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  • The Sequel Paradox, in 11 Charts

    How important is originality in filmmaking? Instead of heading to the theater for Batman vs. Superman or My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 last week, I took a painstaking look at the data on 600 recent movie sequels to find out. This is apparently how nerds spend their spare time.[footnote]My colleague Greta inadvertently joined the nerd ranks by spending her weekend helping me compile the data.

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  • Poll: Mel Gibson, Mitt Romney, and Captain Crunch All Beat Trump

    Who would you rather have as your president: Donald Trump or a burrito from Chipotle? On March 2, after Trump swept the Republican party’s Super Tuesday primary elections, I conducted a statistically significant 1 national poll of 402 registered voters from around the United States asking that very question. The voters were almost split 50/50.

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  • 8 Top MarTech Execs Predict the Future of Content Marketing

    Content marketing. It’s been a thing since before Donald Trump even had hair. Right now, it’s one of the hottest trends in advertising and publishing, with bazillion-dollar bills splashing in all directions. Five years ago, two of my best friends and I paused our lives to build a tech company to help make publishing better for businesses and creative people, putting us right in ...

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  • Make My Data: Charting the Most Popular Clichés in Movies

    Moviegoers love a nice cliché. At least, if ticket sales for superhero comic films are any indication. See what I did there? I just used one myself. (Actually, two.) As a writer, I’m obligated to turn my nose up (three!) at clichés, wherever I see them. But my snobbery is hypocritical: I critique the unoriginality of my writer friends, yet I type clichés by the dozen.

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  • The Marketer’s Guide to Licensed and Syndicated Content

    In 1884, a 27-year-old kid named Samuel Sidney McClure launched a startup that would define the media industry for 130 years. Previously the co-founder of his student newspaper at Knox College, young McClure had moved to New York City to make his way as a newsman. At the time, the burgeoning—and unregulated—advertising industry was beginning to make newspapers around the world more sensational.

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  • The State of Content Marketing 2015

    Hold on to your hoverboards, citizens of Earth. It’s 2015, which means our annual report on the state of content marketing is here. Though we didn’t get the flying cars and pizza re-hydrators we were promised this year, Marty McFly and various scientists have personally assured me that those things are coming soon.

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