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  • Should We Be Marketing on Reddit?

    Maybe you’ve heard of Reddit, maybe you haven’t. What you really want to know is whether it’s a viable marketing platform. I recently ran tests for a client and the results were… we’ll let’s start with the basics and get to the results later. What is Reddit? Reddit is a content aggregation-based social network.

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  • When Not to Day-Part

    Day-parting and geographical bid modifiers are great ways to target spend. Targeting when your customers are most likely to buy your product, in the areas where they are most likely to buy, seems like a no-brainer; no wonder it’s become a best practice in the SEM industry. However, SEMs often rely on the tactic when they’re looking to “optimize accounts” and they’ve run out of other ideas.

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  • Find Your Target Audience Using Google Analytics

    At 3Q, we work with a lot of startup companies. In most cases, they have a general idea of who their target audience is before taking their product to market, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes they are incorrect about their assumptions or they just plain don’t know yet. In these cases, digital marketing could be the quickest way for them to learn who their target audience is.

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  • Should you jump on Google’s Upgraded URLs early? YES!

    The deadline for adopting Google’s Upgraded URLs is quickly approaching. (For those of you who don’t know, the deadline is July 1.) But what are you waiting for? The pros for upgrading are many; we’ve seen success with them already. Per Google, upgrading the URLs makes the experience better for everyone, with the following benefits: -Google gets to crawl sites more efficiently.

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  • How-to: Bulk-Update Sitelinks (and More) in the AdWords UI

    For strong paid search campaigns, sitelinks are an absolute no-brainer. The lift they give already strong ads is proven, and they boast many other benefits: they take up more space, making your ad stand out over your competitors; the searcher can go directly to a more specific page if that was their intent; and you can add more than one link relevant to a keyword.

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  • Bing Knows: Tablets Do Not Equal Desktops

    “Thank you, Bing!” – Search Marketers On Wednesday, Microsoft made one of the biggest announcements about its Bing search engine that it has in quite some time. This fall, Bing plans to roll out its own version of “enhanced campaigns,” taking away advertisers’ ability to target devices separately as they had in the past and rolling all three (Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone) under one campaign.

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