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  • Contently Quarterly: The Tech Issue

    The first piece of content marketing technology was probably the tablet. (Think Moses, not Apple.) Back then, it was enough to scratch out your message onto a stone slab, wave it in front of the assembled throngs, and call it a day. That solution worked pretty well for oh, like 3,000 years, until the printing press came along. Nowadays, not so much.

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  • Why Performance Data Isn’t Enough

    Readers of a certain age may remember a ’90s commercial for a product called Hair Club for Men, featuring a gentleman who proclaimed “I’m not only the president, I’m also a client.” For lack of a better metaphor, that’s basically how I’d sum up my role at Contently. Not only am I tasked with convincing marketers that our software will solve their content marketing problems, I a ...

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  • How Agile Can Transform Your Content Marketing

    Marrying content marketing to more traditional marketing functions sounds simple enough… until you try it. Content and marketing actually require very different skills; putting a content creator in a marketing role, or vice versa, is like mixing vodka and milk.1 The people in these roles speak different languages: ROI and go-to-market vs TKs and Oxford commas.

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  • Contently Named to Crain’s New York Business’ Fast50 List

    Last week, Crain’s New York released their 2016 New York Business Fast50 List, an annual ranking that recognizes the 50 fastest growing companies in New York City. The rankings are calculated based on annual growth rate, and only companies with at least $10 million in annual revenue are eligible. We’re proud to announce that Contently ranked 32nd, with a growth rate of 746 percent.

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  • Introducing Contently Live

    There is undoubtedly value in learning as much as you can about something before trying it. Why else would we all have to sit through those boring driver’s-ed classes? At some point, though, you have to get behind the wheel (literally and figuratively) and actually try it. Contently Live: Built for and by Content Marketers The same thing holds true for content marketing, which ...

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  • Introducing Analytics for PDFs (and More!)

    Brands produce a lot of content, and Contently is no exception. Much of it goes on this blog, but as any marketer worth their lead funnel knows, there’s a whole universe of downloadable content (like sales decks, PDFs, and case studies) that lives elsewhere. This is what we tend to call middle- and lower-funnel content—the stuff we use to get people interested enough in our so ...

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  • Contently Quarterly: The Summer 2016 Issue

    Content marketing is transforming. No, it’s not turning from a robot into a gun like Megatron. But many organizations are starting to leverage content in unforeseen ways even though marketing budgets make up only a fraction of the money spent on content by an organization in a given year. Content is the currency companies use to communicate with the world; the marketing depar ...

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  • Content is Bigger Than Marketing

    Content marketing’s moment has passed. That’s not to say it’s any less relevant than it has been. In fact, every prediction I see (including a few made here) suggests content spend will grow exponentially over the next few years. And yet, marketing budgets make up only a fraction of the money spent on content by an organization in a given year.

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  • 15 Poems About Content Marketing

    A year and a half ago, Contently signed the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee as a client. The committee wanted to created a content hub for visitors coming to San Francisco for the big game. As part of the deal, Contently would receive two tickets to the Super Bowl, along with a whole bunch of swag and party invites.

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  • Do Content Marketers Need Editorial Independence?

    Back in 2013, an email from Joe Coleman, CEO of Contently (and my boss), came with the subject line “Bro stuff,” and only got worse from there. “Guys, why do we need an article on how content marketing can help you pull girls?” he wanted to know. He couldn’t see how this would help our business. You know what, you might as well just read it for yourself: That morning, Coleman ...

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  • What Contently Does in 2 Weeks Would Take Your Agency 2 Months

    Marketing departments are getting bigger, more complex, and more siloed. Not only do I hear about this from our clients every day, but I’ve seen the progression firsthand inside Contently. In the past year or so, Contently’s marketing team has grown from two people to nearly 20 (not including our regular freelancer contributors), and as we’ve expanded, the biggest challenge has ...

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  • Contently Quarterly: The Winter 2016 Issue

    The first issue of Contently Quarterly came out in 2012. It was 60-some-odd pages, printed in 14-point font, and illustrated with low-res photos from my uncle’s Instagram feed. At the time, Contently only had eight employees, and we put the whole thing together in two weeks. It wasn’t beautiful, but it was effective; it quickly helped us raise awareness for our young startup.

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  • Bullseye: The 5 Rings of Content Marketing ROI

    The central difficulty in calculating content marketing ROI is this: The easiest part to prove (direct revenue) is also the smallest piece of content’s value. It’s like the bullseye at the center of a dartboard, the tip of the iceberg, the low-hanging fruit, or any other tortured metaphor you’d like to use. It’s easy to see, but it’s only a piece of the story.

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  • Contently Quarterly: The West Coast Issue, Spring/Summer 2015

    If you’ve spent as much time around content marketers as I have, you get the sense that early ’90s rappers aren’t high on their list of inspirations. But as someone who grew up on Raekwon and now spends his days worrying about ROI, I’ve been thinking a lot about this one line from Raekwon’s 1995 album Only Built 4 Cuban Linx: “From staircase to stage, minimum wage / But soon t ...

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  • WTF Is a Vertically Integrated Media Co. and Why Would I Want One?

    If you’re one of those people that follow the ins and outs of the media world, you’ve probably heard the phrase “vertically integrated media company” tossed about a lot of late. And if you’re a person without an MBA or experience working in management consulting, you probably have a relatively tenuous grasp on what that means. Well, you’re in good company.

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