Shane Jones

  • Which Copy is Best For Your Home Page?

    To convert, a home page needs to give its audience information. The more information they accept, the more likely they are to consider signing up, subscribing, or downloading. But if it’s not engaging and perfectly targeted, they’ll give up and fail to read anything. Is shorter copy better? Concise copy is a must, but that doesn’t mean it should be short. In fact, the opposite is often true.

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  • Web Psychology: Why Sex, Sadness, and Social Proof Will Get You More Leads

    You’re right. The way your boss’ mind works is pretty complicated. As is every other person’s mind on the planet. The human mind is a complicated place. We have all these things going on up there, like vital functions, instincts, emotions, memories, and cognitive functions. The fact that you have to figure out how to push your brand into people’s minds amidst all this other ...

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  • Using Requirements to Improve Usability For Your Website

    What makes a user experience fantastic? Simply put, in order to make a fantastic user experience, the user has to be able to accomplish their goal(s) on your website. Looking at the bigger picture, if you want to make your customers’ goals more achievable on your website, you need to get to know your customers.

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  • How to Enhance Mobile Pages to Increase Phone Leads

    Have you ever Googled a business on your mobile device to order a pizza or just ask a question? The “Click to Call” feature on Google makes the process significantly easier. According to a study led by Google and IPSOS, almost half of users indicated they would resort to another business if the one they searched for didn’t have the “Click to Call” feature.

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  • The five words that don’t belong in ecommerce customer service

    While ecommerce has come a long way in recent years, it still has a long way to go. One of the main problems with online shopping is that a certain amount of guesswork is always required before making a purchase. Customers are never quite sure about the quality of an item, since they can’t touch it like they would when shopping in person.

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  • Make buying easy: five pre-conversion strategies

    Attracting consumers to your site is only the first part of your problem. Once they show up, why do you think they’ll buy what you’re selling? You’ve baited the hook and caught your audience’s attention, but if the bait’s not tied to anything your conversions sink straight to the bottom. Behavioral psychology has a lot to say about why we buy the things we buy and what the de ...

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