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  • The new & improved SERP Checker

    You may have noticed that the SERP Checker has now moved out of your advanced reviews and into a separate page, with new functionality and greater flexibility. We’ve provided a summary of what’s changed and how you can get the most from the SERP Checker. Where to find the SERP Checker The SERP Checker can now be accessed via the link at the top of your advanced reviews.

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  • Introducing the new Crawl Errors report

    As we all know too well, almost all websites have some kind crawling issues, whether due to broken links from internal pages or linking websites, problems with servers not responding properly, incorrect linking from sitemaps, or other reasons. WooRank users have been able to sync their Google Analytics accounts to pull useful data into their WooRank reviews for some time now.

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  • Introducing our new Backlink Quality section

    After reaching out to our customers to find out which features they wanted to see next in their WooRank Reviews, we have some exciting news to announce! For those of you that missed it, our friends at Search Metrics recently released their 2015 Ranking Factors study, which highlights that backlinks continue to remain at the top of the list when it comes to influencing the search results.

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  • How to get your website indexed by Google

    Whether you’ve just launched your website and want to help Google discover it; you’re having problems making your web pages appear in the search results; or you want to increase the rate at which Google crawls your website in order to get your new pages i ...

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  • Google launches new Search Analytics report

    In recent years, Google began reducing the amount of keyword data that it made available through its Analytics platform. This came in the form of the dreaded ‘not provided’, which gradually consumed keyword data, leaving us with a fraction of what we once had. However, thanks to the ‘Search Query’ Report in Google Webmaster Tools, website managers were able to extract useful d ...

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