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  • Marketers: Stop, drop and build a digital hub

    If your company doesn’t yet have a digital hub, it won’t be long before your CEO demands to know why not. What is a digital hub, you ask? That’s an excellent question. A digital hub is the central nervous system behind all of a company’s marketing activities. But it doesn’t just stop with marketing; a true digital hub will communicate and integrate with other systems, too, ...

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  • The what, how, who and YOU of the future of marketing

    It’s been just over a month since I spent four days in Las Vegas for our annual Marketing Nation Summit, and I’m still excited about the time I had with more than 5,000 attendees and some of the best minds in the business. The chatter in the halls was infectious and often lasted well past my bedtime as attendees swapped ideas and traded war stories about what they were doing ...

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  • Why “Good Enough” Is Never Sufficient In Marketing

    Fellow marketers, if recent economic headlines are leaving you antsy, if not mildly panicked, you’re not alone. Last year ended on a whimper — fourth-quarter gross domestic product grew by only 0.7 percent — and then the stock market promptly dove about six percent in January amid predictions of greater turmoil ahead.

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  • 7 Things I Learned About Marketing This Year

    These days, it’s like I blink and six months are gone. That’s certainly how it felt for me this year — 2015 was a whirlwind. Every year around this time, I like to sit down and reflect on the last 12 months, not only to remember that they actually happened, but to think about what I’ve learned as a marketer, and — more specifically — as a CMO.

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  • It’s not B2B or B2C, It’s B2 Human: Insights From GE Healthcare

    My days recently have been full of conversations involving smart marketers — so much so that I had another I had to share. Stephanie Meyer is the global head of Marketing Operations at GE Healthcare, a Marketo (my employer) client and an $18.3-billion global business that sells advanced health care solutions to provider facilities in more than 100 countries.

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  • Don’t Let “Mobile First” Steer You “Mobile Wrong”

    The decade of mobile is finally upon us, and that’s leading many to conclude that companies and marketers must make mobile their top priority for communicating with customers. Unfortunately, that’s mobile wrong. Let me explain. In an effort to be more nimble in this theoretical mobile-first world, many marketers have created tiger teams to focus on mobile and mobile development work.

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  • A New Definition For Marketing: Lessons From MyFitnessPal

    One of the great privileges of my job is the opportunity to meet smart CMOs and growth marketers on a regular basis and hear what they and their companies are doing to adapt in this new era of marketing. It occurred to me that I should try to be more intentional about regularly sharing some of those cool stories, and particularly, the insights they illustrate.

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  • In Search Of The New “Mad Men”: Will They Be At Cannes This Year?

    If Don Draper popped up at the Cannes Lions conference this year, he’d find himself dreadfully out of place. Draper, the prototypical ad genius chronicled in Matthew Weiner’s “Man Men’” television series, is now cultural shorthand for a bygone era in post-1945 America. But Draper and his cohort cast also represent a bygone era in marketing — an era when brands relied almost ...

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