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  • FCB’s holiday-party email to staff: Stupid Fun vs. Responsible Fun

    Every industry is being rocked by allegations of sexual misconduct. Agencies aren’t immune. As The Wall Street Journal previously reported, IPG-owned FCB Worldwide sent a memo to its 2,000-plus employees in North America last week that detailed exactly how they should act at parties during the holidays. Titled “Holiday Reminder: Stupid Fun vs. R ...

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  • How Facebook is pitching Watch to advertisers

    Facebook is out shopping Watch to advertisers and their agency ad buyers by pitching it as a way to get the most of their current Facebook spend. According to six agency ad buyers interviewed for this article, Facebook Watch, which only offers mid-roll programmatic ad breaks and is now starting to test pre-roll ads, is being sold the way Instagram or Facebook Audience Network ...

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  • Cheatsheet: Everything you need to know about Amazon Advertising

    Amazon Advertising has grown up this year, a function of the company’s growing investment in its $1 billion-plus offering, but also increased attention from agencies and brands. We break down how the offering stands. Amazon Marketing Services Offers self-serve, DIY, paid search media. Brands can have ads appear in headline search and product listings ads.

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  • Confessions of an agency millennial: ‘Nobody wants to help each other’

    Agencies are in a tough spot: As supposed stewards of a client’s business, but also wholly beholden to that client, they often find that it’s easier to say yes to bad decisions than say no. Add in the confusion of digital media, and that happens more often. In this edition of Confessions, we spoke to a young agency employee at a digital and media agency. Edited highlights appear below.

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  • Cheatsheet: What you need to know about influencer fraud

    Influencer marketing fraud is a growing problem in an industry valued at over $1 billion. Influencers — essentially social media stars with large followings — are attractive to marketers for the notion they’re more “authentic” than regular ad buys. But some of that authenticity is fake, whether it’s using so-called Instagram pods, bots or buying followers, and many marketers ar ...

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  • Inside Walmart’s advertising blitz

    Walmart is making a push to grow its advertising by positioning itself as a media platform. Walmart’s pitch is that it controls transaction data from customers, which can help brands retarget consumers off, according to executives familiar with the matter. The big differentiator being pitched is Walmart’s brick-and-mortar locations — fulfilling a big promise of ret ...

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  • Amazon now has a $1 billion ad business

    Amazon is making good on its promise to eat advertising. In its third-quarter earnings report today, the e-commerce giant said it saw “other” revenue, which is mostly composed of ad sales (and to a much smaller extent, its credit card business), grow 58 percent year over year to $1.12 billion. That’s a slight increase from the growth rate in the prior second quarter, when it g ...

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  • Agencies are feeling the Harvey Weinstein effect

    At a recent internal discussion hosted by a major agency holding company, women decided to start the conversation — meant to be about diversity in the industry — by sharing their stories of being sexually harassed at work. One by one, each gave what they called their “me too” moments. Then, one of the executives in the room stood up and said, “Thank you for sharing these stories.

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  • is launching a self-serve platform for brands

    Furniture retailer is planning to open up self-service ad options to furniture brands to bid on ad placements on Overstock’s site. The idea is to ramp up Overstock revenue from marketing and advertising, a high-margin way to make some money on the side. Overstock will now offer multiple types of advertisements to brands.

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  • Outsourcing giant Wipro has a $450 million agency

    Count one more new agency entrant that can boast serious scale. Over the last few years, Wipro, the software and outsourcing giant based out of India, has slowly put muscle behind Wipro Digital, its agency and design services arm. Last week, it announced the acquisition of design agency Cooper, enhancing the agency services capabilities it started building with the 2015 acquis ...

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  • The Rundown: Amazon runs up against a culture wall

    Amazon is making serious moves in advertising — that much is clear. Its latest move is the announcement of 2,000 more jobs, mostly in the ad team, in New York City, a clear sign of how much it needs to cozy up to Madison Avenue executives. There’s no doubt Amazon has the goods: It has the data, the targeting and has serious muscle in the attribution sphere, all of which oste ...

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