Sarah Johnson

  • The Search for Fashion: A Holistic Look at SEO

    This article originally appeared in Apparel Magazine. As members of the apparel industry, I’m sure readers are bombarded with ‘experts’ on both sides of the search engine optimization (SEO) debate: alarmists, proclaiming ‘SEO is Dead!’ who suggest slashing whole chunks of your marketing budget, and stuck-in-the-mud professionals who are still caught in the ‘SEO = keywords’ mindset.

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  • Google’s SERP Redesign: What You Need to Know

    Earlier this month, Google updated the appearance of its search engine results pages (SERPs) and the whole world did a collective pug head-tilt of puzzlement. Something was definitely different, but what exactly? Here’s the lowdown on what Google changed, what you can do about it and our best guesses as to some of the motivations behind it.

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  • How to Use Facebook Ads Effectively

    Anyone who’s spent five minutes on Facebook during the last few years can see advertising is becoming a much more prevalent part of the Facebook experience. The social networking behemoth is monetizing, and that means it needs to bring in advertising dollars. These days it’s nearly impossible for even the most active businesses to achieve success on Facebook with a purely organic model.

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