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  • Conversion Rate Optimization in HubSpot

    HubSpot is arguably the only true all-in-one inbound marketing platform on the market. Since its inception, the company has constantly expanded its collection of features and tools to keep up with m ...

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  • How Many Buyer Personas Should I Really Have?

    I had an interesting conversation over lunch with the CEO of a SaaS company yesterday afternoon. In between bites of my grilled chicken Santa Fe wrap, he asked me a very thought-provoking question regarding buyer personas; "I have about 10 ...

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  • What is a Profit Maximizer? Here are 5 You Should Try.

    The most successful businesses excel at one thing that mediocre businesses don’t – maximizing the value of their customers. We’ve all heard the saying, “it’s cheaper to retain customers than acquire new ones,” a million times. While this is true most of the time and it’s solid advice ...

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  • How to Create an Irresistible Tripwire Offer

    Generating leads with inbound marketing isn’t usually the biggest challenge companies face – it’s the conversion of leads into customers that marketers get stuck on. Business is all about relationships and your relationship with potential customers start ...

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  • HubSpot Website Platform: The Facts You Really Need to Know

    HubSpot Website Platform The HubSpot Website Platform is fast, easy to use, fully integrates your content to a full-funnel marketing system, optimizes it for search, and offers personalization to specific viewers. We’re huge fans of the HubSpot Website Platform here at IMPACT. In fact all of our designers and developers are COS certified, but you don’t have to take our word alone for it.

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  • What Should You Look for in CRM Software?

    Deciding which customer relationship management (CRM) software is right for your business is an important decision. In addition to the sizable cost, your CRM will have a tremendous impact on you ...

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  • What is Product/Market Fit? (& 5 Steps to Finding It)

    One of the biggest challenges in growing your business is finding product/market fit. In addition to transforming the way you market your product or service, finding product/market fit completely changes (and improves) the product dev ...

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