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  • Personalization in a post-brick-and-mortar world

    Competition from e-commerce sites is hurting physical storefronts. Up until now, retail stores have kept customers coming back by creating unique experiences and providing personalized services. Despite this, traditional brick-and-mortar stores are declining across the US. Even New York City’s acclaimed Fifth Avenue is experiencing a decline in retail storefront occupancy rates.

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  • 6 tips to get subscribers to open marketing emails

    While there are several email metrics you should track, a vital way to gauge the health of your email program is to monitor your email open rates. If your emails are being met with radio silence, it’s safe to say recipients aren’t taking any next steps. With recipients’ inboxes becoming increasingly inundated with marketing emails, this should come as no surprise.

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  • 5 tips for sending an email blast without getting blacklisted

    Email blasts can be effective, but only when executed properly. When email blasts are mishandled, brands risk being blacklisted by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Google or Yahoo; recipients either mark the messages as spam or the messages don’t meet the ISPs’ authentication requirements, among other factors.

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  • Revamping your email marketing program for the new year

    For an email program to be successful, marketers need to analyze and revamp sending strategies, tools and message content at least once a year to ensure recipients are engaged and enjoying the content their brands are sending them. The coming of a new year is a time for resolutions and fresh starts, so it’s a perfect time to reevaluate and revamp email marketing programs.

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  • Getting the most out of your holiday emails

    It can be difficult to cut through all of the email noise during the holidays, but there are certain tips all email marketers should follow to get the most out of their campaigns and to provide their subscribers with the messages they’re most interested in receiving. Practicing good email hygiene and customizing messaging based on your subscribers’ past purchase and engageme ...

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  • Mastering the email ecosystem for effective marketing

    Understanding the email ecosystem can be complicated, but it’s an essential element of executing a successful email program. It’s crucial to think of the entire program life cycle and consider all of its moving parts as equals. Email delivery is a moving target, and each aspect of the campaign deserves the same attention to ensure maximum deliverability and ROI.

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  • How to find the email personalization sweet spot

    Personalizing messages through targeted email marketing creates value in customer communications, but sometimes brands can get too personal. Finding the right balance when sending personalized messages to recipients can be tricky. But understanding purchase behavior, knowing when to withhold information and looking beyond opens and clicks will help marketers find that sweet spot.

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  • Email marketing in the age of social media

    Social media has firmly cemented its place as a vital marketing tool and has evolved to be much more than just a platform for posting photos and sharing life updates. At the same time, email marketing has grown more important to marketers and has the highest return on investment of any channel. Both email marketing and social media have their strengths and benefits, and mark ...

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  • How to make your email marketing engaging to millennials

    Millennials spend about six hours a day checking email, according to Adobe. Marketers have the opportunity to capitalize on the amount of time millennials spend reading their emails and maximize their email marketing efforts. But how? To make an impact among millennials, marketers need to break the mold, focus their attention and put the recipients in control of the content they receive.

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  • 5 ways to send the most relevant emails to your recipients

    Every email marketer’s goal is to deliver engaging messages to the people who are actually interested in receiving them. And while that’s easier said than done, it’s an achievable objective that you can reach by understanding the type of mail your recipients want — and keeping your messaging relevant to those insights.

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  • How to reduce the risk of getting email blacklisted

    Email marketers inevitably risk ending up on blacklists during email campaigns. But there are ways to reduce your chances and avoid the dreaded blacklist to ensure your mail reaches the inbox. To start, it’s important to understand how blacklists work. Most blacklists use a so-called “spam trap,” email addresses that are used to identify where the spam mail is coming from, u ...

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  • Email deliverability issues? Here are the 5 questions you should be asking

    Email marketing is the most important vehicle for reaching new and existing customers throughout the year. Businesses can utilize email marketing campaigns as a way to showcase new products, introduce new promotions and re-engage customers who haven’t shopped in a while. But with more than 20 percent of legitimate marketing email never reaching the recipient’s inbox, busines ...

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  • Everything you need to know for successful email A/B testing

    A/B testing is a familiar tactic to most marketers, and for good reason. Testing every aspect of your email, from the subject line to the body copy to the visuals, will go a long way toward helping you get the best fit for your subscribers. These days, using data to make business decisions is not simply a useful asset — rather, it is essential if you want to keep up with competitors.

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