Sam Petulla

  • The Atlantic Completes Its Rebound From the Scientology Debacle

    In the American Gladiators-style face-off for branded content supremacy, Red Bull’s name is hallowed. So is The New York Times, BuzzFeed, and GE. But The Atlantic? Ever since its Scientology debacle, it’s been more punchline than pinup—fair or not. But The Atlantic isn’t down for the count. The publisher has quietly been producing quality sponsored content, and its latest na ...

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  • Why You Need to Stop Using the Term ‘Brand Journalism’

    Recently, content marketing has been causing a commotion. These past few weeks, both the Financial Times and Frédéric Filloux have both pointed out that “corporate journalism” and “brand journalism” are everywhere you look. Both the amount of content produced by brands and the amount of people reading branded content is rising quickly, and as the FT and Filloux both observe, ...

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  • Is Vox’s Chorus the CMS Brands Have Been Waiting For?

    In April, Ezra Klein sent a ripple through the media world when he decided to leave The Washington Post for Vox Media. It wasn’t just the fact that Klein was leaving WaPo, but the reason he was doing it: for Vox’s content management system (CMS), Chorus. “At our first meeting, we knew we were going here,” Klein told The New York Times. “They had the technology we thought we were inventing.

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