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  • How to Set Goals for Your Content and Weave Them into What You Create

    How does the current piece of content you’re creating fit into your content strategy? New content you produce needs to have a goal before you even start writing. Goals for your content benefit both you, the digital content creator, and your audience. Allow me to elaborate with an example from one of my favorite stories, Harry Potter. Hang in there; this is actually a fantastic lesson.

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  • How To Structure A Killer Content Marketing Campaign

    Content marketing might seem pretty straight-forward, it might even seem like anyone with a blog can succeed at it. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Content marketing is an art, of strategy, planning, analyzing, and following through. Content marketing is about connecting to your audience, through a story, educationally, informatively, and by being entertaining, all ...

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  • 5 Tools Proven to Improve Conversion Rates for Your Blog

    There is a ton of information about using CRO to increase the effectiveness of your landing pages. But what if you could improve conversion rates on your blog as well? Your blog is one of your most valuable resources in the online marketing world. It’s truly your secret weapon. Don’t you want to make sure your blog is helping you reach your business goals? Are there areas whe ...

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  • 5 Unique CRO Techniques Groove Uses To Grow Their SaaS Business Quickly

    Groove, self-depicted as “a simple alternative to Zendesk,” has made significant strides in growth in the past months, let alone the past year. While most companies I get the opportunity to collaborate with are really focused on growing, Groove has a refreshing focus on testing. Their meticulous attention to detail has helped drive dramatically quick growth, specifically with ...

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  • The Boring Niche’s Secret Weapon (And How to Use it)

    I hear it constantly: “My niche isn’t sexy enough for content marketing.” It’s a lie. It’s a crutch. It’s a flat-out excuse. The problem isn’t with the niche, it’s with your perception. The problem is you aren’t thinking about what makes your steak sizzle. The “boring” niche actually has a secret weapon. Here’s what it is and how to use it to your advantage.

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  • The Simple Flaw People Forget When Trying to Grow a Business

    Admit it. You want large-scale adoption, don’t you? You want a lot of people to love you, to buy your products, to read your blog, and to follow you on social media. Fair enough, that’s what we all want. But you’re missing something essential. People won’t ever know you, hear from you, understand you, follow you, or engage with you because of one simple flaw.

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