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  • Who are we seeking to become?

    We get what we invest in. The time we spend comes back, with interest. If you practice five minutes of new, difficult banjo music every day, you'll become a better banjo player. If you spend a little bit more time each day whining or feeling ashamed, that behavior will become part of you. The words you type, the peo ...

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  • Complicated problems rarely require magical explanations

    One clue that someone doesn't understand a problem is that they need a large number of variables and factors to explain it. On the other hand, turning a complex situation into something overly simple is an even more common way of demonstrating ignorance of how the system works. What we're looking for isn't the number of countable variables. It's the clarity of thought.

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  • Avoiding the good/great chasm

    You can be good at Twitter in about five minutes a day. Spending ten minutes doesn't make you twice as good... in fact, there's probably little measurable improvement. To be great at Twitter might take five hours of daily effort. All the time in between five minutes and five hours is wasted. You're in a chasm with no measurable benefits. We see the same thing happen w ...

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  • Compared to what?

    A quick look at Yelp reviews will show you that NY restaurants are not quite as good as those in some suburbs. This, of course, makes no sense. New York is insanely competitive, with a ton of turnover and a very demanding audience. A fast casual restaurant in Shaker Heights can coast for a long time, because... it's better than the alternatives.

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  • The bingo method

    You might need help to turn an idea into a project. Most of the time, though, project developers walk up to those that might help and say, "I have a glimmer of an idea, will you help me?" The challenge: It's too challenging. Open-ended. To offer to help means to take on too much. And of course people are hesitant to sign on for an unlimited obligation to help with something ...

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  • 'Sort by price' is lazy

    Sort by price is the dominant way that shopping online now happens. The cheapest airline ticket or widget or freelancer comes up first, and most people click. It's a great shortcut for a programmer, of course, because the price is a number, and it's easy to sort. Alphabetical could work even more easily, but it seems less relevant (especially if you're a fan of Zappos or Zima).

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  • How thin is your ice?

    When something goes wrong, how do you respond? When you own assets, when your position feels secure, when you're playing the long game, a bump in the road is just that. "Well, that was interesting." You can learn from it, and the professional realizes that freaking out pays little benefit. On the other hand, the middleman, the person who realizes just how easily he can be re ...

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  • With the sound off or on?

    If you watch a well-directed film with the sound turned off, you'll get a lot out of it. On the other hand, it takes practice to read a screenplay and truly understand it. It's worth remembering that we lived in tribes for millennia, long before we learned how to speak. Emotional connection is our default. We only added words and s ...

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  • Guardrails

    A large, freshly-paved parking lot has no boundaries. You can drive in any direction, free to speed to your destination. But once there's more than a few cars driving, traffic stops. It's too risky, there are too many uncertainties. A car could come at you from any direction, and so we crawl. Flow is far more efficient, and flow comes from well-placed guardrails and intellig ...

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  • Who cut down the last tree?

    Easter Island was the home to a thriving community, thousands of people living good lives. One by one, though, the trees on this isolated island were cut down. They were cut down for fuel, or to make tools, or boats. And finally, the last tree was gone. And the population went extinct. Jared Diamond makes the story real in his brilliant article and book.

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  • Like riding a bike

    People talk about bike riding when they want to remind us that some things, once learned, are not forgotten. What they don't mention is how we learned. No one learns to ride a bike from a book, ...

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  • Opportunity triage

    More opportunities come knocking than we know what to do with. They often come enshrouded with hassle, perceived risk and the need to overcome inertia. It's easier to just say no. And so no becomes the default, a habit, it's easier than discernment. Do you and your organization have a method to ...

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  • Can I trust you?

    Everyone asks themselves this question. And everyone looks for different clues and cues to answer it. It's primordial. We've been doing it for millions of years, because nothing is more important to our survival. The thing is, almost no one decides the answer to the trustworthy question based ...

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