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  • The business case to merge sales & marketing ops

    Generating, acquiring, serving and delighting customers has become the ultimate team effort for B2B organizations. This effort doesn’t start or stop with generating a lead or inquiry, nor after acquiring a customer. Renewal, cross-sell and ongoing satisfaction are just as critical to a business’s top and bottom line.

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  • Why is marketing so dang hard?

    I’m sitting around with a bunch of friends on a recent off-road trip. Nearly all have professional gigs and work in some type of corporation. The conversation kicks up about our jobs, how we got started and so on. To get the full picture, we have engineers, sales, finance and operations pros all represented, all with big opinions. I proceed to talk about my marketing role.

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  • Customer questions every CMO should be ready to answer in 2017

    “The customer is in charge.” “Everything revolves around your customer.” These are not just clichés. They are principles that are core to competing and thriving in business today, especially for CMOs who are taking increasing responsibility for all things customer. The good news is that CMOs have never been in a better position to deliver value to the business, to their cus ...

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  • Invaluable B2B marketing hacks we can learn from publishers

    Over dinner a few weeks back in Austin, a few of my B2B marketing peers pointed out how much influence my days as a publisher have had on the way I approach B2B marketing. I hadn’t given it too much thought before then. However, after hearing the observations of my fellow marketers, I reflected on some of the “go-to” strategies and tactics in my current B2B marketing playbook.

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  • The resurgence of brand marketing in a demand generation world

    Over the past several years, B2B CMOs have been earning a seat at the executive table by demonstrating their ability to contribute to revenue and company growth, largely via demand marketing. B2B marketing teams are using data, technology and content to discover, engage, nurture, create and delight customers. What once was a unique and competitive differentiation is now mainstream.

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  • Machu Picchu and martech: CMO lessons from the Inca Empire

    I just returned from a holiday exploring Peru and the “lost city” of the Inca Empire, Machu Picchu. If you are a student of history, like to explore or just enjoy good food, I highly recommend you put Peru and Machu Picchu on your list. I was intrigued by the many tales of this ancient city, the marvels of Inca innovation and their way-before-their-time thinking to build a p ...

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  • Oh no! ABM is resurfacing bad habits for B2B marketers

    One of my favorite stops when I come to our company’s headquarters is a restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona, called “Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers.” In my world, this is a winning combination. (Don’t judge!) In the marketing world, “B2B & ABM” are quickly showing up as the magical combo on every menu in town.

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  • How to solve the event marketing data problem

    In-person events have become a critical source of leads for B2B marketing and sales organizations. In fact, face-to-face events account for 18 percent of B2B marketing’s annual spend, according to 2016 Forrester Research. This is a shockingly higher investment than their seemingly more “modern” cousins — digital advertising and marketing technology.

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  • 3 ways marketers can use speed to their advantage

    You traditionally don’t think of speed and marketing as being tightly linked. Today, speed is becoming a hot topic in marketing planning sessions. Much of this is driven by the shift to delivering positive customer experiences in the digital, hyper-connected world we live and work in. To understand the speed-marketing connection, let’s start with time to market.

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  • Thinking about ABM? It’s time to put your sales hat on

    I’ve always been a believer and practitioner of targeted selling strategies, urging sales to focus on their “top 20” accounts versus going after every opportunity. So as account-based marketing (ABM) evolves as a way for marketing to take the same kind of focused, strategic approach, this sales mindset is more important than ever.

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  • Martech: What happens when you’ve been over-served?

    We all know the phrase, “too much of a good thing.” And in reality, too much of a good thing can turn into a bad thing. This can definitely be the case when it comes to marketing technology. Though we may start out with the best of intentions — to automate processes, become more efficient, improve measurement and better target and personalize interactions with both customers ...

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  • We Marketers Aren’t As “Automated” As We Think

    With pressure to improve efficiencies and hit KPIs, it’s been a no-brainer for marketers to adopt technology and embrace automation. The investment is paying off, as 80 percent of marketing automation users are generating more leads, and more importantly, 77 percent are seeing an increased number of conversions.

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  • Marketing Funnels And Buyer Journeys: What Are We Arguing About?

    All marketers by now understand that customer experience should be a business’s main priority. This isn’t anything new. And this sentiment is largely the reason we continue to hear time and time again that the marketing and sales funnels are dead. I understand the argument: Customers aren’t cookie-cutter replicas of one another, and they certainly don’t all experience the sa ...

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  • Coming In 2016: Revenge Of The Demand Marketers

    Demand marketers have been working hard to be the driving force behind marketing’s shift to revenue and customer acquisition. They have been applying new tools and techniques to turbocharge their inbound efforts and trying to infuse predictability into the big investment they are pouring into outbound paid acquisition.

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  • How Martech Is Like Fantasy Football: Drafting The Right Players In 2016

    In the midst of football season, it’s budgeting time for marketers. For most, marketing automation has been bought and implemented already. According to Gleanster, 84 percent of top-performing companies reported using or planning to start using marketing automation between 2012 and 2015. With the quarterback in place, organizations need strong wide receivers and running back ...

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  • Headache Or Opportunity? The Profusion Of Marketing Data

    Marketing data is flowing all over the place these days. Research from Teradata this year shows that 78 percent of marketers now use data systematically, versus 36 percent in 2013. The proliferation of data from a continuously expanding number of sources is creating headaches and opportunities — depending on your perspective.

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  • The Resurgence Of Outbound Marketing

    Inbound marketing is the cool kid on the block. The number of marketers who state they’re practicing inbound jumped 25 percent between 2013 and 2014. It makes sense: If the content is engaging and relevant, the right customers will come — and they’ll be the right customers because they’re consuming content on their own accord.

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