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  • Girls’ Lounge at Cannes: Real empowerment or lip service?

    Last week, an invite landed in email inboxes promoting a place for women to mingle, learn styling tips, reserve hair and makeup appointments and get confidence coaching. No, the email wasn’t promoting a fashion magazine festival. It was a reminder that this year at the ad industry’s biggest annual event, the Cannes Lions, the de facto hub for conversations addressing gender in ...

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  • Starting out with David Baldwin: ‘It’s been a magic carpet ride’

    Baldwin& co-founder David Baldwin is a veteran of the ad business. Before founding his own agency in Raleigh, North Carolina, during the economic recession, Baldwin spent time at some of the most well-known New York shops of the 1980s and 1990s. Here, he shares his story of how he broke into the industry. I grew up in advertising. My mother was a media director.

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  • Cannes Briefing: Late capitalism on the Riviera

    In retrospect, maybe Cannes started to decline when that couple had sex on the red carpet two years ago. At the time, it was a symbol of how Cannes had grown into something of a bacchanalia. But looking back, that was probably peak Cannes. Cannes started as a way to laud advertising creatives, and it has now turned into a celebration of late capitalism.

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  • Cheatsheet: How brands can work with influencers

    As influencer marketing has grown, it’s gone way beyond a one-note business transaction between advertisers and a so-called social star. Between agents, platforms and the rise of self-serve, how brands work with influencers has turned into a complex undertaking. Here, we break down all the ways they do it.

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  • Nike’s frenemy approach to Amazon is a harbinger of things to come

    Amazon presents a conundrum for retailers. It can crush retailers — but it can also bolster them. On Wednesday, sources told Bloomberg News that Amazon will begin selling Nike through its brand registry program, following a Goldman Sachs analyst note that said Nike is “close” to selling directly on

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  • The ultimate industry connector, MediaLink wants to get deeper

    A longtime ad sales chief, who has made several pilgrimages to Cannes Lions, is reliant on MediaLink to set much of his itinerary for a week of meetings and parties along La Croisette. He estimates that more than half of the meetings he has taken in Cannes over the years were coordinated by MediaLink, the consulting firm founded by ad industry veteran Michael Kassan in 2003 tha ...

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  • Influencer marketing is becoming more standardized

    Influencer marketing sprang from the idea that social platform stars with loyal followings would be able to market more effectively to their fans. But now, like all marketing, the area is becoming more standardized. Brands are taking advantage of a growing number of self-serve ad tools in the market.

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  • How YouTube handled its brand-safety crisis

    In mid-March, a series of reports revealed that ads from reputable brands had been cropping up on videos from the likes of white nationalists and hate preachers. Almost overnight, hundreds of companies ranging from L’Oréal to Verizon suspended their YouTube buys. And just last week, The Times of London reported that recent U.K. election ads had appeared on videos from Islamic extremists.

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  • The age of the woke CMO

    There is a new breed of marketer stalking the halls of companies these days. The once-timid, always-playing-it-safe marketer has become the corporate face of the Trump resistance — and has warmed to getting involved in fraught political waters. On Monday, JPMorgan Chase CMO Kristin Lemkau tweeted about NBC host Megyn Kelly’s tweet promoting her upcoming Sunday interview with r ...

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  • Snapchat vs. Instagram: What marketers need to know

    As Instagram’s Stories product creating huge competition to Snapchat, brands and advertisers are trying to figure out which works best. Here’s a cheat sheet stacking up the two platforms. Users Instagram monthly active users: 700 million; daily active users at 400 million Facebook’s me-too strategy seems to be working, at least in the short run.

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  • How the Media Ratings Council became digital media’s seal of approval

    Innovid gets its metrics approved every year by the Media Ratings Council. But when the video advertising platform that powers digital ads from major brands like Unilever and Samsung passed its yearly audit in February, it was actually asked about it by clients. Tal Chalozin, Innovid’s co-founder and CTO, said the question of MRC approval has been asked more than ever by the br ...

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  • For retailers, Amazon is a true frenemy

    Amazon has big advertising ambitions. As buyers and brands both start to see the company as a potentially dominant player that may change the Google-Facebook duopoly into a triopoly, concerns remain about what retailers describe as a two-way relationship. “They buy from us, but they want to sell advertising to us as well,” said one brand marketer.

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  • Fearing brand safety turmoil, marketers are whitelisting influencers

    Whitelists have become of interest for brands looking to make sure their ads only appear in pre-approved places. Instead of blacklists, which can end up being a game of whack-a-mole, whitelists, while less scaleable and more expensive, can actually provide a better guarantee of not having an ad next to porn content — or worse.

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  • Confessions of an agency veteran: ‘We’re bred to compete, not collaborate’

    Digital media has increased the pressures of the agency business, so much so that it’s become close to impossible to do great work. In this edition of Confessions, in which we grant anonymity for honesty, a veteran agency employee tells us about how the game has changed — and how that’s affected the internal culture inside agencies. Answers have been edited for clarity.

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