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  • Bluetooth parkas: Why PepsiCo is making wearable tech

    In early November, streetwear brand VFiles launched Camo Out, a camouflage clothing collection that doubled as wearable tech. First premiering at the brand’s New York Fashion Week showcase in September, the collection also was part of a larger “The Camo Collective” experience at ComplexCon, the media brand’s annual culture festival in Long Beach, California.

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  • Overmonetized influencers and pesky millennials: What brands are worried about right now

    Brands of all sizes are attending the Digiday Brand Summit this week in Park City, Utah. It’s not often this happens, so we asked them to “map out” what was really on their minds when it came to challenges in the brand marketing space. We took each individual mind maps and created one giant composite chart to try and envision what really is occupying the headspace of top brands right now.

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  • Agency millennials on thorny diversity issues that remain

    Certain problems are known knowns in the agency world. Take, for example, sexism and a lack of racial diversity, both of which get plenty of lip service. What’s less well known is how it feels to be on the inside, down in the trenches. When the conversation does get airtime, it’s usually driven from the executive level, and often joined by people who no longer even work inside agencies.

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  • 5 charts showing why Cyber Monday is doomed

    Cyber Monday, the awkwardly named cousin of Black Friday, is fading into oblivion. R.I.P. Cyber Monday, invented by the National Retail Federation in 2005, was meant to get e-commerce into the frenzy of shopping activity that’s traditionally marked the start of the holiday shopping season on Black Friday.

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  • ‘It can’t be optimized’: Agency buyers see comScore’s value diminishing

    It’s a tale as old as digital media: Publishers don’t like comScore traffic metrics. Most of the time, comScore traffic is lower than publishers’ own internal metrics. Some call it the comScore haircut. Now, for buyers, who have more tools available than before and have more digital media buys designed for direct-response, its value as a way to decide what websites to spend mo ...

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  • In response to complaints, some brands are pulling ads placed on Breitbart

    Brands and the agencies that work for them are caught in a tough place when it comes to ads on so-called alt-right websites like Breitbart, which have regularly published articles that stoke nationalist, racist and anti-Semitic sentiments. Thanks mostly to programmatic advertising, plenty of brands advertise on Breitbart, with advertising appearing next to stories like “Bill K ...

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  • Caught in the Trump maelstrom, New Balance turns to damage control

    New Balance is learning exactly how fast it can backpedal. Ever since customers called for a boycott after the company’s vp of communications said it looked forward to working with President-Elect Trump — and a Neo-Nazi blogger called the shoes “the official shoes of white people” — the Boston-based shoe company has been doing damage control.

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  • McDonald’s is using a new McRib Locator app to inform future marketing

    Every year, McDonald’s releases the McRib sandwich. A limited-time offer, the menu item is only available for a few weeks, leading legions of McDonald’s fans to try and figure out which restaurants are carrying it and how many they have left. For the last few years, fan-created McRib locators have popped up on the internet.

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  • Canada woos the Trump-wary on The New York Times homepage

    Destination Canada — Canada’s tourism board — has capitalized on reactions to the Donald Trump presidency with a timely banner ad buy on the New York Times website Monday. The New York Times’ homepage ad The ad says “It’s all found in Canada,” and it appears right above headlines about Trump appointing GOP chairman Rance Priebus as chief of staff and Breitbart leader Steve Bann ...

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  • ‘Black hole of nothingness’: Metrics concerns dog Snapchat’s ad expansion

    As Snapchat tries to reach the top tier of platforms, it is grappling with convincing brands of its virtues. Multiple brand execs have told Digiday that the hardest thing to swallow about Snapchat currently is that in a marketing landscape obsessed, ostensibly, with measurement and transparency, Snapchat worries them because it doesn’t provide the kind of metrics platforms lik ...

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  • Facebook’s rapture: A bug is saying perfectly healthy people are dead

    Facebook is “killing off people” A widespread bug on Facebook was listing perfectly living people as dead on Friday, marking their timelines with a note in memoriam. All over Twitter, people are reporting getting a banner on top of their profiles that indicate that the profile is memorialized: It says its to remember the profile-owner.

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  • The winners and losers of brands’ Election Day tweets

    This election may have been anything but predictable. Fortunately for those seeking solace in the foreseeable, brands have been up to their creaky old tricks. On Election Day in the United States, millions of citizens turned out to vote. And seemingly just as many social media managers logged in to practice their patriotic brand duty — er, put out some tweets. Here are the winners and losers.

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  • Paltry pay at agencies leads to moonlighting millennials

    In May, Derrell Smith, an associate producer at R/GA, won a meatball-making competition. That success inspired him to launch 99 Meatballs, a pop-up meatball shop that serves limited-edition meatballs. (The project is inspired in equal parts by retro Air Jordan sneaker releases and Smith’s grandmother’s recipe.

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  • Hollywood Life’s Bonnie Fuller on life after magazines

    Fuller: Livin’ that Hollywood Life It’s been a while since we heard from Bonnie Fuller. The media veteran has spent the bulk of her career as an editor-in-chief at a stable of major magazines, from YM to Cosmopolitan to Glamour to US Weekly. Once called the “Joel Schumacher of editing,” Fuller jumped ship from a high profile (and reportedly quite lucrative) post as editorial dir ...

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  • Diversity and client education: Where agencies should invest their resources

    Agencies have a resources problem. Employees are being asked to do more with less time and less money. Clients demand more work, created for more platforms and need more KPIs and metrics to prove performance. At the same time, fees get squeezed. Put together, there is a considerable resource crunch when it comes to dollars, as well as people — and figuring out where to actually ...

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