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  • Best of 2017: The perilous pivot to video

    Suffice it to say, it’s been a terrible year for digital media companies that once dreamed of disrupting the content world, but now find themselves becoming glorified production shops at the whims of the platforms. If that sounds harsh, remember what we’ve learned this year: It’s nearly impossible to build a big media business if you’re only making money through advertising; th ...

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  • Mashable is reeling in its video ambitions after Ziff Davis sale

    Mashable became a poster child for the “pivot to video.” Now, in the wake of its sale to Ziff Davis for $50 million, the digital publisher is beating a retreat from those ambitions. In the wake of the sale going through this week, Mashable has cut 13 people within its Mashable Studios video division, which employed nearly 50 people, according to sources familiar with the company’s plans.

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  • Unimpressed with revenue, publishers want to sell their own ads on Facebook video shows

    Facebook’s ambitions to produce TV-like content has a problem: Creators still aren’t happy with the money they’re making off commercials and sponsorships Facebook sells. As a result, show makers are pushing Facebook to let them do the selling — and say they’re willing to take their shows to other platforms if the terms don’t improve.

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  • Bigger budgets, fewer shows: Facebook’s deals for Watch are changing

    Facebook is spending more on individual shows for its Watch video-viewing section as the company scales back the total number of deals it signs with content partners. In doing so, the company is also looking for longer periods of exclusivity for the programs it funds. Facebook launched Watch in August in an effort to bring more TV-like video programming to its platform.

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  • Barstool Sports did 35,000 orders over the weekend

    Barstool Sports has a loyal audience that has been willing to pay the publisher for everything from merchandise to pay-per-view boxing tournaments. Every year, the company’s Black Friday sale is its biggest merch moneymaker — and this year was no different. Starting Friday, Nov. 24 and running through the weekend, Barstool Sports held a 20 percent-off sale on its merchandise, ...

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  • Hearst has a 5-person team to develop shows for platforms

    Hearst Magazines Digital Media has formed a five-person division dedicated to developing, creating and selling original video series for digital platforms. Built over the past six months, the Hearst Originals team is led by Brian Madden, vp of audience, and Michael Mraz, executive director of partnerships for Hearst Magazines Digital Media.

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  • Music annotations site Genius plans to double its 17-person video team in 2018

    Genius is best known as a music-lyrics annotation site, but the company sees an opportunity in building a media business — led by video — around its core product. Today, Genius has 17 people on its video team. With video being a top priority for the company, Genius plans to double the size of the video team in 2018 with a focus on producing more shows for social platforms such ...

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  • Born on Facebook, Al Jazeera’s AJ+ is now warming to YouTube

    Al Jazeera’s AJ+ was one of the first distributed media brands to quickly build an audience off the back of Facebook with short, text-on-screen news alerts and mini-explainers covering politics, international news and social issues. But as AJ+ looks to evolve beyond the quick-hit clips that work well within news feeds, the publisher is paying more attention to YouTube.

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  • AT&T near deal to buy Otter Media, its under-the-radar streaming video play

    Time Warner is the big fish that AT&T is trying to catch, but the telecommunications giant has another investment that could turn into a valuable streaming content and distribution play once all of the pieces are in place. Three years ago, AT&T formed a joint venture with The Chernin Group called Otter Media, which would focus on acquiring, investing in and launching s ...

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  • How Crunchyroll is helping build a bundle for niche streaming channels

    Crunchyroll has found success in getting people to pay for anime content and merchandise and attend anime events. Now, it’s helping build one of the first digital bundles for niche streaming services. Crunchyroll is the key channel available inside Vrv, a mobile and TV app comprised of 10 streaming channels that focuses on niche but passionate fan communities.

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  • Barstool Sports expands into pay-per-view amateur boxing

    ESPN might not be ready for the Barstool Sports’ brand, but Barstool is ready for backyard brawling. The Chernin Group-owned digital publisher has acquired the Rough N Rowdy Brawl, a local amateur boxing competition in West Virginia, with plans to launch a new live event and pay-per-view business that will span more than a dozen competitions every year.

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  • Business Insider is building its cars vertical on Facebook

    Cars and the auto industry is the latest vertical that Business Insider is looking to grow significantly off the back of Facebook. Launched on July 31, the Cars Insider Facebook page, which has 490,000 followers, received 38 million video views in September, according to Tubular Labs. Ashley Lutz, deputy business editor for Business Insider, said Cars Insider content reaches 4 ...

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  • ‘Facebook views are a vanity metric’: Overheard at the Digiday Video Anywhere Summit

    Nestled alongside the cliffs of Laguna Niguel, California, at the Digiday Video Anywhere Summit, both digital and traditional media companies had a lot of things to gripe about. They also shared a lot of insights into what works and doesn’t work on social and streaming video platforms, as well as finding the right video talent. Here are some of the best things we overheard at the event.

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  • Video publishers on what happens after Facebook stops subsidizing video content

    Unsurprisingly, Facebook was top of mind among video publishers at the Digiday Video Anywhere Summit. From producing shows for Facebook’s Watch, getting paid by Facebook to create live and on-demand clips on a monthly basis, to using Facebook to drive traffic back to their own sites, video publishers of all types are deep into the Facebook game.

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  • Inside Hulu’s growing ad-sales research team

    Hulu has been building an ad-sales research division. In the last 18 months, Hulu’s ad-sales research team has doubled in size to 12 people, pulling in people from TV networks, digital media companies, research firms and ad agencies. This included bringing on Julie DeTraglia, a longtime NBCUniversal sales and research exec, as Hulu’s first head of ad-sales research.

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