Sara Ruth Wolkiewicz

  • Are You Communicating Your Value Proposition the French Way?

    Every company has an online business card – their website. How you present yourself, what information you offer, and most importantly – how you communicate both of those things can determine whether a potential customer will stay on your website or not. That’s where value proposition comes in, do you have what it takes to entice a potential customer to stay? If you’ve ever be ...

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  • Why Do We Love Buzzfeed?

    Whether you’re interested in news, the latest celebrity gossip, or a video where stoned people pet sloths (yup, that happened) there is only one place you need to visit to take it all in – BuzzFeed. The digital giant, founded in 2006 by Jonah Peretti, John S. Johnson III, and Kenneth Lerer, has taken over the Internetz.

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  • 12 (Mostly Free) Apps That Every Freelancer Needs

    Freelancing. The appealing idea of staying home and typing away in your pajamas comes to every office worker every Monday (or Wednesday, if you’re a fan of the mid-week crisis). However, for 55 million Americans it’s not just an idea, it’s exactly what they can do, should they wish to do so. Imagine that, 35% of the US workforce belongs to those of us who decided that freelan ...

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  • What’s In A Name That Which We Call Technology?

    You may have noticed that 2016 brought on quite a big change to our blog (click on this link for the inside scoop!) We went from one marketing-focused blog to three blogs dedicated to three different aspects of day-to-day work life. So, technology was an obvious contender. As we work on catering to different readers and needs, we’ve realized that technology is just as broad a ...

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  • Email Calls-To-Action: Five Guidelines For Conversions

    Despite the increasing demand to use social media, PPC advertising, and even full-scale apps to engage prospects, email marketing remains the most profitable communication channel online … period. In fact, on average email marketing generates $38 for every $1 spent. Why? Because “unlike Tweets or Facebook posts, which are put up publicly, email is inherently personal — each ...

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  • Email Deliverability From A To Z [Free Ebook]

    What makes an excellent email marketer? One that’s a deliverability know-it-all! There are so many things that go into delivering (get it?) an excellent mail that our Deliverability Manager took it upon himself to reveal the ins and outs of getting your email to the top. You may remember that we had an excellent series of blog posts focused on email deliverability.

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