samantha kerr

  • Why You Need To Segment Your Data By Device When Reviewing Landing Page Performance

    November 7, 2016 I’m sure everyone has gotten out their smartphone to look something up within the last 24 hours. Most of us have our phones on us all day, every day. They’re easy to carry around, they’re convenient, they give us access to so much information, they’re convenient, they keep us in contact with our friends and family, they’re convenient. Okay, you get my point.

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  • Recounting My CRO Day 5-Second Showdown

    October 13, 2016 #CRODay was just around the corner when I received an email from Oli Gardner stating that I’d been selected to compete in the 5-second landing page showdown that at the time was just 3 days away. Setting The Stage 12 participants (including little ol’ me) and 12 conversion rate optimization professionals go head-to-head in the 5-second showdown.

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