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  • How New AdWords Responsive Image Ads Help You Drive Conversions

    Google’s newly created platform, Responsive Ads for Display, allows users to develop engaging visual ads at a much reduced cost. These affordable and easy to create visual ads, whether presented as text, image or native ad, enable advertisers to be more artistically expressive, and allow the ads to reach a wider audience on a myriad sites and applications while providing the cu ...

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  • Programmatic Advertising – 101

    Interest in programmatic advertising has increased dramatically over the past few years. According to, in 2016, digital display advertising will surpass paid search ad spending in the US. Display ad spending has increased to $22.58 billion on a combination of rich media, banner ads, video, sponsorships and other.

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  • 4 Tips to Improve your AdWords Performance in Under an Hour

    Having a top-performing AdWords campaign can feel overwhelming and difficult to achieve. There are so many factors to consider—for example, how do you decide how to allocate your budget when it comes to competitive keywords? A lot of strategy goes in to any PPC campaign, but there are a few tips I can offer to increase your return on ad spend and get you up and running in no time. 1.

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