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  • Ad buyers are staying away from Trump news

    Clients are asking agency buyers to keep their brands away from news about Donald Trump, an unprecedented request considering that, after noon today, he will be the President of the United States. Typically, advertisers fall into two categories — either they advertise around news and politics, or they don’t, said an executive at a major media buying agency who preferred not to be named.

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  • ‘It’s brutal’: Junior agency employees feel the squeeze from low margins

    Last year, Josh Jamal found that the agency he was working for was taking on a lot of project work, sometimes for no money or in supposed “pay-for-performance” models. An account manager, Jamal, a millennial and a relatively junior employee, was brought on as part of an eight-person account team. Within a few weeks, three of the team left — either quit or got laid off to save money.

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  • A day in the life of Natalie Sexton, juice marketer

    Natalie, right, with mom and CEO Marygrace Natalie Sexton, CMO of Natalie’s Orchid Island Juices, the second-biggest fresh-juice company in the U.S., jokes that her mom, the CEO of the company, rocked her to sleep as a baby on the juice machines. That’s how deep juicing runs in the family, citrus farmers who began a juice company the year Sexton herself was born.

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  • Morton wants to make salt thought of as a ‘lifestyle choice’

    Nobody could have predicted that one of the coolest music videos of 2016 was brought to you by a brand so seemingly prosaic as Morton Salt. And yet, the brand sponsored OK Go’s “The One Moment,” a music video that showed how one moment can make an impact. It was one of the breakout videos of last year, with over 17 million views.

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  • Hearts and green thumbs: Lowe’s Marci Grebstein gets emotional

    When Marci Grebstein was growing up in Randolph, Massachusetts, her father had very specific rules about lawn care: 15 minutes of weeding, every evening, before dinner. “We had to do it,” says Grebstein, 53, now the chief marketing officer at Lowe’s, which is the biggest seller of lawn care products in the U.S. “He had this idea of a perfect lawn.

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  • Media deals that should happen in 2017

    OK, so maybe 2016 wasn’t the “bloodbath” that Vice pichman/CEO Shane Smith predicted. But it did have its share of big deals, chief among them Verizon’s gobbling up of AOL. We asked industry insiders for their takes on the deals that absolutely should happen in the next 12 months. These aren’t predictions that they will happen; in fact, they’re so logical that they probably won’t.

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  • Year in Preview: Hello, zero-margin agency

    When the CMO of McDonald’s, Deborah Wahl, announced DDB as its new agency, she was excited: “This agency of the future really has digital and data at heart,” she said in an interview in August. That’s great. But the agency of the future may also be dirt poor: McDonald’s required DDB sign a zero-margin contract for the $1 billion account.

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  • How Kiva became the gold standard in weed branding

    In 2010, when husband and wife team Scott Palmer and Kristi Knoblich were looking for just the right legal marijuana high, they found a real gap in the market. Edibles either tasted bad, were poorly labeled or just didn’t do it for them. So they decided to make their own. Noticing that cannabis went especially well with chocolate, the duo worked with a chocolatier to create a ...

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  • Ask a Millennial: What’s your holiday party strategy?

    Agencies pride themselves on letting down their hair. So this is the time of year when they double down and pretend co-workers are their wingmen. Gather ’round, ye olde creative directors and ye younge media buyers: It’s the season of the Agency Holiday Party. While a fun tradition, the office holiday party can be a minefield, especially for younger staffers who may mistake it ...

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  • How blockchain might be useful in marketing and advertising

    Blockchain is probably best known as the technology underpinning bitcoin, but marketers see possibilities for it beyond finance. Blockchain, essentially a massive ledger of transactions, is an open and shared database that operates in a decentralized network format. That means large amounts of information can be transmitted and added onto it without compromising security.

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  • WTF is attribution modeling?

    Attribution is hot. For brand marketers, ever concerned about ROI, measuring the efficacy of their campaigns — that is, to tell if they’re actually driving sales — is a constant headache. But how to attribute a sale to a given piece of marketing as the number of marketing channels out there seems to grow exponentially? It turns out there are many attribution models, which come ...

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  • Bluetooth parkas: Why PepsiCo is making wearable tech

    In early November, streetwear brand VFiles launched Camo Out, a camouflage clothing collection that doubled as wearable tech. First premiering at the brand’s New York Fashion Week showcase in September, the collection also was part of a larger “The Camo Collective” experience at ComplexCon, the media brand’s annual culture festival in Long Beach, California.

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  • Overmonetized influencers and pesky millennials: What brands are worried about right now

    Brands of all sizes are attending the Digiday Brand Summit this week in Park City, Utah. It’s not often this happens, so we asked them to “map out” what was really on their minds when it came to challenges in the brand marketing space. We took each individual mind maps and created one giant composite chart to try and envision what really is occupying the headspace of top brands right now.

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  • Agency millennials on thorny diversity issues that remain

    Certain problems are known knowns in the agency world. Take, for example, sexism and a lack of racial diversity, both of which get plenty of lip service. What’s less well known is how it feels to be on the inside, down in the trenches. When the conversation does get airtime, it’s usually driven from the executive level, and often joined by people who no longer even work inside agencies.

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  • 5 charts showing why Cyber Monday is doomed

    Cyber Monday, the awkwardly named cousin of Black Friday, is fading into oblivion. R.I.P. Cyber Monday, invented by the National Retail Federation in 2005, was meant to get e-commerce into the frenzy of shopping activity that’s traditionally marked the start of the holiday shopping season on Black Friday.

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  • ‘It can’t be optimized’: Agency buyers see comScore’s value diminishing

    It’s a tale as old as digital media: Publishers don’t like comScore traffic metrics. Most of the time, comScore traffic is lower than publishers’ own internal metrics. Some call it the comScore haircut. Now, for buyers, who have more tools available than before and have more digital media buys designed for direct-response, its value as a way to decide what websites to spend mo ...

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  • In response to complaints, some brands are pulling ads placed on Breitbart

    Brands and the agencies that work for them are caught in a tough place when it comes to ads on so-called alt-right websites like Breitbart, which have regularly published articles that stoke nationalist, racist and anti-Semitic sentiments. Thanks mostly to programmatic advertising, plenty of brands advertise on Breitbart, with advertising appearing next to stories like “Bill K ...

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