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  • Video publishers seek to extend Facebook content beyond Facebook

    “America Versus,” a Facebook video series from news and issues site Attn, is one of the most popular shows on the social media platform. Between January and October, the show, which compares various U.S. policies to those in other nations, averaged four-and-a-half times as many views as the median Facebook video, according to Tubular Labs.

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  • ESPN has a few new video tricks to get users to stay in its app

    For ESPN, getting users to watch video on its mobile app is a pretty big deal. But the sports media giant thinks it can serve you video in a way that doesn’t prevent you from accessing other content on the app — and in doing so, getting you to stick around longer. Last week, ESPN rolled out an update that included portrait view for live video and a new product called “live cards.

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  • Amazon is becoming a moneymaker for video publishers

    Six months after launching a self-serve video distribution program, Amazon is a growing revenue provider for publishers and independent filmmakers alike. Launched in May, the Amazon Video Direct program helps publishers of varying sizes and types join the Amazon Prime video ecosystem. In terms of distribution, publishers have multiple options: They can make their content avail ...

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  • How Instagram recruits college football teams to market Stories

    On Saturday, Nov. 19, the day the Michigan Wolverines’ football team played the Indiana Hoosiers, Michigan undergraduate student Katie Hartwig was given an interesting job: She was to takeover the Michigan Athletics Instagram account and provide a behind-the-scenes look at the atmosphere surrounding the game by using one of Instagram’s newest features, Instagram Stories.

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  • ‘Unique or newsworthy’: How the Philadelphia Eagles approach live video

    The Philadelphia Eagles have a message for any publisher looking to experiment with live video: Before going live, ask yourself if the content absolutley needs to be delivered in that way. The Eagles are no strangers to live streaming video. Between the team’s website, mobile app and social channels on Facebook and Twitter, the Eagles are streaming anywhere between 10 to 15 ho ...

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  • How Fox Sports uses college students for as an R&D lab

    Fox Sports is going back to school with Fox Sports University. The program counts 41 universities as partners including USC, Syracuse and Northwestern. Media rights partners including college conferences and pro-sports organizations like NASCAR and the U.S. Golf Association also work with the program. It is a relatively small team with two people overseeing the program.

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  • Scale-hungry Facebook video publishers are in trouble if they don’t think long term

    Unilad, the top video publisher on Facebook, has a video of a raccoon twirling in a tutu. The 10-second clip is cute, funny and has been viewed more than 11 million times. Most of the web video industry would call that video a success — and in a way it is. The video was watched and shared by a lot of people, and the fact that it only accounts for a fraction of the 3.

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  • WTF is a GRP?

    Talk to enough ad buyers, and you’ll eventually hear a pretty common phrase: “No one loses their job buying GRPs.” It’s true. The GRP, which stands for “gross ratings point,” is a metric that plays a central role in the $70 billion U.S. TV advertising market. It’s what advertisers use to determine how and where to place commercials and what TV networks use to prove they’re worth all that money.

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  • Tastemade’s getting 20 million monthly views (but no revenue) from its Instagram Stories

    After surging on Instagram in the past year, Tastemade is getting people to watch its Instagram Stories content. In October, Tastemade’s main Instagram channel generated 20 million views on its Instagram Stories content, according to Oren Katzeff, head of programming for Tastemade. The account, which publishes three to four stories per week, is consistently getting more than a ...

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  • Publishers brace for what happens if Facebook to stop paying for live videos

    Publishers that get paid by Facebook to produce live videos know the glory days might not last forever. Last spring, Facebook signed up nearly 140 media companies and celebrities to produce a regular stream of Facebook Live content. BuzzFeed and Tastemade, for instance, are getting paid $3.1 million and $1 million to produce Facebook Live videos for a 12-month period ending in ...

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  • Live video takes center stage on Election Day

    The biggest winner of Election Day — after Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, that is — will be Facebook and live video in general. More than a dozen media companies including ABC News, The New York Times, NowThis and The Washington Post will be hosting live video streams on Facebook today as American voters head out to elect a new president.

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  • U.S. Soccer taps Facebook, Instagram to hype USA-Mexico rivalry game

    U.S. Soccer is taking to Facebook and Instagram to feed fans with live and social videos ahead of the men’s national team’s World Cup qualifying match against Mexico on Friday, November 11. On Sunday, U.S. will partner with Fox Sports — which is airing the game on Fox Sports 1 next Friday night — to announce the rosters on Facebook. The live stream will begin on the Fox Soccer Facebook page (5.

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  • Confessions of a Hollywood producer: ‘No one knows these platforms exist’

    For years, the life of a TV producer in Hollywood was pretty simple: There were a finite number of channels to sell to and shows were mostly restricted to 30-minute and hour-long programs. That’s not the case anymore. With video a priority across social platforms, print publishers and even phone companies, there are a lot more people looking for good content.

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  • Fox Sports and Sports Illustrated team up for Facebook Live videos

    Fox Sports and Sports Illustrated’s digital team-up includes the co-production of original videos for Facebook and other social platforms. Ahead of the sixth game of the World Series, Fox Sports streamed the sixth episode of a Facebook-only pregame show called “Live @ the World Series.” Hosted by reporters Ken Rosenthal and Tom Verducci, the 20-minute episode also included a s ...

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  • Fox Sports is running native TV ads during the World Series

    If you were watching the first game of the World Series on Tuesday night, you might have noticed something different happen in the middle of the third inning: Instead of cutting to the usual commercial break, Fox Sports went to its studio booth for some early in-game analysis from Alex Rodriguez, Pete Rose and Frank Thomas.

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  • Inside Oculus Story Studio, Facebook’s Pixar clone for VR short films

    “Henry” is an animated short film about a hedgehog who loves to hug. The trouble is, stuck with prickly spines, it’s hard for Henry to make friends — which makes for a very lonely birthday. It’s a cute little Pixar-esque story narrated by Elijah Wood that became the first-ever original virtual reality film to win an Emmy Award when it took home the “Most Outstanding Original I ...

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  • For now, TV broadcasters see Facebook Live as marketing

    Facebook’s live video might rack up enormous numbers, but TV broadcasters still see it as a marketing vehicle for the cash cow of TV. When the Cleveland Cavaliers received their championship rings before the NBA season opener last night, you could have caught the pregame ceremony on TNT, which broadcast the game that followed. But the ceremony also streamed on TNT’s Facebook page.

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