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  • Freaky Friday Halloween Must-Reads

    Posted October 31, 2014 by Ronell Smith (@RonellSmith) We know it’s Halloween, and soon your blood sugar will be through the roof, from all the candy you’ve eaten, and your neighborhoods will be swarming with Frozen and Maleficent characters, in addition to Mutant Ninja Turtles, vampires and clowns.

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  • Ways To Make Web Content More Rewarding And Less Daunting

    The online marketing world is aflutter over content. Content writers. Content for websites. Content for blogs. Content strategy. Content marketing. Content amplification. Content curation. At times it appears as though you could put content in front on any word and have it make sense, given it’s popularity (Content Frappuccino, anyone?) But while it’s clear content is popular, ...

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  • How To Build Relationships And Links For Your Business

    Link building is one of the most talked about but most poorly understood areas of online marketing and SEO. Everyone recognizes the value assigned to links; not enough people understand the best means of acquiring links or the role links play in making their business stick out from the crowd. However, for Julie Joyce, links are her bread and butter.

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  • Measuring, Managing and Marketing What Matters Most: Part 1

    Recently, I was digging around the web for stats related to online marketing, when it hit me: We’re all awash in a sea of information. There’s data on top of data on top of data associated with anything and everything, from social media to content amplification, web design and branding. What marketers need is answers, not more information.

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  • Your Online Marketing Success Begins With Goal-Setting

    Your days are spent worrying about how to continue delivering a product to your customers without increasing prices or losing market share to hungry, well-funded competitors. Your nights are filled with thoughts of what happens if you cannot continue to meet those ever-increasing demands. How long could you meet payroll? How many people could you layoff without hurting the busi ...

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  • Giving A Damn Is Your Business’s Best Blogging Asset

    It’s content marketing’s $64,000 question: “What does my company blog about?” No matter the size of the business, the knowledge of the staff or the access to resources, this question inevitably comes up. It makes sense, too, when you consider businesses who blog receive 55 percent more web traffic per month than those who do not.

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  • Steal Mike King’s Ideas To Get Your Feet Wet With Personas

    If you’ve ever seen a grown man reduced to tears, you know it’s not pretty. There’s lots of sniffling and “uh-huh-huhs,” in addition to the bits of spittle that fly everywhere as they attempt to talk through the episode. So, you can imagine my discomfort at sitting in a room with the senior vice president of a midsize company as he grilled a contractor —an SEO recommended by on ...

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  • A Painless, Effective Approach To Link Building That Any Business Can Employ

    Mention link building to most business owners and you’re likely to get weird stares as their minds replay thoughts of a previous bludgeonings by Google Penguin. But that punishment wasn’t the result of link building; it was the result of bad business practices (i.e., buying links). No matter what you think about the process of building links, this much is clear: Links remain o ...

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  • 4 Surefire Ways You Can Create An Indispensable Brand

    Jay Baer’s book Youtility makes a point, on page 30, that’s as important as it is easy to miss: “Stop trying to be amazing and start trying to be useful.” I first read the line in July, during a flight to the West Coast, and since that time it’s occurred to me that the point Baer made has far deeper meaning than I’d initially realized.

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  • Does Your Content Look Like Panda Chowder To Google?

    Few things make content marketers more jittery than Google penalties, which can be swift, harsh and lasting. Any business owner that’s ever suffered through a penalty will use words like “painful,” “severe,” unclear” and “lengthy.” CMOs and CEOs tend to get real close and personal with their in-house SEOs and content people when their business suffers a Penguin Update, which of ...

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  • How To ‘Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing’

    Google’s latest change, removing Authorship from the search results, was a enough to set the online marketing community aflutter, as folks wondered what’s next from the search engine juggernaut. It doesn’t help that a rumored Panda refresh sent tremors through the industry recently and, word is, a Penguin update is expected any day now. What’s a marketer to do? Take a deep breath.

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  • Growing Your Network Is Essential For Growing Your Business

    I’m on record as saying brand storytelling, at least as it’s typically executed, is a bunch of hooey sold by marketers as a means of getting the content business from brands. Even so, I do rather enjoy telling stories, especially those that help illustrate a point. For example, I can’t think of a single time when, during the initial consultation with a prospect, I have not sh ...

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