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  • NBCUniversal adds Refinery29 to its growing list of digital publisher and platform partners

    NBC Sports and Refinery29 are embarking on a yearlong social editorial and marketing partnership focused on telling stories about female athletes and other women in sports. It’s the latest instance of NBCUniversal working with a platform or digital publisher to create digital content. The partnership kicked off this week with a new Instagram account, @onherturf, which will pro ...

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  • Snapchat is enlisting more publishers to make video shows

    I want my Snap TV? Snapchat plans to double the amount of Snapchat video shows it releases this year to roughly 80 shows, including what could be its first serialized, scripted shows. In doing so, the company has also widened its sources for shows to include digital and legacy publishers, in addition to existing TV network partners.

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  • Barstool Sports got 41,000 people to pay for its latest amateur boxing PPV

    Barstool Sports’ decision to buy an amateur boxing competition continues to pay off. On Friday, Feb. 16, Barstool Sports hosted its third amateur-boxing pay-per-view event — and the second one since it acquired the West Virginia-based Rough N Rowdy Brawl last November. The five-hour live tournament, which featured just under 50 prize fights, including a bout between two Barsto ...

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  • Video Briefing: Amazon will soon distribute ad-supported streaming channels

    Welcome to a preview of the new Digiday Video Briefing, a new weekly newsletter from Digiday senior reporter Sahil Patel that will take you behind the scenes of an industry in upheaval. To get this in your inbox, sign up here. Amazon’s Channels program has been a big hit for TV networks and digital publishers with subscription video streaming products.

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  • Video Briefing: Facebook Watch is not a TV network of the future

    Welcome to the new Digiday Video Briefing, a new weekly newsletter from Digiday senior reporter Sahil Patel that will take you behind the scenes of an industry in upheaval. To get this in your inbox, sign up here. It’s safe to say “Ball in the Family,” a show starring famous basketball dad LaVar Ball, is the first hit show on Facebook Watch — it’s certainly the first Watch sho ...

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  • Neither Hulu nor Netflix nor Spotify, YouTube Red is having an identity crisis

    What, exactly, is YouTube Red? That’s a question creators and YouTube network executives might want to ask more than two years after YouTube launched its subscription streaming offering. During an onstage conversation at Recode’s Code Media on Feb. 12, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki called YouTube Red a music streaming service — which is the first time any executive from the compa ...

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  • USA Today is adding 20 people to its 40-person video team

    Don’t call it a pivot. USA Today Network is bulking up its video capabilities with plans to add 20 new editors and producers to join its current 40-person team that handles video and photo production for USA Today and its network of 109 news and media properties. USA Today has also built new studio space in parent company Gannett’s midtown Manhattan headquarters as part of the video investment.

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  • Publishers with TV ambitions are pursuing Netflix

    Netflix’s $8 billion content budget for 2018 is proving to be attractive for publishers that have the capacity to produce TV shows. In January, Vox Media announced it would make a show for Netflix starring co-founder Ezra Klein. The still-untitled series will bring Vox’s explanatory journalism to Netflix with a series that would feature in-depth reporting around scienc ...

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  • Cheatsheet: Snap finally has some good news to share

    Don’t call it a comeback just yet, but Snap’s broken its losing streak. For the first time, Snap beat industry and Wall Street expectations for daily user growth and quarterly revenues. For the full year of 2017, Snap earned $824.9 million in revenue. The company continues to lose money and has a long way to go, but things are certainly looking brighter for Snap today than yesterday.

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  • NBCUniversal and BuzzFeed are teaming up for a new parenting channel called Playfull

    NBCUniversal and BuzzFeed are creating a new millennial parenting channel together called Playfull, hoping to replicate BuzzFeed’s success with verticals like Tasty and Nifty. Playfull launches today on Facebook and is the first publishing brand that will be co-owned by the longtime partners. NBCUniversal has invested $400 million in BuzzFeed since 2015 and has embedded the di ...

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  • The Dodo launches in Spanish in its first international foray

    The Dodo wants to entertain people who love animal videos outside of the U.S. In November, The Dodo, the animal-focused distributed publisher housed underneath Group Nine Media, launched El Dodo, a Spanish-language Facebook page making the same type of animal and pet videos that have helped The Dodo grow, as of December, to 17.5 million followers and 1.

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  • Facebook courts sports stars for Watch video shows

    Facebook wants live sports. But it also wants a ton of sports programming that can complement any live games and sporting events it broadcasts on Facebook Watch. In the past couple of weeks, Facebook has released several sports shows with high-profile athletes and media partners. This week, Facebook Watch premiered ESPN’s “First Take: Your Take,” a thrice-weekly interactive se ...

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  • ABC News has more than 400,000 followers to its Apple News alerts

    ABC News is seeing audience growth on Apple News, but would like to see more personalization options for the app’s push notifications. Since adopting push notifications on Apple News in October, ABC News says it has picked up more than 400,000 subscribers to these alerts. To compare, ABC News has more than 2 million subscribers to its own mobile app’s push notifications.

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  • NBC is airing BuzzFeed and Complex shows before the Super Bowl

    NBC Sports plans to air original episodes of BuzzFeed’s “Worth It” and Complex Networks’ “Hot Ones” on TV, as part of the company’s broad video game plan leading into the Super Bowl. For NBC’s Super Bowl coverage — the game will air on NBC’s broadcast network on Feb. 4 — NBC Sports commissioned new episodes of “Hot Ones,” a video interview series from Complex Networks’ First W ...

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  • ‘The media landscape has changed’: Vince McMahon on why he’s bringing back the XFL

    Vince McMahon, who has emerged from the ring victorious against the likes of Ric Flair, The Undertaker and Triple H, is not one to back down from a challenge. Seventeen years after his failed first attempt at a new pro football league, McMahon is betting $100 million of his own money on a revamped XFL — and on digital video distribution leapfrogging the legacy sports league bu ...

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  • Bleacher Report targets commerce, licensing as new business lines

    “Game of Zones” is a popular animated series from Turner’s Bleacher Report, which reimagines NBA stars and personalities as characters in a “Game of Thrones”-like universe. It’s been a successful show for Bleacher Report, with its most recent season nabbing 40 million video views across platforms and a big ad sponsor in AT&T, the company said.

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  • News-feed change raises questions for the future of Facebook Watch

    With algorithmic changes underway for Facebook’s news feed, which will devalue most media content in favor of posts shared by users, the future of Facebook Watch will be tied to how well Facebook and video makers can get people to click over to the Watch section to view shows. Right now, the vast majority of Watch viewing happens inside the news feed, according to four media c ...

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