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  • Just 15 months old, Tasty is driving BuzzFeed video

    Tasty is not just one of the biggest publishing brands on Facebook; it’s now the driving force behind the BuzzFeed video juggernaut. In September, Tasty’s main Facebook page was the third-biggest video account on Facebook with nearly 1.7 billion video views, according to Tubular Labs. Viewership per video is also staggering: During the last three months, Tasty’s Facebook videos have averaged 22.

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  • Best of the Week: Trump hurts brands while Snapchat hurts publishers

    As Donald Trump’s shot at the presidency plummets, he’s taking his brand down with him. The interesting thing about the Trump brand is that his name actually used to mean something positive, believe it or not. When he launched his bid, Trump valued his licensing deals and brand developments at $3.3 billion, according to the Washington Post.

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  • “They have the advantage’: What Snapchat’s new deal means for media

    Snapchat wants to be like TV, and publishers need to adapt. That’s the message from the news that Snapchat no longer wants to share ad revenue with its Discover media partners, according to a report from Recode. Instead, the company will pay licensing fees for the content and keep all the ad revenue — the approach TV networks take.

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  • ESPN’s ‘College GameDay’ comes to Snapchat

    Since the start of the current college football season, ESPN has been producing an exclusive Snapchat Discover version of its weekly Saturday morning pregame show “College GameDay.” Like its TV counterpart, “College GameDay” on Snapchat is hosted by anchor Rece Davis and routinely features other on-camera talent including Lee Corso, Kirk Herbstreit, Desmond Howard and Samantha Ponder.

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  • Bleacher Report to broadcast live sports using Facebook Live

    Are you ready for some football? How about some high school football on Facebook Live? Bleacher Report sure hopes so, as the Turner-owned sports media publication plans to broadcast three full high school football games on Facebook this fall. On Friday, Oct. 14, Bleacher Report’s Facebook page will host a match-up between Sylvan Hills from Atlanta and Pulaski Academy from Little Rock, Arkansas.

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  • Why Insider is betting on Instagram Stories instead of Snapchat

    Many publishers have been busy building up Snapchat content teams, but Business Insider’s distributed arm, known as simply Insider, is focused more on Instagram. In September, Insider did 18 million video views on Instagram across its seven accounts including Insider, Insider Food and Insider Design, up from 413,000 views in July, according to Tubular Labs.

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  • Snapchat courts Hollywood producers for new programming

    Snapchat wants Hollywood to pitch in programming ideas as it seeks to continue shifting its media offerings from more of a publication concept to act like TV shows. Now part of the rechristened Snap Inc., Snapchat is actively courting media companies and production studios to make original shows for its Discover platform.

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  • Apples and oranges: Why a TV viewer does not equal an online video view

    A year ago, Yahoo became the first company to live stream a regular-season NFL game all around the world. The broadcast netted 15.2 million unique viewers worldwide. With most Sunday NFL games in the U.S. averaging 10 million to 20 million viewers, Yahoo seemed to have hit a TV-sized NFL audience. Except it didn’t.

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  • YouTube and Facebook leave video platform pretenders in the dust

    Somewhere between Facebook and Netflix exists an invisible pink unicorn: a streaming video platform that offers the best high-quality short-form web video content. It’s not a new idea. In the past five years, AOL, Yahoo, Condé Nast and Time Inc., among other major media companies and smaller video startups, have launched streaming platforms to bring viewers top-shelf web content.

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  • I want my Snapchat TV: MTV is launching Discover shows

    Snapchat Discover publishers are heeding Snapchat’s call to make the media platform more like TV. On the international version of its Snapchat Discover channel, MTV is launching three new video series this fall. The first, which launched on Sept. 29, is a game show called “Show Us Ur Phone,” in which host Charlotte Crosby ambushes couples on the street and goes through their phones.

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  • Advertisers seek leverage versus Facebook in metrics screw-up

    Facebook’s accidental inflation of average video watch time will be used by advertisers as a bargaining chip to pressure Facebook into opening its platform to more third-party measurement providers. In fact, it has already begun. Last Friday, the Association of National Advertisers’ CEO, Bob Liodice, published a blog post calling on Facebook to have its metrics audited and acc ...

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  • ‘A game of Chutes and Ladders’: Nat Geo’s CEO on media and platforms

    National Geographic has 60.6 million followers on Instagram and 42.1 million followers on Facebook. It’s also one of nearly two-dozen publishers on the Snapchat Discover platform. But while the Nat Geo brand is big on social, it’s not reliant on platforms in the way that many distributed digital media companies are — and it aims to keep it that way.

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  • Movie studio Legendary to sell subscriptions for its digital content

    Legendary Entertainment, the movie studio behind big films like Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” trilogy and “Jurassic World,” is getting into the subscription streaming app business in a small way. A new $5-per-month app, called Alpha, isn’t an attempt by Legendary to exploit its existing library of blockbuster films.

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  • Inside the Turner Sports-Bleacher Report romance

    This article is from Pulse, Digiday’s quarterly print magazine about the modernization of media. This is a peek at the third issue, which focuses on the current state and future potential of video. To receive the full 80-page issue and subscribe to a year of Pulse, visit Most media acquisitions fail. Somehow, Turner and Bleacher Report have made their union work.

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  • Philadelphia 76ers buys two eSports teams

    The Philadelphia 76ers have made a full-court press into eSports, where it hopes to have a little more luck than they’ve had recently on the court. The 76ers have not only become the first pro sports team in North America to own an eSports team, they bought two: Team Dignitas and Team Apex. With the deal, which was for an undisclosed amount, the 76ers have merged both eSports ...

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  • Facebook’s video metrics screw-up, explained

    As far as screw-ups go, Facebook inflating average video watch time on its platform is a classic face plant — embarrassing but not big enough for publishers and advertisers to reconsider or pull back their investments on the platform. About a month ago, Facebook started notifying advertisers that a calculating error had led to the platform overstating average viewing time for ...

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  • Best of the week: Skittles and the dark side of going viral

    Who could have predicted that the biggest story of the week would involve Skittles? The popular candy brand was thrust into the spotlight after Donald Trump Jr. tweeted a photo comparing Syrian refugees to a bowl of poisoned Skittles. This image says it all. Let’s end the politically correct agenda that doesn’t put America first. #trump2016 — Donald Trump Jr.

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  • How Cartoon Network’s newest TV show was built on digital

    Next Thursday, Cartoon Network will air a new animated TV series called “Mighty Magiswords,” following the adventures of a sibling team of “warriors for hire.” However, “Mighty Magiswords” isn’t a new show for Cartoon Network; it debuted in May 2015 as a 15-second interactive video series on Cartoon Network’s CN Anything app.

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