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  • Defining Happiness: The Oft-Forgotten Key to Conversion (Part 2)

    In part one of this blog series, I detailed the “conversion importance” of discovering what really makes your potential client or customer deliriously happy. It’s vital for conversion to determine what happiness really means in the mind of your website visitor. For that article, I dipped into the worlds of golf and vehicles in the first blog.

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  • Let Me Press Your Buttons: 6 Rules for Clickable CTA Buttons

    What’s the different between success and failure? Or being the “best-of-the-best” and the dreaded somewhere in the middle? In my experience, it’s a combination of hard work and attention to detail. In a variation of the 80/20 rule, an extra 20% effort often places you in to the hallowed ground of the super-achiever. Paying close attention to the key details is part of that extra 20%.

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  • Headlines for Maximum Conversion: Tips, Templates & Tactics

    Whether you’re a copywriter or a marketer, conversion is ultimately your business. My goal as a direct response copywriter is to persuade as many readers/viewers/listeners to take the next step in the buying process. Your job as a marketer is to maximize ROI for your company or client. And that means maximizing conversion. How does this play out in copywriting? In more ways than you know.

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  • A Valuable Marketing Lesson from Scotland’s Biggest Vote in 300 Years

    On September 18, voters in Scotland will go to the polls. It’s a referendum: yes or no. The question… do you want to remain a part of the United Kingdom? That’s right, this September, Scottish voters will decide if they want to be a totally independent nation. Big decision. With a simple “yes or no” choice, there are two camps, each running their own marketing campaigns to p ...

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  • The Surprising Way to Earn a REAL Marketing Education

    If you really want your marketing to rock, the last thing you should do it get a degree in marketing from a university. Yes, what I just wrote may lead to vitriolic hate mail and comments from university admissions offices around the world. But, based on my real-world experience, I stand by my comments.

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