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  • Analyzing Google’s May 5th Livestream Event Updates

    On May 5th, Google Adwords had a Livestream event and it should come as no surprise to the digital marketing community that mobile was the single biggest topic on the agenda. Google announced a fresh turn for mobile dedicated ads. These new ads are chiefly aimed at comparison-shopping for cars, hotels and mortgages.

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  • Harness The New Google Call-Only Campaign

    The team at Google announced last week that they are rolling out a new campaign type entitled call-only campaigns. The ad type is aimed at mobile devices and work extremely well for advertisers who value a phone call more than a click. These ads can be set up directly from the ads tab in the Google interface.

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  • How To Communicate Effectively With Clients Using A PPC Timeline

    Managing pay-per-click accounts for large clients is multifaceted. A successful account manager communicates with the client, coordinates work tasks for the internal team, and prioritizes which tasks are going to make the greatest impact on account performance. PPC tasks frequently overlap, are contingent on supplementary tasks, or are so capacious in scope that more than ...

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  • Should You Localize Your PPC Campaigns?

    A local PPC strategy is not only for franchise businesses. For businesses that depend on in-store purchases, like restaurants and furniture stores, geotargeting is part of the campaign from the onset. However, occasionally setting up local PPC campaigns can be a valid and beneficial tactic for a standard PPC account as well.

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  • Using Basecamp for Effective Paid Search Management

    We all know how critical it is to be an organized account manager. When setting up paid search projects clear communication, task management, and guidance are necessary for the success of a project. A good account manager needs to be able to act as a conductor and orchestrate the tasks though the duration of the client relationship.

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  • Easy Ways To Measure The Value of Branded Campaigns

    It’s a common occurrence for clients to question the value of brand campaigns. From their perspective they often see a brand campaign as being spend that cannibalizes conversions from the organic listings. We have covered many times on PPC Hero why brand campaigns are important, so I won’t get into selling the importance of the branded campaign.

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  • Predicting RLSA Expansion In 2015

    Welcome to another edition of series week at PPC Hero! This week we’ll be discussing our predictions for 2015. Sarah starts us off as she foresees an expansion in the usage of Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA), leading to more of a persona based approach. Definition from Google Think of RLSA According to Google, “49% of customers now visit 2 to 4 sites before they ...

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  • 10 Keywords Tools Other Than Google Keyword Planner

    Whether you are constructing a new PPC account or expanding an existing one, keyword tools and research is an ongoing part of the job for all account managers. By far the most well known tool is the Adwords Keyword Tool correctly called the Google Adwords Keyword Planner. I will argue any day that successful keyword research sets the foundation for new campaigns.

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  • A Process for Setting PPC Goals

    While the topic and importance of PPC goal setting is not new among fellow PPC Hero bloggers, the purpose of this post is to cover my style and approach to goal setting with clients. The first time I meet with a client I have a list of questions. While most of the questions vary, I always ask about goals.

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  • Pay-Per-Click Inside the Financial Services Vertical

    Series week continues as we assess PPC management across different industries. This morning Rachael covered PPC for the IT and Technology industry. In case you missed it, yesterday Matt discussed PPC for the legal space. And this afternoon, Sarah is covering PPC Inside the Financial Services Vertical.

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  • 6 Easy Landing Page Updates To Improve Quality Score

    Here at PPC Hero we have covered how to improve your quality score quite a bit. If you are a regular reader you are certainly familiar with tips such as smaller ad groups, tightly themed keywords, and relevant ad copy. Today we will cover adjustments you can make to your landing page to positively impact quality score. Quality score is determined at the keyword level.

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  • 10 Reasons You Will Save Time and Money with DoubleClick Search

    DoubleClick Search (DS3) is a powerful bid management tool that offers a cross channel view of your paid search campaigns. The platform will save you time and money, as it promotes integrated channel management. Most importantly, once you start using the tool you too will love the speed in which you can manage multiple paid search publisher accounts all in one place.

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