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  • How to Use Infographics in Your Content Outreach Strategy

    Are you tired of reaching out to people, asking them if they can link to your content, only for them to ignore you? I’ve been there many times. But through trial and error, the Venngage infographics marketing team (including me) has developed an outreach strategy that works. Listen to this: my team increased our outreach email open rate from 10% for a regular campaign to between 70% and 80%.

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  • 10 Ways to Use Charts to Tell Better Stories

    When you think of storytelling, a chart probably isn’t the first tool that comes to mind. But how do you present data in a clear and interesting way? When I see a dense paragraph that lists multiple numbers and percentages, my eyes glaze over. When presented with a nicely made chart, however, I’m immediately engaged. The tenets for creating great charts are the same as great writing.

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  • Why You Should Benchmark Your Blog Post Performance [Infographic]

    Is your blog content performing up to par? This is likely a difficult question for you to answer. After all, standards can be subjective. Compared to a competitor site, your content may be performing well, but compared to a larger company, your content may only get a fraction of the shares they do.

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