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  • The 2-step guide to driving sales with Pinterest

    There are millions of people on Pinterest, searching, pinning, and sharing – so it’s important to recognize its potential for building awareness and filling the top of the funnel, particularly for ecommerce companies. This blog will discuss a couple of recommended targeting types within Pinterest to help fill the top of the funnel and essentially build up your audience.

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  • 3 ways to scale your SEM efforts when you are hitting a wall

    It happens to every AdWords practitioner at some point. We launch our campaigns, split out exact match and broad match, mine for queries, work on expansions, test different initiatives, run betas, etc. – and then we hit a wall. What do we do next? How do we continue to push forward and scale our paid search accounts to capitalize on intent? Below are a few strategies to break ...

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  • Top 4 mistakes ecommerce marketers are still making

    The digital ink spilled over ecommerce and product remarketing best practices is pretty prolific, but we still frequently see major opportunities being missed when we take over new client accounts. In this post, I’ll break down four mistakes I see all too often and explain why ecommerce marketers should look to remedy them ASAP. Without further ado… Lack of proper brand vs.

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  • Three strategies for cracking the B2B code on Facebook

    When most people think Facebook advertising, they think B2C marketing. Many tend to assume that B2B marketing on Facebook doesn’t make sense or would not be effective – because it would be too hard to get in front of professionals, decision makers, and the right industry positions, and even if you do, they’re not in the mood to think about business if they’re browsing Facebook.

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  • 3 ROI-positive ways to segment your remarketing audiences

    Everyone knows that remarketing is an efficient method of bringing back users to get them to convert. But are you being smart about your remarketing efforts? It’s not a one-size-fits-all endeavor; segmentation is a huge part of the picture. In other words, don’t just dump everyone who has visited your site and remarket to them; think about how you can segment visitors into gr ...

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  • Investing in video: when and how to succeed

    In digital marketing, we’re always trying to keep up with the hottest new thing – advertising methods, ad types, targeting types, etc. – being pitched heavily within the industry in general. Whether it be the “year of mobile” to the “year of RLSA,” there is always another trend to consider investing heavily in.

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  • How to keep Q4 paying off in 2017

    Retailers love the influx of revenue in Q4, but there’s another, more last gift from the spike in digital traffic: data that you can use to your advantage in 2017. In this post, we’ll cover three major ways to make Q4 the gift that keeps on giving. 1) Capture those audiences. This is the time to build remarketing lists (put this in place ASAP if you haven’t yet; it’s never too late).

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  • Capitalize on volume and long tail in Q4 with Dynamic Search Ads

    In ecommerce, there’s always a scramble to capitalize on the volume that is out there for the holidays. You’re doing additional builds, optimizing Google Shopping efforts, and using social in multiple ways to get in front of additional audiences. In the midst of all the madness, don’t forget about using dynamic search ads (DSAs) to pick up on the long tail queries users may be ...

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  • Five Google Shopping tips to help nail your Q4 ROI

    We all know Q4 is the biggest time of the year when it comes to ecommerce. Google Shopping tends to be a strong revenue driver for businesses investing in digital marketing. So how do you make sure you are being as efficient and effective as possible on Google shopping? Below are some key tips to make sure you are capitalizing on the holiday opportunity: 1) Optimize the produ ...

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  • Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences for ecommerce: segment before you build

    One of the most efficient types of targeting in Facebook (second to retargeting, of course) is lookalike audience targeting. Lookalike targeting is basically a targeting type that allows you to use first party data (e.g. customer lists, remarketing lists, etc.) as a seed audience to find new users with very similar characteristics, behaviors, and traits.

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  • RLSA and Customer Match: using smart segmentation for big wins

    So we all know about RLSA (retargeted lists for search ads) and its ability to use Customer Match, but how many of us are actually taking advantage of it? The big problem with RLSA Customer Match is that in order for it to really have an impact on volume and performance, you need to have a very large customer list.

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  • 5 Quick Ways to Integrate Search and Social

    5 Quick Ways to Integrate Search and Social Posted: 04.13.2016 SEM and paid social are both performance channels with particular strengths and weaknesses; SEM captures intent where Facebook doesn’t, but Facebook can open awareness to a huge new audience that AdWords can’t reached. Used intelligently together, however, these two channels can combine for a powerhouse marketing campaign.

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  • Five tips for low-risk Google Display Network testing

    So you’re a small or medium-sized business (SMB) and you’ve already hit a cap on how far you can go with search engine marketing and remarketing. You want to continue to scale and are considering doing it via Google Display Network (GDN), but you’re aware of the possible drawback: a lot of wasted spend on poor quality, low-intent traffic.

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  • Use RLSA and Remarketing to Seal the Deal

    Use RLSA and Remarketing to Seal the Deal Posted: 03.30.2016 Advertisers invest a lot of money to drive users to their sites, and those users can be at different stages of the funnel. Many are eager to make their decision and purchase the product/service they are looking for immediately; others may be in research mode, trying to figure out what might be best suited for their ...

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  • Focus on Re-Engagement to Drive up ROI

    Focus on Re-Engagement to Drive up ROI Posted: 03.29.2016 Many companies tend to focus on acquiring new customers but often forget to re-engage their current customers. It’s important to focus a portion of your budget on re-engaging these users as they can be an excellent stream of revenue (and they’re already familiar with your brand).

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