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  • 3 Common Travel Blogger Mistakes

    If you are having a tough time gaining traction with your travel blog you may be falling prey to a few common mistakes. These errors plague most travel bloggers at one time during their careers. Instead of blaming the competition or bemoaning the fact that there is no money in travel blogging own the mistakes below and change your fortunes by turning course.

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  • Blogging Case Study: The Anatomy of a Perfect Guest Post

    Meet Joe Elliott. Meet Blogging From Paradise. Joe knows guest posting. He submitted the perfect guest post to my blog recently. So perfect that it fit my blog like a glove. Seriously. Here's the post: Grow Your Blog the Fun & Smart Way (This Actually Works) Here's why it was perfect. The Selfie Peep that lead in image after you click through to the post. The featured image.

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  • 4 Ways to Lose Money with Your Blog

    Nothing stings like losing money through your blog. Seeing donuts in your PayPal account can drive you mad. What if I told you that making a few changes with your blog can bring you instant relief? Money responds to your energy around money; it is not really what you are doing but what you are being.

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  • Blogging Is More Than Just Writing Blog Posts

    Have you ever wondered what would make successful bloggers stand out from the rest? You may be overwhelmed by the colossal of social shares, the numerous features on high level blogs and the profit they make. What does make a difference here? Passion. Even though following practical tips can drive some results, the energy and passion behind your blog would indicate if you suc ...

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  • How to Write a Blog Comment that Wows Your Audience

    I am not going to lie. I just googled the phrase: “how to write a blog comment”. Getting inside of your mind helps me to better serve you. Especially on the commenting front. Because so many folks are confused about blog commenting as a marketing strategy. I myself need to dissolve mental blocks from time to time because I under value the connecting medium.

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  • How a Sneaky San Jose Scavenger Taught Me 3 Blogging Lessons

    His grubby paws fingered the half eaten, greasy sausage. McMuffin crumbs. Syrupy pancake remnants. A thimble full of coffee. Nothing was off limits for this sneaky San Jose scavenger. During my recent trip to Costa Rica my wife Kelli and I chilled in the capital of San Jose for a day (we knew the way). We enjoyed breakfast at 1 of the 14 million McDonald’s fast food joints in the city.

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