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  • ESPN to make original digital shorts for ‘SportsCenter’

    ESPN is gearing up to produce more original “SportsCenter” videos for digital and social platforms. Within ESPN’s 20-person digital video production team, the company has assigned a group to focus full time on creating original “SportsCenter” videos for digital platforms. These videos will live on ESPN.

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  • On PewDiePie and the inherent difficulties in policing YouTube

    Advertisers might want more stringent ways to police YouTube content in light of the controversy surrounding YouTube’s biggest star, PewDiePie, making anti-Semitic comments on several of his recent videos. Unfortunately, the problem is a lot bigger and more nuanced than PewDiePie (then again, most things are more nuanced than PewDiePie).

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  • Tastemade finds success in food-crazed Japan, especially on Twitter

    Just like the rest of the world, the Japanese crave overhead shots of artsy food. Since launching a Japanese vertical last April, Tastemade has reached 100 million monthly video views on Tastemade Japan videos across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Unlike in the U.S., Twitter is responsible for a large bulk of Tastemade Japan’s viewership, capturing 35 million views ...

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  • The Washington Post launches on Snapchat Discover, with an eye toward breaking news

    The Washington Post is building a Snapchat Discover team as the company plans to produce multiple daily editions for the platform every day of the week. On Monday, The Washington Post launched on Snapchat Discover, the media section of the popular messaging app that offers daily content from 40-something publishers including BuzzFeed, ESPN, CNN and Refinery29.

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  • With layoffs, Bleacher Report does away with its user-generated roots

    Bleacher Report is finally washing its hands of the amateur contributor business the company originally made its name on. As reported by Politico, Turner-owned millennial sports publisher Bleacher Report has laid off about 50 employees. A majority of the cuts were within the editorial operations department — junior copy editors and similar roles that were responsible for manag ...

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  • News publisher Attn is crowdsourcing Facebook Live coverage

    News and issues site Attn is getting regular people and governments involved in its Facebook Live broadcasts. On January 18, Attn aired a two-hour Facebook Live covering a political protest/dance party in front of vice president Mike Pence’s house in Indiana. Then, two days later, Attn aired an hour-long live stream from Washington D.C.

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  • The Grammys are using Snapchat to lure younger viewers

    The music industry’s Recording Academy is using Snapchat to get younger people interested in the 59th annual Grammy Awards on Feb. 12. On Saturday, Jan. 21, The Recording Academy premiered a four-part Snapchat video series called “Pop Before the Drop,” a man-on-the-street-style game show in which host and YouTube star Jack Baran grills people on the streets of Los Angeles abou ...

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  • Best of the week: Havas teaches programmatic while ad land remembers a famous tweet

    Congratulations — you’ve almost made it to Super Bowl weekend. Before you hunker down on your couch for an evening of food, booze, some sport and a whole lot of crass commercialization, check out our roundup of some of Digiday’s stories of the week. We spoke with ad giant Havas about how the agency will train more than 5,000 employees on programmatic advertising. We also dove deep into Snap Inc.

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  • Snapchat parent’s IPO paperwork, annotated

    It’s official: Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat, has filed paperwork for an initial public offering, which means the public is getting a look inside the notoriously secretive company’s business for the first time. Seeking a $25 million on the New York Stock Exchange, all eyes will be on Snap to prove that it’s worth the hype.

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  • When it comes to video, more publishers are betting on mobile web versus apps

    Outside of social platforms, people are more likely to watch mobile video on the web versus apps — and publishers are adapting. Video viewership inside mobile apps has been going down for several years now, according to video tech firm JW Player. In the last 10 months of 2016, the share of mobile video viewing occurring inside apps declined to 5 percent from 8 percent, accordi ...

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  • Truffle Pig’s Paul Marcum: Snapchat can break Google-Facebook duopoly

    Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | RSS If the first month of 2017 is any indication, all eyes will be on Snap Inc. to prove that it’s worth the hype. In the company’s corner: Paul Marcum, president of Truffle Pig, a content-marketing agency launched as a joint venture between ad conglomerate WPP, The Daily Mail and Snapchat in 2015.

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  • A+E is getting people to pay for Civil War docs and Lifetime melodramas

    A+E Networks is building a subscription streaming business by going niche and partnering with big video distributors. Last February, A+E launched History Vault, a $5-per-month, ad-free subscription video service offering more than 400 historical documentaries on topics ranging from Thomas Jefferson to the guns of the Civil War.

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  • Pitch deck: Verizon’s plans for Go90 in 2017 and beyond

    Layoffs or not, Verizon will continue to put money behind Go90, its mobile video streaming service that offers everything from original short-form web series to older TV episodes and live sports. Whether consumers want such a service is an entirely different matter. In a presentation Verizon made to various Go90 partners last fall, the phone company laid out its strategy to turn Go90 around.

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  • The Players’ Tribune is building an athlete podcast network

    Athletes aren’t don’t just make for good content — they can host great content in their own right. The Players’ Tribune, premised on the idea of giving athletes their own media platform to share their stories, plans to launch a network of podcasts this year. On January 26, the publisher will premiere “Giant Steps,” an hour-long oral history of the 1986 Super Bowl-winning New Y ...

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  • ‘It won’t look anything like digital’: Confessions of a TV sales exec on programmatic TV

    If programmatic TV becomes a reality, it’s not going to happen in the way that current digital programmatic players want it to. In fact, it might not even resemble digital programmatic at all, with its focus on transactions above advanced data. In the latest edition of our Confessions series, we spoke with a senior TV sales executive about the future of programmatic TV and how ...

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  • From live video to VR: How publishers are tackling the inauguration

    There will be no shortage of options for people to catch all of the action in, around and related to tomorrow’s inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th president. Just as they did during the election, publishers of all stripes are gearing up to cover this weekend’s carnival in Washington, D.C., starting with the actual inauguration on Friday.

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