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  • The smoking lounge

    They still have one at the Helsinki airport. No one in the lounge seems particularly happy to be there. Perhaps they enjoyed smoking when they first started, but now, it sure looks like they realize that it's expensive, unhealt ...

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  • "Hit the red button"

    Everyone on your team should have one. When we hit the button, it instantly alerts the CEO or someone who willingly takes responsibility for what happens next. And then the question: What are the circumstances where an employee should (must) hit the red button? Consider: A sexual harassment complaint A customer leaves over poor service There's pressure to ship inferio ...

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  • Over/with

    You connect with someone. But you exert power over someone. You can dance and communicate and engage with a partner. It's a two way street, a partnership. On the other hand, you either exert control over someone, or you are under their control. If you want to be an Olympic wrestler, you need to be comfortable (not necessarily in favor of, but willing to live with) the idea ...

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  • Drawing a line in the sand

    There are two real problems with this attitude: First, drawing lines. Problems aren't linear, people don't fit into boxes. Lines are not nuanced, flexible or particularly well-informed. A line is a shortcut, a lazy way to deal ...

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  • Squeezing the last minute out of a session

    It's too late now. If you're the moderator of a panel and you want to rush through one more question... Or if you're the speaker and you need to race through three more slides... Or if you're a writer or designer and want to add just one more idea... Or if you're the teacher and there's just one more concept to talk about even though the bell's about to ...

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  • Our worldview casts a shadow in the words that resonate

    One reason it's difficult to understand each other is that behind the words we use are the worldviews, the emotions and the beliefs we have before we even consider what's being said. Before we get to right and wrong, good or bad, effective or ineffective, we begin with worldview. They affect the way we choose a car, engage in a conversation or vote.

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  • Interesting problems

    Being locked out of your car is not an interesting problem. Call five locksmiths, hire the cheap and fast one, you'll be fine. And getting a script written or a book cover designed isn't that interesting either. There are thousands of trained professionals happy to do it for you. On the other hand, if you need a script that will win awards, sell tickets and change lives, that's difficult.

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  • Power and reason

    A fish is not like a bicycle, but they're not mutually exclusive. You can have both. Part of our culture admires reason. It celebrates learning. It seeks out logic and coherence and an understanding of the how and the why. At the same time, there are other people who seek out influence and authority. Either to exercise it or to blindly follow it. Sometimes, they overlap.

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  • "Nothing wrong with having standards"

    This is the snarky feedback of someone whose bias is to hustle instead of to stand for something. When you say 'no' to their pitch, they merely smile and congratulate you on the quaint idea that you have standards. Their mindset is to cut corners, slip things by if they can. The mindset of, "Well, it can't hurt to ask." Predators and scavengers, nosing around t ...

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  • The pact

    At some point, you'll need to make a deal with yourself. What is this career for? What are the boundaries? What are you keeping score of, maximizing, improving? Who do you serve? Once you make this pact, don't break it without a great deal of serious thought. You might say you're seeking to create freedom and joy.

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  • Maybe your customer isn't trying to save money

    Perhaps she wants to be heard instead. Or find something better, or unique. Or perhaps customer service, flexibility and speed are more important. It might be that the way you treat your employees, or the side effects you create count for more t ...

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  • Making change (in multiples)

    It's tempting to seek to change just one person at a time. After all, if you fail, no one will notice. It's also tempting to try to change everyone. But of course, there really is no everyone, not any more. Too much noise, too many different situations and narratives. When you try to change everyone, you're mostly giving up.

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  • The two vocabularies (because there are two audiences)

    Early adopters want to buy a different experience than people who identify as the mass market do. Innovators want something fresh, exciting, new and interesting. The mass market doesn't. They want something that works. It's worth noting here that you're only an early adopter sometimes, when you want to be. And you're only in the mass market by choice as well. It's an attitude.

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  • Proximity and intimacy

    I recently did a talk where the organizer set up the room in the round, with the stage in the middle. He proudly told me that it would create a sense of intimacy because more people would be close to the stage. Of course, this isn't true. Physical proximity is one thing, but connection and intimacy come from eye contact, from hearing and being heard, from an exchange of hopes and dreams.

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  • Smartening up

    When you seek the mass market, there are two paths available: You can dumb down your message and your expectations, and meet your audience where they stand. You can coarsen your lyrics, offer simpler solutions, ask for less effort, demand less work, promise bigger ...

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  • What's the next step for media (and for us)?

    Perhaps the biggest cultural change of my lifetime has been the growing influence and ubiquity of commercial media in our lives. Commercial media companies exist to make a profit, and they've grown that profit faster than just about any industry you can name. At first, it was the scarcity created by the FCC (a few channels) and mass markets that led the industry.

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  • Bring your point of view and your active voice, or let's not meet

    The scourge of Powerpoint continues to spread throughout the land. In offices everywhere, people roll out their decks, click through their bullet points and bore all of us to tears. Worst of all, important projects don't get done. All of us have been changed by a great presentation. Perhaps it was a TED talk that delivered a message that we just can't forget.

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  • They're raising the weather tax

    We've always been paying it, of course. Insulation, heating systems, drains--we build all of them because we live in places with unpredictable or inhospitable weather. But the weather tax is rising, and it is likely to go up faster still. Buildings will need taller and stronger foundations. Ski ...

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  • Working for free (but working for yourself)

    Freelancers, writers, designers, photographers--there's always an opportunity to work for free. There are countless websites and causes and clients that will happily take your work in exchange for exposure. And in some settings, this makes perfect sense. You might be making a contribution to a cause you care about, or, more likely, honing your craft at the same time that you ...

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