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  • 10 Creative Places for Opt-In Forms to Supercharge Your Signups

    Let me guess. You signed up for Mailchimp, AWeber, or Constant Contact and created an opt-in form to snag yourself some new subscribers for your blog. Maybe you even went the extra mile and created a juicy opt-in offer to tempt them to hand over their precious email addresses. Then you posted it on your sidebar and in your footer, and maybe you were smart enough to throw up a feature box too.

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  • Avoid These 5 Stupid Blog Launch Mistakes to Launch With Success

    Imagine this: Launch day has come. Over the past couple of weeks, you’ve been excitedly preparing for the launch of your blog, and today is the day. You wake up, rush to your computer, and quickly log on to your freshly launched blog, and…. Crickets. Nothing. Nobody leaving comments on your blog posts. Hardly any traffic at all.

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