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  • Our Best Guitar Tuner Reviews!

    You have the guitar. You have the desire to play… but you can't get the darned thing to give you the right sound. You realize, the tuning must be off... just a hair. But it's a big enough hair that it doesn't sound right. So you decide to buy a guitar tuner. Well my friend, heed my below review because, and I speak from experience here...

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  • So you need to find the best guitar for kids…

    So, your kiddo has decided that they want to pick up playing the guitar? Well my friend, as a fellow parent of a little one myself, I can help you in this quest! Read on for reviews that will get you off on the right foot! So, what is the best guitar for kids who want to be the next Jimi Hendrix, Dave Matthews, or Taylor Swift? And what’s the difference between acoustic and electric guitars? .

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  • A Buyer’s Guide to The Best Guitar Strings

    If you’re reading this article, it’s probably because you’re staring sadly at a broken string on your acoustic, electric, or bass guitar. OR, it's because I have shamelessly plugged you here from one of my other posts!! As you’ve already probably figured out, the strings on a guitar have a huge impact on the sound and play-ability of your instrument.

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  • What is the best beginner electric guitar you ask?

    You want to play the guitar. Why? Cause it’s awesome! “But” you ask, “Why do most of the new guitars people are trying to sell me have a giant hole in the middle of them??” Shame on them!! SHAME I SAY! What you need, my friend, is an electric guitar. A guitar that comes without any missing pieces or gigantic holes in the middle! That’s why I’m here! To help you choose the ...

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