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  • Effective Tips for Building Franchise Microsites on HubSpot

    A company website is a vital inbound marketing tool that helps get your product or service found. But what happens when you have a franchise with multiple locations – should each location have its own website? The answer is... .... kind of. Your company will still have one main corporate site, but the main site will feature multiple mircosites, one for each location, that let ...

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  • Developing Buyer Personas for Your Business to Consumer Business

    To effectively sell your products to consumers, you need to understand the consumers to whom you’re selling. And one way to figure it out is by developing buyer personas. Buyer personas are archetypes of your ideal customers, and they can include existing as well as potential customer types. Buyer personas are important for guiding all aspects of your marketing plan, from websi ...

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  • How To Increase Subscribers to Your Health Care Blog

    Whether people are researching health-related information for themselves, their children, spouses, patients, pals or caregiver clients, the bottom line is people are certainly searching. An additional crowd of visitors can come from current and potential patients already online emailing doctors, logging into patient portals and otherwise taking advantage of health-related servi ...

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  • Leveraging Your Website to Upsell to Current Customers

    One marketing strategy has the power to more than triple your chances of making a sale, and that strategy is called the upsell. Upselling involves selling a more expensive version of a product or service a customer is in the midst of buying or has already purchased, as well as offering add-ons or features that complement that product or service.

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  • 3 Secrets To A Successful Growth Driven Design Implementation

    We've been working with a number of clients who've chosen a Growth Driven Design approach when refreshing their website and have seen great success. Our client successes and the challenges we've encountered in those successes have taught us some important lessons - the secrets of our successes if you will. And being the charitable folks we are, we wanted to share these secrets with you.

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  • Writing Content for Your Home Builder Website

    Did you know that it only takes 10 seconds for website visitors to decide if they are interested in the content on a website? Researchers from Microsoft came to this conclusion after recording the browsing data from over 2 billion page hits. 10 seconds is not a lot of time, so it is very important to make a great first impression to your website visitors.

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  • 9 HubSpot Tools You Should be Using but Probably Aren't

    Companies of all sizes use the HubSpot platform to build websites, create landing pages and improve their marketing results. HubSpot offers transparency to see where improvements can be made and what is working throughout the customer journey. As HubSpot continues to grow, they continue to release new products and services to help their customers gain a competitive edge.

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  • Get Your Business Found with These Local SEO Tactics

    For a business to survive, they must be found online. A Constant Contact survey found 85 percent of small to medium sized businesses (SMB) know that it is important to be found on local search applications and directories, but only half of these actually have updated their listings. The most troubling stat is that 70% of SMB don’t have the time to invest in making sure they are ...

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