for not having yet reached our goal even if we are making improvements and progress.

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  • The #1 Most Costly Business Mistake

    What’s the number one most costly business mistake people make and that I’ve made? It’s getting in a relationship. Or more specifically the wrong relationship. Now don’t get me wrong – being in the right relationship can actually make you even more successful by having someone that inspires you and pushes you to work harder. But then there’s the dark side.

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  • Colombia and ASW Recap

    What’s going on guys? It’s been ages since I’ve written (actually since my last Colombia trip in August). I wanted to do a quick recap of my second trip to Colombia. This time I put together sort of a mastermind / vacation with a few affiliates that I know personally and work with. December was a really great time to visit, considering the weather was way nicer than it was in ...

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  • Lazy August Income Report

    Wow it’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these. I was just figuring out my revenue / spend for August and figured I’d make a quick post out of it. I find that these posts keep me motivated to best my previous month’s numbers and just work whether it be from that or to avoid public humiliation of having a terrible month.

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  • Facebook Campaign Exposed

    Okay so the Super Bowl is now a mere distant memory of an onslaught of beer, wings, and pigskin for most of you, but I figured you might get something out of this post anyway. I launched this campaign about a month ago with interest in the big game spiking and with everyone excited about who would win the Super Bowl – the Baltimore Ravens or the San Francisco 49ers.

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  • Where the hell have I been?

    It’s been more than half a year since my last update and I know you’re all probably wondering where the hell I’ve been (sarcasm). Honestly, I just had so much going on and somewhere in there I kind of lost the desire to write. But I’m back now, and here’s a quick run down of what I’ve been up to: March 2012 – Moved to NYC near Time Square.

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