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  • More Followers, More Problems? How to Keep a Large Audience Engaged

    “We have too many followers on social media,” isn’t the easiest sentence to sympathize with. For many people, it’s like hearing someone complain that they’re too cool and beautiful. But the truth is that the more followers you have, the harder it becomes to engage with them. Simply put, it’s hard to be social at scale.

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  • A List of Weird ‘Holidays’ to Celebrate on Social Media

    National holidays, campaign launches, important events—your social media content calendar should be filled with key dates and milestones for your business, and the corresponding content you’re planning to post across all your networks. Of course, some months are busier than others. January might be a notoriously chaotic month for your business, full of product launches or big ...

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  • A Toolkit for Social Media Engagement

    Social media is meant to be social. I know that statement may sound shockingly obvious but it bears repeating, especially if your business still spends more time talking at people rather than with them. This often happens because the business is investing more time and energy into publishing than engagement.

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  • Are You a Social Media Team of One? This Toolkit Can Help

    You do it all. From planning long-term strategy and reviewing your analytics to wolfing down a sandwich while you create images for Facebook with one hand and reply to people individually on Twitter with the other. No matter what social media hat gets thrown at you—designer, analyst, copywriter—you’ve got to be ready to wear it.

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  • Keeping Your Business Safe on Social—Expert Tips from Proofpoint

    We talk a lot about the opportunities offered by social media, but there’s no denying that there are serious risks that come along with it too. From a damaged reputation to financial losses, there are many ways that social media could potentially end up being more harmful than helpful. Luckily it’s not all doom and gloom.

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  • 3 Easy Ways to Give Your Business a LinkedIn Makeover

    I’ve never had a full-fledged makeover, but I can imagine how good it feels. Even after a simple trim I find myself strutting down the street, flipping my hair like I’m starring in a shampoo commercial. Admittedly, I feel a similar sense of pride when I clean up my digital appearance, changing my profile photo or updating my info.

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  • 5 Harsh Realities of Social Media Marketing (And How to Deal With Them)

    It’s not healthy to eat stuffed crust pizza three times a day. Dogs get stressed out when we hug them. Beyoncé will never be your best friend. Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just here to remind you that reality can be harsh. And the reality of working in social media is no exception. Every job has its challenges of course, but as we all continue to ride the rapidly-evolving ro ...

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  • 7 Social Media Metrics that Really Matter—and How to Track Them

    When your boss asks you for the ROI of your latest social media campaign, how do you respond? Too many social media managers fall back on the easy answers: we gained this many new Twitter followers, this many Retweets, this many Facebook shares, and so on. Sure, these social media metrics offer surface insights into how a campaign or piece of content performed, but they don’t r ...

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  • 3 Ways to Build Your Online Community Through Offline Experiences

    There’s nothing more frustrating than hitting a plateau on social media. You stop gaining new followers as quickly as you once did. You craft what you believe to be a hilarious yet relevant post only to watch it sadly sit on your timeline with zero likes or replies. You start scrambling to come up with new tactics to get things moving again but feel like you’ve exhausted every avenue.

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  • 5 Ways to Avoid Social Media Burnout

    One morning a few years ago I finished my bowl of cereal, put everything away, started brushing my teeth while simultaneously putting on my shoes, and heard my roommate laughing at me from the couch. Suspicious of anyone even remotely happy at seven-something in the morning, I demanded she explain herself but all she said was, “open the fridge.

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  • 5 Things You Need to Know to Successfully Live-Tweet an Event

    I’ll be honest. The first thing I thought when you-know-what happened to you-know-who on the recent Game of Thrones finale was, “oh my god I need to get on Twitter.” Twitter is where the pulse of big events lives. From breaking news about natural disasters to the finale of an epic television show, we live-tweet things so that we don’t feel like we’re experiencing them alone.

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  • The Key to Smart, Safe, and Successful Social Media Takeovers

    I know you’ve put months—maybe years—of effort into your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat accounts. You’ve fine-tuned your content strategy, perfected your brand voice, and built relationships with your followers. But I’m going to suggest you hand it all over to someone else. Not forever, of course.

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  • Rekindle the Flame: How to Fall Back in Love with Social Media

    “So how’s work going?” If you asked me this question while I was a social media manager, you’d get a different answer almost every day. On a good day, I felt unstoppable. I loved what I did and the brands I did it for. Other days, it felt like I was stuck running as fast as I possibly could inside a hamster wheel. It’s a tough job that not everybody understands or appreciates.

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  • 18 of the Best Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketers

    Yes, this is another list of the best Google Chrome Extensions. You’ve seen it all before, right? Well, we thought we had too. But new extensions are continually emerging that can drastically change the day-to-day habits of social media marketers. Plus, a few classic extensions have undergone impressive upgrades.

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  • How to Create, Manage, and Measure Twitter Contests

    Perhaps one of the greatest achievements of my life was being the ninth caller through to my local radio station and winning a copy of the Titanic soundtrack. At the time, this felt like a miraculous event. Without social media, there weren’t many ways to win things that didn’t involve frantically and repeatedly calling a phone number, or filling out an entry form from a magaz ...

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  • 7 Instagram Archetypes That Work (And What Your Brand Can Learn from Them)

    Even if you’re not a bookworm, you’re familiar with literary archetypes. The selfless hero, the star-crossed lovers, the greedy king—almost any story you can imagine contains one or more archetypes which represent recognizable elements of human nature that have stayed with us through centuries. Beyond epic narratives, there’s another group that can benefit greatly from develop ...

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  • How to Land Your First Job Using Social Media

    After graduating college I remember dramatically throwing myself onto my (mother’s) couch and complaining about my unsuccessful job hunt. “Every ‘entry level’ job wants ‘one to three years of experience’ but how are you supposed to GET experience if you can’t get an entry level job?!” I wailed. Not only did I lack a wealth of job experience to back me up, I felt like my resum ...

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