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  • From live video to VR: How publishers are tackling the inauguration

    There will be no shortage of options for people to catch all of the action in, around and related to tomorrow’s inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th president. Just as they did during the election, publishers of all stripes are gearing up to cover this weekend’s carnival in Washington, D.C., starting with the actual inauguration on Friday.

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  • E! News plans more original content for Snapchat Discover

    After launching a weekly show on Snapchat Discover last September, NBCUniversal’s E! News unit plans to do more original programming there in 2017 — including one-off specials centering on major awards shows. Premiering on September 8, “The Rundown” is E! News’ first stab at creating original programming exclusively for Snapchat Discover, the media section of the Snapchat app ...

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  • Turner wants to make more social videos for brands

    Turner says it knows how to create videos that people actually want to watch on Facebook (and other platforms), and it plans to double its resources in 2017 to make it happen. Within its Turner Ignite ad sales unit, Turner has a social advertising product called Launchpad. It’s designed to help advertisers distribute sponsored videos created by Turner (or the advertiser) acros ...

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  • Reuters TV now has 1 million monthly viewers

    Sometimes it pays to give content away for free. Reuters is saying that its Reuters TV video streaming service has grown to 1 million monthly users after dropping its $2-a-month paywall in August 2015. Only a fraction of the users still pay $2 for the service, with most preferring the free, ad-supported product, said Reuters TV managing director Isaac Showman.

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  • VR, AI and voice: Behind the hype at CES 2017

    Some come to CES for the self-driving cars and smart sprinkler systems; media companies and advertisers are in Las Vegas to talk voice and artificial intelligence. And pour some cold water on virtual reality. Thanks to products like the Amazon Echo and Google Home, it’s impossible to escape the growing hype behind voice technology and artificial intelligence from both publishe ...

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  • CBS digital chief Jim Lanzone on media: ‘The shakeout will come for people who chase traffic’

    Jim Lanzone is pretty busy these days. Last June, CBS made Lanzone its first-ever chief digital officer in addition to his existing duties as the boss of CBS Interactive. After growing CBS Interactive’s network of publishers to 167 million monthly users, Lanzone is now tasked with helping usher the parent company into a new era, which includes growing two streaming services as ...

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  • ‘A secondary agenda’: What media companies and marketers really do at CES

    If 2016 is any indication, nearly 180,000 people will descend on Las Vegas this week to attend the annual Consumer Electronics Show. But for many in the media and marketing businesses, the annual gathering has almost nothing to do with the conference’s’ main attraction: the show floor, where attendees can see all sorts of interesting or just-plain-weird gadgets.

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  • Inside YouTube’s big bet on Red

    Believe it or not, YouTube has had its share of doubters. Billionaire Mark Cuban famously once said only a “moron” would buy YouTube — just one month before Google dropped $1.6 billion for the video-sharing service. His qualms? It was only a matter of time until a site with rampant piracy issues was “sued into oblivion” for copyright violations. He wasn’t entirely wrong.

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  • 5 things we learned about OTT in 2016

    Facebook might grab most of the headlines today, but the streaming — or so-called “over-the-top” — video business that exists outside social platforms is also booming. With a growing list of distributors both big and small, the market offers a lot of content and a lot of choice. Without a doubt, this is great for consumers.

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  • Even Sony Music is making video

    Record labels aren’t just record labels anymore; they can be video producers, too. Take, for instance, Sony Music Entertainment, which launched an original video division nearly two years ago entirely dedicated to creating original series for digital publishers, streaming platforms and TV. To date, Sony Music Originals, led by head of original content Lee Stimmel, has released ...

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  • The year in new platform features and tweaks, ranked

    Live by the platform, die by the platform. As more and more publishers elected to distribute directly to social in 2016, spurred on in many cases by the platform themselves, they found that there is a cost to publishing in an environment they don’t fully control. If a platform decides to roll out a new product and make it a priority, or decides to tweak an existing product, th ...

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  • Why Bleacher Report has 11 people dedicated to Snapchat Discover

    Ahead of its Jan. 4 launch on the U.S. version of Snapchat Discover, The Bleacher Report has hired seven people within its “social moments” team to oversee the channel. The seven staffers, consisting of social content producers including graphic design and animation experts, will focus on creating daily content for the channel.

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  • Publisher trend inception: Facebook Live meets commerce strategies

    Lifestyle publishers Brit + Co and Mindbodygreen see an opportunity in using Facebook Live to mesh with their commerce businesses. Last month, Brit + Co pushed out a 30-minute Facebook Live video starring expert handletterrer Brittany Luiz, who took requests from commenters for artsy signs of what people were thankful for. Viewership was modest, with 17,000 views and more than 380 comments.

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  • Confessions of a media buyer on programmatic TV

    There is a lot of hype around programmatic TV — the belief that TV networks and advertisers will one day adopt automation the way the digital ad industry has. But the truth is, true programmatic TV faces a lot of roadblocks on the road to wide adoption. For the latest in our Confessions series, in which we grant anonymity in exchange for candor, we spoke to a media buyer at a T ...

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  • How E! News is making money from Facebook Live

    After spending the past year investing in Facebook Live, NBCUniversal’s entertainment news unit E! News is starting to make money with the format. Last month, E! News launched a new live video series on Facebook called “Freestyle.” Hosted by E! News correspondent Zuri Hall and E! News senior beauty editor Cinya Burton, the show focuses on beauty and fashion, with each episode ...

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  • ‘Apps are the new magazines’: Why Bloomberg’s doubling down on apps

    Forget the mobile web or social platforms: Bloomberg Media’s betting its mobile future on apps. Starting with its redesigned flagship mobile app, Bloomberg plans to launch several new apps in the coming year with a focus on delivering personalized content to users in a more seamless and controllable fashion than what’s currently available on the mobile web and inside social platforms.

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  • ‘No interest in playing your games’: Why programmatic TV hasn’t (yet) taken off

    This story is part of a Digiday series on Programmatic TV, which examines how TV advertising is trying to act a little more like its digital cousin by introducing automation. While TV networks are warming up to data-based advertising, it will be a long time before programmatic advertising truly comes to TV — if it comes at all.

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  • Advertisers are cooling on Snapchat Live Stories

    With viewership for Snapchat’s Live Stories stagnating, the feature is not a priority for media buyers. In addition to Discover, Live Stories is one of two media-driven features inside the Snapchat app. Available alongside Discover on the Stories and Discover pages, Live Stories provides content curated around different events and topics — everything from a big NBA game to the ...

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