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  • What Two Drastically Different Leaders Taught Me About Building Trust

    I recently interviewed two leaders who have each influenced hundreds of millions of people. Over the course of two days, I spoke to Evernote CEO and former Google[x] executive Chris O’Neill, and General Stanley McChrystal, founder of McChrystal Group and the commander of U.S. Forces in the Middle East under Bush and Obama. O’Neill and McChrystal are known for getting the best out of people.

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  • What Separates Good Writing From Bad Writing?

    The other day, I was struck by a quote I read in a blog post about vulnerability from author and Wharton professor Adam Grant: “Good communicators make themselves look smart. Great communicators make their audiences feel smart.” Grant’s words reminded me of the time I discovered, to my horror, that I write at an 8th grade reading level.

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  • How to Make an Emotional Narrative Work For Your Brand

    I want to tell you about the last time I cried. A few months ago, inside a little laboratory in Claremont, California, I was hooked up to a machine that measures your brain activity from an armband. The lab belonged to a neuroscientist named Dr. Paul Zak, and the brain machine is called the INBand, a new device that looks like an Apple Watch and goes on that part of your arm w ...

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  • Introducing ‘The Storytelling Edge’

    Contently has a book coming out! You can order it here. And if you’d like to subscribe to our free email course on becoming a more powerful storyteller, you can sign up here! A little while ago, my mother sent me an email with the subject line, “The Youngest Storyteller.” There was a picture of a three-year-old kid holding a big microphone on a stage with a big smile on his face.

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  • The Sequel Paradox, in 11 Charts

    How important is originality in filmmaking? Instead of heading to the theater for Batman vs. Superman or My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 last week, I took a painstaking look at the data on 600 recent movie sequels to find out. This is apparently how nerds spend their spare time.[footnote]My colleague Greta inadvertently joined the nerd ranks by spending her weekend helping me compile the data.

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  • Poll: Mel Gibson, Mitt Romney, and Captain Crunch All Beat Trump

    Who would you rather have as your president: Donald Trump or a burrito from Chipotle? On March 2, after Trump swept the Republican party’s Super Tuesday primary elections, I conducted a statistically significant 1 national poll of 402 registered voters from around the United States asking that very question. The voters were almost split 50/50.

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