sarah kershaw

  • Have Current Metrics Created the Era of Clickbait?

    Metrics, numbers, data, data, data, we all use it, some of us hide behind it, some of us use it to retroactively fit our theories, some of us are data scientists and use it with due caution. Data is everywhere and generally, manipulated so much so as to be virtually meaningless. “The rise of click­bait and linkbait is a direct re­sult of the fail­ure to measure what really m ...

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  • Creative Content Ideas; Learning from the Professionals

    “The Scarcest Resource of the 21st Century is Human Attention” yet, as per Eric Schmidt’s much-discussed 2010 speech,“…we create as much information every two days now as we did from the dawn of man up to 2003” (Source: TechCrunch) This is something of a paradox, that the attention required to read is more scarce than ever before, yet we are producing more reading material than ever.

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