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  • CMO audit series, Part 2: Untangling the web of mobile technology

    This CMO audit series sets out to provide insight into the six most significant growth drivers in marketing: customer journey, marketing technology, growth channel mix, user experience, devices and analytics. (If you didn’t catch Part 1, on the customer journey, catch up now.) Today’s post will focus on technology.

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  • CMO audit series Part 1: Customer journey — the greatest strategic need

    Our CMO audit series is based on what we see as the six true drivers of growth in today’s marketing landscape: customer journey, technology, growth channels, user experience, devices and analytics. Without a true understanding of the first one — a customer’s journey — marketing growth is severely hindered, even if a business nails the other five.

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  • The CMO-level audit for 2017: Preview

    At 3Q Digital, my employer, we regularly perform audits for clients and prospects, putting accounts and channels under a microscope to make recommendations on things to fix and ways to scale and improve performance. Those audits are some of the most valuable work we do, and the findings are gobbled up by our clients’ account directors and managers.

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  • Q4 must-knows for CMOs: Crucial developments across channels

    Q4 can be a merciless time for marketers; even if you’re not staring down a couple of make-or-break months as a seasonal retailer, you’re likely battling for user attention, fighting against rising CPCs (costs per click) on platforms like Facebook or taking advantage of a down season to do some serious planning for Q1.

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  • How to achieve the ideal state of marketing

    Let me start by saying right off the bat that I don’t believe the ideal state of marketing is ever achievable — at least not in my lifetime. The speed of innovation today has created a constantly changing environment that marketers need to adjust to in real time. New technology, new platforms, information more readily accessible for consumers — the list goes on.

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  • Leverage your marketing data: 9 FAQs to get you started

    Remember the year of mobile? (Could have been 2013, 2014 or 2015, depending on how early an adopter you were.) Well, 2016 is most definitely the year of data. Marketers everywhere are scrambling to figure out their options for collecting and using data to optimal effect in their campaigns — and the smartest ones are using data to craft their marketing strategies.

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  • Marketing’s new balance: Customer connection vs. data and performance

    Marketing has evolved a great deal over the past several years. More channels, more devices, new technologies, more data — the list goes on. Marketers have become used to being highly adaptive to keep pace with change. Most marketers I talk to discuss all the things they do to keep up with the changing landscape and tend to look at themselves as pace-setters in the space.

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  • The new performance creative: Where emotion, data and technology converge

    Creative over the years has ranged from being driven by pure emotion to being driven by pure data. Both are equally important, and the convergence of the two is what is steering today’s most effective creative. As for tomorrow’s best creative, one of the biggest shifts we are seeing now is how technology is impacting the output.

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  • Understand Your Customer For Free

    The customer journey. The customer experience. The right user at the right time on the right device. Marketing technology vendors everywhere are trying to deliver this message to digital marketers — why they’re better than the next option at helping brands understand their customers and engage them in optimally compelling ways.

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  • The Evolution Of Digital Marketing And Changing Customer Expectations

    The onset of the digital age gave customers more discretionary control over what they buy and from whom they buy. However, even with businesses equipped to deliver on now sky-high consumer expectations, many continue to miss the mark when it comes to understanding customers and their buying journey.

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