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  • Holding your breadth

    It's tempting to diversify, particularly when it comes to what you offer the world. One more alternative, one more flavor, one more variation. Something for everyone. ...

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  • The reason we need the FDA (hint: it's marketers)

    Here's the original ad for Coca-Cola: French Wine Coca is indorsed (sic) by over 20,000 of the most learned and scientific medical men in the world . . . . . . Americans are the most nervous people in the world . . . All who are suffering from any nervous complaints we commend to use the wonderful and delightful remedy, French Wine Coca, infallible in curing all who are affli ...

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  • To tell the truth

    Thirty years ago, Fleischmann and Pons announced that they were able to create fusion at room temperature. Scientists around the world began work in this new field, only to discover that they couldn't replicate the reported results. It turns out that the original researchers hadn't told the truth. Millions of dollars and countless hours were wasted.

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  • Counting beans

    If you have to serve chili to 1,000 people, holding back just one bean from each person means you end up with a tidy savings, and almost no one is going to notice. If you run a call center and hire people who make a dollar less an hour, who are less supported, or less trained, or less caring, the impact on each interaction will probably seem pretty small.

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  • Three simple and difficult steps

    Get smarter. Hurry. Learn something new and difficult and valuable. Learn it today and continue learning it tomorrow. Solve interesting problems. Ignaz Semmelweis saw the same problem that others saw. But he took responsibility and solved it (worth a read). Care. More. This takes guts because it means you' ...

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  • Showing up

    Some people show up when they need something. Some people show up before they need something, knowing that it will pay of ...

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  • Fear, failure and shame, oh my

    Fear runs deep. Fear used to keep our ancestors alive. Fear keeps you from taunting a saber tooth tiger. The thing is, most of us don't have to deal with tigers any longer. But the fear still runs deep. We still feel the same feelings when we face possible failure, but now those feelings revolve around shame.

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  • The half-life of a near miss

    How long does it take to forget how frightening it was? You fell off your bike and really skinned your knee. How many months or years go by before you're willing to ride a bike again? The stories we tell ourselves are powerful indeed. I got food poisoning as a kid and never again ate at the restaurant that caused it, even after the restaurant went out of business and was rep ...

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  • Is ignorance the problem?

    It's nice to think that the reason that people don't do what you need them to do, or conform to your standards, or make good choices is simply that they don't know enough. After all, if that's the case, all you'll need to do is inform them, loudly and clearly. So, that employee who shows up late: just let her know that being late isn't allowed. Threaten to fire her ...

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  • The thing you can't have becomes a powerful placebo

    The efficacy of a technology, a shortcut, a medicine, a tool, a method—you get the idea—is directly related to how difficult it is to obtain. Placebos work because our brain picks up where our belief begins. Without some sort of conscious or subconscious trigger, the placebo effect never kicks in. But when it does, it's astonishingly effective.

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  • Agency

    There are institutions, professionals and organizations that would like you to believe that you don't have much choice in the matter. They want to take away your agency, because it makes their job easier or their profits higher. But you h ...

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  • The best of us (the worst of us)

    When we join an organization and become part of something, collisions happen. Standards change. Sometimes, these tribal affiliations push us to become better versions of ourselves. We take a long-term view, check our selfish impulses and work hard to meet the high standards of those around us. But if we're not careful, we can join a group tha ...

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  • Our pre-judgment problem

    Most of us can agree that picking a great team is one of the best ways to build a successful organization or project.The problem is that we're terrible at it. The NFL Combine is a giant talent show, with a billion dollars on the line. And every year, NFL scouts use the wrong data to pick the wrong players (Tom Brady famously recorded one of the worst scores ever 17 years ago).

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  • Emotionally attractive

    We spend a lot of time talking about celebrities and how attractive they are. Paul Newman's blue eyes, how tall is Jake Gyllenhaal, how fast is Usain Bolt... Most of the time, though, our success is based on something we have far more control over: our emotional attractiveness. People who are o ...

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  • Writing the review in advance

    Movie reviewers, food critics, the people who write about wine or stereo equipment... they write most of the review before they even encounter the final product. Because, of course, they experience it before (you/they/we) think they do. They've seen the marketing materials. They know the reputation of the director or the vineyard.

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  • What's on tonight?

    Just a few decades ago, there were only three TV channels to watch. Worse, it was pretty common for people to continue watching the same channel all night, rather than checking out the two alternatives. The 8 pm lead in was critical. TV Guide, at one point the most valuable magazine in the United States, changed that posture.

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  • Obedience and inquiry

    The first rule is that you follow the rules. That's the mantra of the obedient organization. And there are many of them. You follow these rules, restrictions and systems. Not because they're up-to-date, effective or correct, but because that's what makes us who we are. Obedience is its own reward. Obedience is required. And obedience is prized.

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  • When does the water get hot?

    If you want a hot shower, you'll need to turn on the hot water a bit before you step inside. It can take a while for the hot water to rise up and clear the cold water from the pipes. The thing is, though, that if you mistakenly turn the cold water tap instead, it'll never get hot. No matter how long you wait.

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  • The last copies of my big book

    About eight months ago, I launched a project to publish a giant book, an 800 page, 17 pound illustrated collection of the last four years of my work. We called it What Does It Sound Like When You Change Your Mind (the Titan, for short, though a book this big probably should have a long name). I'm grateful to the readers who supported this crazy project, and to the hundreds o ...

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