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  • How to Boost Your Social Media Presence with Competitor Analysis

    Are you having trouble growing your brand presence with social media marketing? Competitor analysis could be the perfect solution. The social media landscape is crowded, and it’s hard to get an edge over your competition. When you’re first starting out, it’s nearly impossible to compete with businesses that have thousands of social media followers.

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  • 7 Ways Pinterest Can Help You Build Qualified Leads

    In the past several years, Pinterest has become one of the most influential and popular social media websites on the Internet. That influence has certainly gotten the attention of marketers, who are exploring new ways to use Pinterest for commercial purposes. Pinterest is a social network that lets users share, curate, and discover visual images and videos on their own or other “pinboards.

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  • How to Keep Social Stats Updated For Your Website

    Part of what makes online marketing so attractive to brands and businesses is the fact that you can measure practically everything you do. For some, the goal is as simple as measuring traffic and conversions. For others, ROI is more complex and comes in the form of, for example, cost savings from using Twitter to handle customer service issues rather than over the phone.

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  • 12 Months Of Content Event Triggers For 2015

    by oschene According to the 2013 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks study by Content Marketing Institute, content marketers are challenged with 3 things: - Producing enough content - Producing content that engages - Producing a variety of content As 2015 rushes towards us, it's time to start planning a documented content marketing strategy ahead of time.

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