Shane Snow

  • The Sequel Paradox, in 11 Charts

    How important is originality in filmmaking? Instead of heading to the theater for Batman vs. Superman or My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 last week, I took a painstaking look at the data on 600 recent movie sequels to find out. This is apparently how nerds spend their spare time.[footnote]My colleague Greta inadvertently joined the nerd ranks by spending her weekend helping me compile the data.

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  • Poll: Mel Gibson, Mitt Romney, and Captain Crunch All Beat Trump

    Who would you rather have as your president: Donald Trump or a burrito from Chipotle? On March 2, after Trump swept the Republican party’s Super Tuesday primary elections, I conducted a statistically significant 1 national poll of 402 registered voters from around the United States asking that very question. The voters were almost split 50/50.

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