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  • In the shadow of the duopoly, media rivals are becoming allies

    If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. As digital media sellers compete for ad dollars in a fragmented world, they’re betting it’s better to work together than to individually lose out on ad dollars entirely. Take the ad sales partnership announced by Condé Nast, Vox Media and NBCUniversal last month. Under the deal, Condé Nast’s titles, which include GQ, Vogue, Vanity Fair and The ...

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  • The Beat: Publishers push back on Facebook’s dominance

    Last month, we went to Vail, Colorado, for the first-ever Digiday Moguls event, where 30 C-level media executives discussed the biggest challenges and opportunities their companies face. The event was followed by the Digiday Publishing Summit, which gathered hundreds of high-level media executives to discuss similar issues in the media business.

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  • Complex Media increases its push into a TV-like video strategy

    Being a “video-first” company means something different for Complex Media than it does for most digital publishers, according to Rich Antoniello. “If you want to win in video, don’t dip your toe in the pool and say, ‘Here’s 14 people dedicated to this,’” said the Complex Media CEO. “Go all in.” For Complex Media, which has a little over 400 employees, that means having around ...

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  • HowStuffWorks is going long — and making money — with Amazon video

    Thanks to Amazon, HowStuffWorks is investing in long-form video. In March, HowStuffWorks, the publisher best known for informational and nonfiction articles, videos and podcasts, released eight documentaries on Amazon Prime. This included a 55-minute film called “The Great North American Road Rally,” which features the hosts of HowStuffWork’s “CarStuff” video series as they ra ...

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  • Nat Geo teams up with Mashable, theSkimm and others for new digital venture

    National Geographic is partnering with multiple digital publishers and documentarians to create a digital network focused on science, adventure and culture content. The digital network, called “The National Geographic Further Community,” at launch will have three digital publishing partners — Mashable, theSkimm and Atlas Obscura — as well as video- and photojournalists that fr ...

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  • In leaner approach, Yahoo Finance pushes live streams over scripted series

    Less is more when it comes to video, Yahoo has decided. Yahoo Finance is pushing into live programming around big business events and daily news, part of a departure from Yahoo’s big, expensive (and ultimately failed) content bets of the past. In the second quarter, Yahoo Finance plans to offer hours of live coverage for more than a half-dozen business conferences and events, ...

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  • Food Network owner Scripps is focused on video series for social platforms

    For Food Network owner Scripps Networks Interactive, what’s old is new again. After scaling to 1 billion monthly views with short social videos, Scripps is starting to create more recurring video series and franchises for its media brands, which also include HGTV and Travel Channel. The goal is to be prepared as viewers spend more time on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, and ...

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  • How YouTube networks are pivoting to studio, media brand models

    Six years after launching what would become one of the biggest YouTube multichannel networks, Fullscreen would like you not to call it an MCN, thank you very much. “The MCN is not our entire business,” said George Strompolos, founder and CEO of Fullscreen Media. “It’s how we identify, develop, grow, partner with and monetize creative talent. How we apply that is where it gets interesting.

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  • How top digital publishers are set up to get into show business

    As more platforms seek TV-like programming, big digital publishers are more than happy to oblige. In fact, they’re already set up to make episodic shows and long-form video content. Within BuzzFeed Entertainment, BuzzFeed has the 40-person BuzzFeed Motion Pictures Group, which is responsible for developing and producing original shows and films.

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  • How CNN is getting TV viewers to use its apps

    CNN is trying to turn its existing TV subscribers into video streamers on its app. On CNN’s mobile app, the network has been offering daily previews of its live TV feed in an effort to get existing TV subscribers to sign in and watch for longer. Once users open up the app, they can access the TV feed and watch for free as a clock counts down from 10 minutes.

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  • YouTube goes live with $35 internet TV service

    After years of boasting that it’s bigger than TV, YouTube has joined the TV business. The Google-owned video giant has launched YouTube TV, a live TV service that seeks to compete with other internet-based TV services such as Dish Network’s Sling TV, AT&T’s DirecTV Now and Hulu’s upcoming service — as well as the broader pay-TV ecosystem.

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  • ESPN is thinking beyond TV with ‘special projects’

    ESPN’s core business is in TV, but the company continues to make bets that expand its scope beyond the biggest screen in the house. On April 11, ESPN will debut a new original TV show called “We The Fans,” which will document the lives of a group of Chicago Bears season ticket holders in Soldier Field’s Section 250.

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  • TV feels the heat from Google and Facebook

    This story first appeared in the spring issue of Digiday magazine, available exclusively to Digiday Pulse members. Join the community to receive the full magazine (and more) here. About a year ago, Bryson Gordon was emptying a box of his mom’s old things when he uncovered a document from a bygone era in advertising: an ad sales research report from 1963, written by his mothe ...

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  • Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore: The future is in premium video for mobile

    Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore thinks video shows — on streaming platforms and on social platforms — are the future. Speaking at the Digiday Publishing Summit in Vail, Colorado, Cashmore said the “production of shows” is “one of the fastest growing” revenue lines for Mashable. In the past year, the company has been producing short-form shows for media partners including Bravo, Nat ...

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  • Barstool Sports got 12,500 people to pay to watch amateur boxing

    Barstool Sports is not for everyone. But for those that self-identify as “stoolies,” it’s a media brand they care enough about to pay for. On March 3rd, Barstool Sports hosted an online pay-per-view, during which the publisher broadcast a four-hour boxing event held inside of an armory in the woods of West Virginia.

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  • 6 reasons why Snapchat Discover has so much viral sameness

    Snapchat Discover was pitched as a highly curated collection of media, an antidote to the anything-goes-approach of an open platform like Facebook that ends up devolving into a viral sameness as publishers chase clicks. Surprise, Snapchat Discover has slowly been infected by the same viral-sameness bug.

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