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  • Confessions of a black agency employee: ‘I want help’

    Diversity is a ubiquitous buzzword in advertising. It also remains a sore topic for many. Even as there are more top-down approaches to promote women, minorities and people from different backgrounds in the industry, a lot needs to be done for those at the bottom. In this edition of the Confessions, we spoke to a young black agency employee, who argues there is a need for cham ...

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  • Ask a Millennial: How is your agency handling the fraught Trump era?

    Post-election America is a divided one. For many corporations, already gunshy around politics, the polarizing nature of the Trump administration has turned workplace political discussions into a minefield. It’s especially tough inside agencies, which are liberal by nature: Ironically, they tout inclusiveness but tend to punish — or at least ostracize — more conservative outliers.

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  • ‘We need hope’: Inside the ACLU’s social media strategy

    For the ACLU, it’s been a crazy 92 days. The non-profit organization has seen an influx in both cash and interest thanks to President Donald Trump’s first few executive orders, including a travel ban for citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries. It has also been experimenting with new things on social, according to Diana Scholl, who heads social efforts for the organizati ...

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  • Digiday Media welcomes two new reporters for Tradestreaming

    We’re happy to welcome Tanaya Macheel and Suman Bhattacharyya to the Tradestreaming editorial team in New York to cover the future of money in all its forms. Tanaya joins us from American Banker, where she covered bank technology and payments. Prior to that, she was a reporter and a sub-editor at CoinDesk.

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  • An oral history of the Oreo tweet

    On February 3, 2013, the San Francisco 49ers played the Baltimore Ravens to decide the NFL champion for the year. During the game, a blackout turned off power in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, where the game was being played. At 8:48 p.m., Oreo tweeted this: Power out? No problem. — Oreo Cookie (@Oreo) February 4, 2013 It was the tweet heard arou ...

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  • Quiz: Can you pass Havas’ programmatic quiz?

    Havas Media is on a mission to turn get 25 percent percent of its 20,000 employees to become conversant in automated buying and selling, with the goal being to increase that in the years to come. Part of the program involves a test to see where employees currently land in their knowledge base. Can you pass it? Answers below. 1. The DMP acronym means … a. Demand Management Platform b.

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  • How Havas trained 5,000 people in programmatic

    As programmatic marketing permeates everything, many agency staff previously shielded from needing to know how a DMP works have found that they need to bone up on the basics. To that end, Havas Media is on a mission to get 25 percent of its 20,000 employees well versed, or at least versed, in the language and skills of automated buying and selling, with the goal being to incre ...

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  • Agency CEOs issue memos regarding Trump immigration ban

    Agencies are speaking out on Donald Trump’s executive order banning immigrants from seven Muslim countries from entering the United States. The industry, which has always relied on foreign talent, is no doubt affected by the ban, which bars for 120 days people from seven countries from entering the United States and puts on hold the U.S. refugee program.

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  • Rolling in at 10 a.m.: Why agencies still have late start times

    It’s a quirk unique to the media and marketing industries that work starts somewhere around 9:30 a.m. At iCrossing, for example, many work from home in the morning, squeeze in a gym session, then walk in, around 10 or so, said David Santos, chief talent officer at iCrossing. Companies imposing traditional work hours run the risk of not being able to attract the best talent, he pointed out.

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  • PR people: Sean Spicer is not one of us

    It was an eventful first weekend for Sean Spicer in his new job. On Saturday, the incoming White House Press Secretary took the podium to “brief” media about the size of the crowd at the president’s inauguration.“This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period,” he lied — a curious and easily refutable tall tale lobbed at reporters with whom he will have ...

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  • Ad buyers are staying away from Trump news

    Clients are asking agency buyers to keep their brands away from news about Donald Trump, an unprecedented request considering that, after noon today, he will be the President of the United States. Typically, advertisers fall into two categories — either they advertise around news and politics, or they don’t, said an executive at a major media buying agency who preferred not to be named.

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  • ‘It’s brutal’: Junior agency employees feel the squeeze from low margins

    Last year, Josh Jamal found that the agency he was working for was taking on a lot of project work, sometimes for no money or in supposed “pay-for-performance” models. An account manager, Jamal, a millennial and a relatively junior employee, was brought on as part of an eight-person account team. Within a few weeks, three of the team left — either quit or got laid off to save money.

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  • A day in the life of Natalie Sexton, juice marketer

    Natalie, right, with mom and CEO Marygrace Natalie Sexton, CMO of Natalie’s Orchid Island Juices, the second-biggest fresh-juice company in the U.S., jokes that her mom, the CEO of the company, rocked her to sleep as a baby on the juice machines. That’s how deep juicing runs in the family, citrus farmers who began a juice company the year Sexton herself was born.

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  • Morton wants to make salt thought of as a ‘lifestyle choice’

    Nobody could have predicted that one of the coolest music videos of 2016 was brought to you by a brand so seemingly prosaic as Morton Salt. And yet, the brand sponsored OK Go’s “The One Moment,” a music video that showed how one moment can make an impact. It was one of the breakout videos of last year, with over 17 million views.

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  • Hearts and green thumbs: Lowe’s Marci Grebstein gets emotional

    When Marci Grebstein was growing up in Randolph, Massachusetts, her father had very specific rules about lawn care: 15 minutes of weeding, every evening, before dinner. “We had to do it,” says Grebstein, 53, now the chief marketing officer at Lowe’s, which is the biggest seller of lawn care products in the U.S. “He had this idea of a perfect lawn.

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  • Media deals that should happen in 2017

    OK, so maybe 2016 wasn’t the “bloodbath” that Vice pichman/CEO Shane Smith predicted. But it did have its share of big deals, chief among them Verizon’s gobbling up of AOL. We asked industry insiders for their takes on the deals that absolutely should happen in the next 12 months. These aren’t predictions that they will happen; in fact, they’re so logical that they probably won’t.

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  • Year in Preview: Hello, zero-margin agency

    When the CMO of McDonald’s, Deborah Wahl, announced DDB as its new agency, she was excited: “This agency of the future really has digital and data at heart,” she said in an interview in August. That’s great. But the agency of the future may also be dirt poor: McDonald’s required DDB sign a zero-margin contract for the $1 billion account.

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