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  • 10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

    Buying sponsored updates on LinkedIn is pricey, but worth the expense if it improves your credibility and brings you new business. So how do you get the most for your money when paying for these posts? To find out, we asked 10 founders from YEC for their best LinkedIn tips. Target Your Audience Correctly With any conventional ad campaign, the inability to target correctly is ...

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  • 15 Ways Lean Startups can Maximize PR/Marketing Opportunities

    With the right strategy and placement, marketing and PR opportunities can do wonders for a brand. If you’re a scrappy startup or just don’t have the resources for an in-house marketing team, outsourcing to a well-regarded agency can get pricey. So, how can a lean startup reap the benefits of PR and marketing without the hefty price tag? We asked 15 entrepreneurs from the You ...

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  • 11 Hacks For Improving Your Email Click Rates

    As you grow your list of subscribers, ensuring your click-through rate remains high can become a challenge. Because even if your list is growing, it doesn’t mean much if no one is navigating to your site. 11 entrepreneurs from YEC weighed in about what you might be overlooking that causes click rates to stay low, and what you can do to fix it.

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  • 13 Ways to Drive #Sales With Your Company Blog

    A company blog is essential for establishing your place on the web. You can use it to share updates, post about your industry, and even advertise open positions. What’s more, you can also use it to drive sales. To help you capitalize on this profit potential, YEC asked 13 successful business owners how they’ve used their own blogs to drive product or service sales.

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  • 12 Tricks for Increasing Community Engagement With Your Brand

    Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are naturally social — people are connecting and engaging about topics they love. So how do you, as a brand, tap into that without paying big bucks for it? With a few simple “tricks” — shared by successful startup founders — you can encourage your community to naturally engage more with your brand on social.

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  • 11 Ways to Improve Your Click-Through Rate

    When your email newsletter has a healthy open rate but poor click-through, you start to wonder where you’re going wrong. Your emails are being read, but how do you convince people to navigate to your site? To find out, we asked a group of entrepreneurs from YEC their strategies for improving email newsletter click-through rates.

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  • 13 Tools to Automate Your Content Marketing

    Although important in today’s marketing landscape, content marketing can be time-consuming for an already busy entrepreneur. Luckily, there are numerous software solutions out there to help automate this necessary part of business. To find the best ones, we asked 12 founders from YEC about their favorite tools for automating aspects of their content marketing, and why they w ...

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  • 12 Companies With Superior Content Marketing

    Quality content marketing does more than sell. These days, people want to be engaged with humor, stunning visuals, and great conversation. Some companies exude creativity with content such as survival guides and maps that track best-selling items. To help you rethink content marketing, we asked 12 startup founders for their pick of companies that really know how to capture an audience.

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  • 11 Newer Apps That Can Transform the Way You Run Your Business

    Live-streaming to Twitter is a total game-changer for connecting brands and consumers, which is why Meerkat was so popular at the 2015 South by Southwest Interactive Festival. But while Meerkat may have nabbed the headlines, there are a slew of new apps on the market that can change the way you run your business, from apps that help you debug your new website to apps that can ...

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  • 13 Unexpectedly Great Marketing Tactics

    If you want to reach an audience, ads are out and content marketing is in. Consumers crave useful, shareable content and will click away from straight ads. So how can you best capitalize on this content marketing trend? A panel of founders from YEC share their best, unexpected content marketing strategies below.

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  • 12 Tweaks to Increase Customer Conversion Rates

    Directing people to your site is one thing, but getting them to actually take action is much more difficult. Business owners only have so much control over which customers sign up for a newsletter, for example. But there are certain ways to increase your chances for a higher customer conversion rate.

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  • 8 Big Brand Blunders of 2014 (and What You Can Learn From Them)

    No company is perfect, but when there are millions of people watching, making a mistake could seriously hurt your brand. For outsiders, these blunders can be great learning opportunities of what not to do. We asked eight entrepreneurs from the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) which big brands made a major faux pas this year, and what we can learn from it. Their best answers are below.

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  • 14 Ways to Amp Up Your Content Marketing Strategy for 2015

    You’ve heard it many times before: “Content is king”. It’s also become a valuable vehicle for bridging the consumer-brand gap. As more businesses continue to realize this, over saturation becomes inevitable. So how do you stand out from the competition? We asked 14 entrepreneurs from the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) what they think will change in regards to a brand’s app ...

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  • 10 Questions for Steve Jobs

    An inspiration to entrepreneurs and business owners everywhere, Steve Jobs built a nearly unmatched empire. From the cult following surrounding his brand to the amazing team he cultivated at Apple, founders could probably learn a lesson or two from the master. So to find out what those in the process of building their own successful companies would most like to learn from Jo ...

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  • 12 Tried and True #Sales Practices

    With the advent of native advertising, SEO and other internet-based marketing methods, entrepreneurs these days can sometimes become a little too focused on the latest and greatest sales tactics. But what about the classics? To see what methods have stood the test of time, we asked 12 young founders from YEC which of their more traditional sales tactics has stood the test of time, and why.

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  • Looking for Leads? 11 Ways to Leverage Social Media

    When you’re pressed for time, trying to generate solid leads can seem like a nightmare. That’s where social media, with its ability to connect you with just about anyone, can be a great help. But how do you leverage this wide-ranging resource? To find out, we asked 11 YEC entrepreneurs how they’ve successfully used social media to generate leads in a short time frame.

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  • How to Creatively Use Positive Reviews to Your Advantage

    Hopefully your product or service has tons of positive reviews, but the question remains, are you doing anything with them? Because while testimonials on your site are great, there’s more you can do with your reviews than just these blurbs. To make the most of them, here are 9 creative ways to use positive reviews of your company to your advantage, provided by members of YEC.

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  • 10 Ways to Improve Your Churn Rate

    Keeping old customers is just as important as gaining new ones. If your churn rate is too high, you’re wasting valuable time and money. To help you improve, here are 10 things entrepreneurs from YEC have done to improve their churn rates in the last six months—that may also prove useful for your company.

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