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  • 6 reasons why Snapchat Discover has so much viral sameness

    Snapchat Discover was pitched as a highly curated collection of media, an antidote to the anything-goes-approach of an open platform like Facebook that ends up devolving into a viral sameness as publishers chase clicks. Surprise, Snapchat Discover has slowly been infected by the same viral-sameness bug.

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  • Soccer publisher Copa90 plots American expansion with help from Turner

    U.K.-based soccer publisher Copa90 is ready to take on the U.S. as interest in soccer grows in the country, with an assist from Turner. Last month, Turner’s international arm led a new round of funding in Copa90 parent Bigballs Media, with expansion into international markets — and especially the U.S. — a major reason cited for the investment.

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  • In the shadow of Facebook, Snapchat hopes to avoid being the next Twitter

    All eyes are on Snap, the company behind Snapchat and Spectacles, to see how it fares under the public spotlight. But maybe no one’s eyes are more important than that of a $387 billion giant residing nearly 400 miles north of Snap’s Los Angeles headquarters. Because three years after Snap CEO Evan Spiegel rebuffed Facebook’s offer to buy his company for $3 billion, Facebook h ...

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  • NowThis to take a shot at sports with new vertical — but no highlights

    NowThis plans to jump into the wide world of sports with the launch of NowThis Sports on Facebook later this spring. The short-form video giant’s seventh vertical will join existing offshoots such as NowThis Politics, NowThis Future and NowThis Weed. With a May launch in mind, NowThis Sports will focus on sports stories outside of the actual game, including covering the latest ...

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  • Turner’s Super Deluxe is rolling out a Facebook show

    Platforms want to become the new cable TV. Super Deluxe, a digital comedy publisher funded by Turner, is launching a new web series next week on Facebook that will contain short commercial breaks. This makes Super Deluxe one of the first media partners to test out Facebook’s new mid-roll ads program, which also includes BuzzFeed, Attn and The Washington Post, among other top d ...

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  • BuzzFeed bets big on original shows for platforms

    Last Sunday, BuzzFeed launched the second season of its food-centric web series “Worth It” on Facebook and YouTube. The show features a trio of hosts testing out food at three different price points — affordable, middle-tier and luxury — and grading which of the items was most worth its price. It’s one of BuzzFeed’s most successful web shows: The March 12th episode did 3.

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  • Snapchat Discover publishers face tough challenge as platform chases TV

    Snap wants Snapchat Discover to be more like TV — and longtime media partners, as always, will be expected to adapt. Snap plans to prioritize the placement of original shows made for Snapchat Discover, according to two sources. Since its January 2015 launch, Snapchat Discover has been a home for daily magazine editions from dozens of media partners including ESPN, Cosmopolit ...

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  • BBC and ITV look to get more US viewers to pay for British TV shows

    Two of the U.K.’s biggest broadcasters are teaming up to bring a slice of British television to Americans willing to pay for it. BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC, and U.K.’s biggest broadcaster ITV have launched BritBox, a $6.99-per-month, ad-free subscription streaming service current and classic British TV shows across genres.

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  • NowThis to expand into investigative journalism and long-form video

    Short-form news video giant NowThis is getting into long-form programming, original shows and investigative journalism. The company is embarking on an “aggressive hiring plan” to support the production of more original news reports and video series, according to Athan Stephanopoulos, president of NowThis.

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  • Inside Facebook’s pitch for entertainment content

    Facebook is working on a feature that would spotlight original shows and other exclusive long-form content on its mobile and TV apps. The feature, described as a “spotlight module” during its meetings with potential content partners, would be prominently placed inside the video tab on Facebook’s mobile app, sources said.

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  • Facebook’s latest video shift irks news publishers

    News publishers, already wary of Facebook’s ever-morphing ambitions, are skeptical that Facebook’s new video initiatives will help them generate revenue on the platform. Two weeks ago, Facebook invited dozens of media companies including news outlets such as The New York Times, NowThis and The Washington Post to New York to discuss the platform’s content and monetization pro ...

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  • CNN’s platform publishing unit Great Big Story has a six-person cartoon team

    CNN’s Great Big Story loves cartoons — so much that the company has built an entire team dedicated to animated videos. Funded by CNN, Great Big Story is an independent subsidiary of the news giant focused on inspirational and edgy content for social and mobile platforms. Of Great Big Story’s 40 employees, six people work within its animation department, which is responsible fo ...

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  • Inside Facebook’s recent product pitch to publishers

    Facebook might be looking to mend relationships with media companies concerned over its role in the spread of fake news, but it also wants to reassure them that it has their business concerns top of mind, too. On Friday, Feb. 17, Facebook invited dozens of media companies to its offices in New York to talk about the company’s content and product roadmap for 2017.

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  • Facebook wants longer videos, but takes away key view metric

    Facebook has removed a benchmark metric that allows publishers to see how many video views lasted for 30 seconds or longer. In its place, Facebook has propped up a standard that measures number of views after 10 seconds of video playtime. Available within Facebook’s Insights dashboard for page owners, the 30-second view metric was one of several benchmarks that allowed publish ...

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  • ESPN to make original digital shorts for ‘SportsCenter’

    ESPN is gearing up to produce more original “SportsCenter” videos for digital and social platforms. Within ESPN’s 20-person digital video production team, the company has assigned a group to focus full time on creating original “SportsCenter” videos for digital platforms. These videos will live on ESPN.

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  • On PewDiePie and the inherent difficulties in policing YouTube

    Advertisers might want more stringent ways to police YouTube content in light of the controversy surrounding YouTube’s biggest star, PewDiePie, making anti-Semitic comments on several of his recent videos. Unfortunately, the problem is a lot bigger and more nuanced than PewDiePie (then again, most things are more nuanced than PewDiePie).

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