• 2 Biggest Mistakes New Affiliates Make

    Think back to when you first tried your hand at affiliate marketing. What was your first campaign? Was it a success? The fact of the matter is that new affiliates make tons of mistakes. Heck, even affiliates who have been in the game for years make mistakes. There are two very common, very dangerous affiliate mistakes that shine above the rest though. 1.

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  • Week In Review: SEO & Free Lollipops

    This week in review covers two awesome SEO tricks, niche markets that will never fail you, creepy candy and much more! “Take This Lollipop….Please“ – Have you tried the lollipop yet? This incredibly creepy use of Facebook Connect is fascinating. It’s almost impossible to deny the power of social media. “How To Make Money On The Internet“ – It’s the tutorial millions have been waiting for.

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  • Week In Review: Holiday Shopping & Meltdowns

    This week in review covers hoping for a big financial meltdown, preparing for holiday shoppers, selling millions with webinars and much more! “Becoming A Mini Advertiser! – Less Stress, Less Money, Longer Campaigns“ – What do you do when the competition in your niche has you down and out? Some affiliates are creating their own products and creating their own niches.

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  • Week In Review: Mad Libs & Affiliate Grind

    This week in review covers the affiliate marketing grind, seven deadly dating sins, expert copywriting tips and much more! “Are You On The Grind?“ – When did working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week become a badge of honor? It’s time to really ask yourself if you’re productive or just busy. “This is Why I Work“ – This is PPV Playbook’s response to the affiliate grind trend.

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  • Week In Review: Adsense & What Women Want

    This week in review covers what women want in a dating ad, how to get your hands on an Adsense guide, affiliates who do everything right and much more! “Attention: Plentyoffish Dating Affiliates“ – Finch is going to start writing premium posts every month. What does that mean for you? It means you can grab a pack of posts that will help you rock various types of Internet marketing.

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  • Week In Review: PJ CEOs & Media Buying

    This week in review covers high school millionaires, gaming the mobile system, advanced lead generation techniques and much more! “Internet Marketing – The Industry of Millionaire Teenagers and Young Adults“ – Are business suits, degrees and resumes still important in Internet marketing? They still have their place, but they’re being overrun by 17-year-old millionaires and PJ CEOs.

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  • 5 Marketing Lessons from Our Idiot Brother

    When I watch a movie, it’s hard not to draw parallels between it and Internet marketing. Watching Our Idiot Brother, I caught a number of great lessons for all types of marketers. So, what does Paul Rudd, also known as Phoebe Buffay’s boyfriend, have to teach you about being an awesome affiliate? 1. You’re going to fail. “I try to do good, but it doesn’t always work out.

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