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  • How to Make the Most of Halloween Spending

    While many businesses tend to forget about Halloween in the November and December shopping frenzy, their customers never do. In 2016, 8.4 billion dollars will be spent on Halloween — mostly on costumes, candy, decorations and greeting cards. With this spending sharply increased from 6.9 billion dollars last year, Halloween purchases are on the rise.

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  • How to Use Email to Boost Your Real Estate Sales

    You’ve got a listing of beautiful houses, a sleek website, and the right mix of salesmanship and trustworthiness that sets the great realtors apart from the good ones. But somehow you’re not receiving the attention and sales you’re looking for. It could be that the problem lies in your marketing strategy.

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  • Which Presidential Candidate is Winning in the Inbox?

    It’s election season. Which means political-fueled fighting over the dinner table, people taking selfies wearing “I voted” stickers, and candidates vying for the highest position in the nation. While each candidate uses a variety of marketing tactics — including television appearances, advertisements, and well-planned debates — email marketing continues to be one of the most p ...

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  • 5 Signs You Need to Update Your Reusable Email Template

    There’s no doubt about it. Creating a reusable email template saves you time. But do you ever feel like your reusable template is starting to get stale? You want your emails to have a consistent look and feel, but worry your tried-and-true email design is starting to feel tired. Don’t throw out your template just yet.

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  • Rock Your Back-to-School Sales and Marketing

    Back-to-School season brings a swirl of excitement and stress amongst children and parents alike. It also brings about massive amounts of spending — money that will go to your business if you understand the trends and required preparation for the 2nd biggest retail holiday of the year. Email marketing is essential for making the most of back-to-school spending.

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  • 10 Commandments for Millennial Marketing

    With 1.3 trillion dollars of annual buying power, millennials are now the driving force behind our economy. If you own your own business, successfully reaching and getting a response from this demographic is probably easier than you think. Check out the infographic below for the 10 commandments of millennial marketing, followed by even more useful tips to reach this important ...

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