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  • 5 Tips For Rediscovering Hope And Inspiration In Your Social Media

    This post was originally published on Forbes. Remember when social media was fun, uplifting … even inspiring? These days, the constant stream of bad news on our feeds, not to mention the added threat of fake news, can make going on social media downright depressing at times. But the “good” is still out there.

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  • Are We Entering the Era of Millisecond Marketing?

    This post was originally published on Adweek. Nowadays, it’s a scene you’ll pretty much see only in movies: Stock traders in brightly colored jackets frantically shouting and flashing symbols on exchange floors. But this was how stocks were bought and sold for most of Wall Street’s history. Then, in the 1990s, electronic exchanges entered the picture.

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  • The Social Media Survival Guide Your Boss Needs

    This post was originally published on Medium. Quick poll: How many people do you know who aren’t on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook? With social networks closing in on 3 billion users, social media has become a daily habit for almost everyone. Except, of course, for CEOs—61 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs have no social media presence whatsoever.

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  • Why Snapchat is a Powerful Business Tool

    This post was originally published on LinkedIn. Recently, I broke some major company news… on Snapchat. Using a special lens that made me look like a bunny rabbit and talk in a high-pitched voice, I announced that my company had acquired a tool for tracking social media analytics on Snapchat. The update was a bit silly, but I wanted to prove a point. Snapchat isn’t just for the kids anymore.

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  • How Companies Will Use Social Media In 2017

    Let’s travel back to a simpler time, shall we? It’s November 6, 2007, and Facebook has just launched something called Pages. Now, companies can have an official presence on the network, just like real people! The first day, 100,000 Pages launch, with brands from Coca-Cola to Verizon to Blockbuster getting onboard.

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  • Top 5 Social Media Trends for Businesses in 2017

    This post was originally published on Inc. RIP Vine. It seems like just a few short years ago that the network—and its catchy six-second video format—debuted and companies raced to figure out how to cash in. Then this October, we learned the app would be officially shut down by Twitter. Even before then, attention had already shifted to newer, more flexible video formats like ...

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  • What an $85 Watermelon Taught Me About Building a Billion-Dollar Business

    This post was originally published on Observer. This story sounds like a tall tale from Canada’s Far North, but it’s completely true. It involves a watermelon, some frustrated locals and one stubborn grocery store. And it reveals a few universal—but all-too-often overlooked—business truths. Years ago, a friend of a friend of mine was living in the Yukon.

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  • Hootsuite Introduces New, Simpler Plans for Customers

    As the CEO of Hootsuite, I love seeing all the innovative ways that our customers have embraced social media. From huge enterprises doing business around the world to craft breweries around the corner from our Vancouver office, organizations are using social to transform their relationships with their customers.

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  • How Hootsuite’s CEO Uses Video Selfies to Connect with His Team

    This post was originally published on Fast Company. Townhall meetings. Ask-me-anything sessions. The old-fashioned suggestion box. CEOs have lots of options for keeping in touch with their ever-growing ranks of employees. The trouble is that most of them aren’t that great. When we were small (i.e. two-pizza–sized, in the parlance of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos), communicating was easy.

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  • Why Facebook is the Professional Network of Choice for These 4 CEOs

    This post was originally published on Fast Company. She’s got 225,000 Facebook likes, knows her way around a selfie stick, and posts updates that get reshared hundreds of times. And she isn’t a Kardashian. She’s Meg Whitman, the 59-year-old CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. While teens (and lately, brands) flock to Snapchat and the rest of us wrestle withTwitter’s new charac ...

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  • What You Can Learn From Snapchat’s Savvy Older Users

    This post was originally published on LinkedIn. “Hey Snapchat!” is how 48-year-old Mark Suster starts off his daily Snapchat videos, looking straight into his phone camera. This type of greeting would be natural coming from a teenager using the app. However, with his grey hair and Gingham shirts, seasoned Silicon Valley venture capitalist Mark comes across as a fish out of wat ...

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  • What Your Company Needs to Know to Get Started on Snapchat

    This post was originally published on Fast Company. You already know about Snapchat even if you aren’t on it. The network for sending pics and videos that disappear shortly after viewing now has 100 million daily users, including an incredible 77 percent of college students. Those users log 10 billion daily video views, surpassing even Facebook’s numbers.

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  • How Social Media is Quietly (Yet Radically) Changing the Way We Buy Stuff

    This post was originally published on Fast Company. I was a couple years late to the party, but last winter I joined the 9 million-plus people who’ve watched the YouTube classic, “Cat in a Shark Costume Chases a Duck While Riding a Roomba.” The title is pretty much self-explanatory. But after I finished watching (and laughing), what I was really interested in was getting myself a Roomba.

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  • 10 Unexpected Books to Inspire Your Career

    This post was originally published on LinkedIn. I admit it. I’m an online ‘snack’ addict. After all, with the digital era has come an endless selection of cheap, easy and addictive pieces of online content for us to readily consume: tantalizing Buzzfeed-y headlines, irresistible top-10 lists, teaser photos of your friend’s latest tropical vacation album on Facebook, etc.

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  • The Quick-Start Guide To Social Media For Time-Strapped Execs

    This post was originally published on Fast Company. Last month, I wrote an article here at Fast Company pointing out that more than half of Fortune 500 CEOs have no social media presence whatsoever, which means they’re leaving on the table a huge opportunity to connect with customers and employees. That article was shared more than 4,000 times on social media in the first 48 hours.

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  • How to Create an Unfair Advantage For Yourself… By (Barely) Breaking the Rules

    This post was originally published on LinkedIn. Out of shape, overweight, burnt out. That was my friend Phil over 20 years ago—a young but disillusioned Wall Street investment banker. Fast forward to today: Phil is now an ultra-fit, energetic and charismatic entrepreneur and professional speaker who gives TED talks and offers one-on-one advice to Fortune 500 leaders.

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  • The Problem with Fast Decisions: Why You Should ‘Sleep On It’

    This post was originally published on LinkedIn. President Obama prefers to keep his work outfits limited to two color choices: gray or blue. He says it’s a deliberate tactic to reduce the number of decisions he has to make in a day. This way Obama can divert that extra mental energy towards the many other important decisions he needs to tackle on the job.

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  • Facebook Reactions are a Survival Lesson for Businesses

    This post was originally published on LinkedIn. This week, Facebook shook up the social media world in a big way, ditching its iconic Like button. With the new Reactions functionality, billions of Facebook users around the world can now express a much wider range of sentiment toward any post they encounter on their Facebook feeds.

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