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  • Sam Noble Joins The Speaker Line-Up For Search Elite London

    (This is the transcript from our new video so it may not read as well as a normal blog post would) On the 9th of May, I am speaking at the Search Elite conference in London. The talks been designed to suit anybody that works within a marketing role because I’ve split into two different parts. So the first part is going to help you to really use the paid media platforms to unde ...

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  • Understanding the true value of your Unique Marketing Point (UMP)

    (This is the transcript from our new video so it may not read as well as a normal blog post would) As advertisers, we’ve got so many different platforms available to us that can give us a load more insight into who our customer base are and who our website audience are. So if you take the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, they all give us ...

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  • The Microsoft HoloLens and How Brands Could Use It

    When we think of reality headsets, our immediate thoughts go to viewing the world in a virtual reality (VR) from wherever we are in the world. Whether that be your own living room, office or business, VR headsets allow you to transport yourself into a completely different environment and immerse yourself in that world. This is what makes HoloLens different. HoloLens isn’t Virtual Reality (VR).

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  • Koozai’s Content Marketing Showcase

    We’re excited to announce the launch of Koozai’s Content Marketing Showcase. It’s been a real labour of love so we can’t wait to see what you think of it. What’s Koozai’s Content Marketing Showcase All About? We first came up with the idea of creating the showcase when we were looking for inspiration during a brainstorming session.

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  • A Mindset Shift: Thinking Beyond the Conversion #pubcon

    Today I had the absolute pleasure of speaking at Pubcon in Las Vegas alongside Lisa Raehsler looking at Paid Media strategies for targeting website audiences across every stage of the funnel. Lisa took the first part of the funnel from Unaware through to Buy and then I followed looking at strategies for increasing customer loyalty and encouraging customers to become advocates of the brand.

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  • 10 Local Paid Media Marketing Ideas

    In the past few years we have seen Google and Bing really pushing the shopping side of search and both the search engines and advertisers have seen massively positive results from the channel. Moving into the latter half of 2016, we are seeing Google turn its attention across to local and this was very evident in their Google Ads & Analytics Keynote that streamed live back in May 2016.

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  • Koozai Shortlisted Four Even More Awards

    Here at Koozai we put a lot of work into our clients’ campaigns so we always love it when we see our team’s effort being rewarded with not one, not two, not even three – but four of our award nominations being shortlisted. Two of which are for our ongoing, and highly successful work, with Papa John’s, which has taken the local pizza market by storm.

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  • The Drum Search Award Winners 2016 Best Retail Ecommerce SEO Campaign

    We’ve needed to have a shuffle of our awards cabinet as we’ve got another award to add to our arsenal. You may have seen from our Twitter posts just how excited we were to have been shortlisted for The Drum Search Awards 2016. Well, we are now super proud to announce that we have won Best Retail Ecommerce SEO Campaign for our work with Papa John’s pizza.

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  • The Future of Analytics – Ask the Experts

    Estimated reading time: 12 minutes, 4 seconds If we look back over the past five years, we have seen some huge changes across the digital marketing landscape and one of the areas that we have seen significant changes is in the world of analytics. From call tracking and tag management to attribution and DMPs, we have seen them all make their way into our day to days lives as marketers.

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  • Samantha Noble to talk PPC Funnels at The Inbounder Conference 2016

    Good news at Koozai HQ. I’m pleased to announce that on the weekend of 19-20 May I will be attending and speaking at The Inbounder Global Conference. This year’s conference will be taking place in Valencia and will be their biggest yet with over 800 early bird tickets already sold. What Can You Expect? In my talk I will be discussing the benefits of using paid advertising in 2 ...

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  • Koozai Shortlisted for Two EU Search Awards 2016

    We are extremely excited to announce that we have been shortlisted, not once but twice, for this year’s EU Search Awards! The two categories are Best Use of Search for Retail and Best Local Campaign. Both of these nominations have been for our ongoing and dedicated work with Papa John’s, the highly successful pizza delivery company.

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  • The Adoption of Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSPs)

    Estimated reading time: 6 minutes, 23 seconds Gmail Sponsored Promotions (AKA GSPs) came out of BETA at the tail end of 2015 but advertisers haven’t seemed to jump all over these yet and the competition levels appear to still be relatively low in comparison to other PPC channels. To kick start this post, I want to ask you a couple of questions related to Gmail Ads.

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