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  • Social Media Marketing, the Five Guys way

    In 1986, Five Guys opened its first location in Arlington, Virginia as a family-run restaurant named after, you guessed it, five brothers. Renowned for their fresh, high-quality food, Five Guys expanded quickly and now have more than 1,200 franchises across the US, Canada, England, and Scotland—with plans to move into Europe and the Middle East in the next year.

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  • How Hootsuite Helps: A Social Media Toolkit for Banks

    We are now living in the “age of the customer” and modern banks stand to reap the benefits of their already-sophisticated customer service experience. Social media gives the financial industry a direct line to reach their current customers as well as find new ones, while promoting and protecting their brand and products.

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  • 9 Steps Banks Can Take to Reach Social Media Success

    Customer relationships are crucial to every bank’s success, regardless of size and scope of the institution. Keeping communication lines open and giving customers opportunities to connect via their chosen channel will give banks the competitive edge as people seek more personalized interactions. Today’s banking customers have high digital expectations.

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  • The Value of Social Data: Focus on the Insights

    Social media analytics are integral to proving ROI, and companies are doing their best to gather data wherever, and whenever, possible. But all the numbers in the world won’t make a difference if they aren’t interpreted correctly, or if they remain locked in the Marketing department. There is great opportunity to use social data in overall business decisions, but first, you ne ...

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  • Scaling Social Media: A Toolkit to Drive Employee Advocacy

    In the 2013 McKinsey global survey, 90% of executives reported measurable business benefits from their organization’s social media activities. Even more interesting, this marked the third year in a row that such a high percentage of respondents agreed. Your organization needs to not only decide on a social media strategy, but ensure that it is organized, scalable, and easily a ...

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