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  • Best Marketing Campaigns: What Offline Tells the Online Marketer

    The best marketing campaigns are synchronized online and offline marketing campaigns that take hints from each other. These integrated marketing efforts cover all bases without missing a step, filling in the holes that each strategy might have alone. However, some marketers put too much faith in the online portion of a campaign.

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  • 5 Effective App Marketing and Distribution Strategies

    Launching an app is a fun, yet stressful process. You’re putting your creation out for everyone to see and use, and hopefully rate five stars. But with thousands of apps on the store market, how do you ensure that people will see your product? You’ll need to develop a killer strategy that brings you success. Here are a few strategies you can borrow from to boost your app launch. 1.

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  • Five Must Have Web Design Trends for 2016

    As 2016 approaches, web design and technology is more advanced than ever before and the digital world has evolved to become an integral part of society and consumers’ lives. Regardless of what type of business you manage, the Internet provides a vast and valuable opportunity to attract new clients and stay in touch with existing clientele.

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  • The Harmful Effects of Misleading Website Visitors and How to Avoid

    While not always intentional, misleading information can have significant consequences. Even something as seemingly innocent as a joke could result in injury and death, which is why it is essential to always provide clear information. The innate problem with misleading statements is that they’re not always apparent.

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  • Top 3 Startup Productized Business Strategies

    Many entrepreneurs, motivated by the freedom of being their own boss, or looking at the significantly higher earning potential which running an online business can offer, have embarked upon an internet-based business model where multiple customers, which consequently also creates multiple income streams, are offered a pre-packaged, flat rate service.

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  • How to Drive Traffic and Leads with Microcontent

    Whether it’s one powerful message, image, or a 10-second video, microcontent is a kind of short-based communication that’s optimized and specially designed for social media to fight information overload. Essentially, microcontent is any published or public content that’s delivered in small bites.

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  • Pique Your Customers’ Palates with These Website Strategies

    Putting your best practices forward is imperative, especially when you work in a business with as much competition as the restaurant industry. Preparing divine food and offering impeccable service are parts of the process, but so is establishing a website that directly addresses the needs of your current and prospective customers. 1. Gear the website toward your target audience.

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  • Understanding the New Legal Landscape for Marketers

    Understanding the New Legal Landscape for Marketers Jul 2, 2015 Marketing a company will always include company management making regular alterations to their marketing strategy and policy when conditions change in the marketplace. Of course, any solid marketing strategy will also include a legal component designed to protect the business, as well as maintain sound policy ...

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  • How to Create and Run an Effective Real Estate Facebook Account

    Social media is a very powerful thing. It can allow you to make direct connections with consumers and network with potential clients. One industry that can certainly benefit from internet social networking is real estate. However, many real estate companies may still be confused on how to best harness the power of social media sites like Facebook.

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  • Protecting your Small Business Information

    There are a lot of hackers out there, and with what happened to Sony still on everyone’s minds, no company wants to compromise the safety of sensitive information. Owning a small business is no easy task, so why make things more difficult by risking your company’s security? At best, your website could get shut down or hijacked, and at best, the credit card information for al ...

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  • The Importance of Mobile-Friendly Web Content

    Generally speaking, if you’re a successful marketer you already understand the importance of a website for your business. However, there is more to having an online presence than putting up content and expecting people to see it. As technology changes, so too does the way people access the internet, and the need for responsive web design grows.

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  • How to Get More Out of Facebook Ads

    Do you use Facebook to promote your business? Are you struggling to find ways to get noticed on the platform? With each update to Facebook, it becomes increasingly harder for small businesses to make a splash in front of their intended audience. Here are four marketing tactics you can use to get more out of your Facebook advertising. Find out how you can get more out Facebook advertising.

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