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  • Common SEO Problems With E-Commerce Site Launches

    You just launched your new e-commerce website and things are going great … for a week. Soon website traffic is suddenly down and sales are subsequently are down. What gives? What happened? Here are some of the reasons that the majority of sites have when their site launch or re-launch isn’t ranking as well as expected and what you can do to fix them.

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  • How SEO and PPC Can Work Together to Maximize ROI

    SEO and PPC have always been very conflicting ideologies. On one hand, you have a precise profession where every cent counts (PPC), and, on the flip side (SEO), more is better with no regard to logic. Who cares about conversion rates when you get 10x the traffic as a PPC campaign? Am I right, my SEO colleagues? But, at last, there is a way we can work together to achieve higher ...

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  • Using SEO Research to Discover Why Organic Rankings Dropped

    Does this sound like you? “We redid our website and our organic search traffic plummeted. We have been losing organic search traffic continually for months. We have lost rankings for key positions in Google.” If I had a nickel for every time one of our clients said this to us, I would have at least $4.60. It happens a lot, and it is not just you. We see it a lot.

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  • The SEO Strategy We Used To Rank #1 for “Unhealthiest Foods"

    Today you are going to learn the exact formula we used to rank #1 for the keyword “unhealthiest foods” and #4 in the same search. They have been there for over a year and are stuck in the top 5. This is a white hat method with some grey hat mixed at the beginning since we “built some links”. What You Will Learn How we ranked #1 for “unhealthiest foods” for years How to b ...

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  • New Ways to Use the SEO Tools in Your Toolbox

    We know: You like 2-3 SEO tools, you get used to how they work and nothing compares to them. But what about all the rest out there? There are other SEO tools, and they do great things for other SEO people. I want to share with you some of the personal SEO tools that we use and how we use them. We are pretty creative with how we utilize some of them and hope some of the ways ou ...

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