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  • Report: Brands are falling for fake Instagram influencers

    Fraud is becoming a real problem in influencer marketing, an industry that is valued at over $1 billion. One way fraud often appears is through bots. As brands and agencies focus on “micro-influencers,” those with followers under 100,000, those same influencers are also likelier to turn to bot followers to inflate authenticity.

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  • Virtual reality ads are still more hype than reality

    Any medium is an advertising medium, so the industry is now waking up to the prospect of advertising in virtual reality. A growing number of experimental technologies are trying to place advertising in VR, a technology that still lags behind augmented reality (think Pokémon Go) and mixed reality (a 3D version of AR).

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  • Announcing the Digiday AI Marketing summit

    At Digiday, our mission is to chronicle the biggest changes in media and marketing. Perhaps no emerging technology is going to be as momentous as artificial intelligence. For example, take Albert, an artificial intelligence platform created by AI company Adgorithms that has, for the last year, done all the media planning and buying for Dole’s Asia arm.

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  • The reverse Vice: Why agencies are becoming media companies

    In late June, a bright, neon yellow digital billboard appeared on 33rd Street and Seventh Avenue in New York, right outside Madison Square Garden. It read “Don’t Trade Porzingis,” beseeching then-Knicks president Phil Jackson to keep the Latvian basketball player at all costs. “We’re not affiliated with Porzingis. We just want him to stay,” the billboard read in smaller letters.

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  • ‘We’re in an influencer bubble’: A Digiday+ town hall with Ian Schafer

    Ian Schafer, chief experience officer at Engine and the founder of Deep Focus, joined us on Thursday for a town hall on Slack. We discussed influencers, new agency models and why Amazon may one day rule everything. We hold Slack town halls every two weeks, and in between, we’ll have editorial chats and group discussions on industry topics. Become a member of Digiday+ and join us.

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  • Ad buyers see promise in Snapchat shows, grumble at prices

    In March, Digiday reported Snap was talking up a “Snapchat Shows Initiative” to agencies, an effort to bring more exclusive, TV-style programming to Discover. It’s gotten a warm welcome from video production partners like A+E Networks, NBCUniversal and Elisabeth Murdoch’s Vertical Networks. For buyers, it’s still a wait-and-see game.

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  • How blockchain is used in media and advertising

    It suddenly feels like blockchain is everywhere — and that includes media and advertising. Here’s what to know. What it is Blockchain is the technology that underpins cryptocurrencies like bitcoin; it’s essentially a massive Excel sheet that operates in a decentralized network format. That means that the data can have large amounts of information that can be transmitted and a ...

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  • Get your fake Yeezys: Counterfeit ads are all over Instagram

    The Digiday Content Marketing Summit is coming up next month in Vail, Colorado, and we’re opening up a limited number of complimentary passes for content marketers from brands. Interested? Apply here. Long gone are the days when Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom vetted every ad on the platform. Now, ads for fake shoes, clothes, electronics and even real estate are proliferating on Instagram.

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  • ‘Elephant in the room’: Agencies are rolling out Amazon service units

    No less an authority than WPP Group chief Martin Sorrell has christened Amazon as the “elephant in the room.” And that means there’s a perfect opportunity for agencies to roll out Amazon-focused services to clients. The most recent one was a collaboration between WPP’s Possible and Mindshare, which two weeks ago said they would work together to create an Amazon services partne ...

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  • Confessions of a new mother in an ad agency: ‘It’s all lip service’

    Even as agencies try really hard to course-correct when it comes to diversity and inclusion, many have fallen behind when it comes to working with parents. With parental leave a hot topic across other industries, agency staffers frequently bemoan that agencies haven’t seemed to have caught up: The nature of the business itself makes it near impossible to sustain a job with long ...

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  • Eyes wide shut: Marketers need to fix digital media

    Marketers often play the role of the disappointed parent when it comes to digital media. They see so much potential in it, only to be let down by its recurring issues of fraud, lack of transparency and bad ads. Now, more than ever, it’s become clear that for real change to happen in digital media, marketers will need to take responsibility for their role in creating problems, ...

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  • What is Marcel? The ad industry is baffled over Publicis’ grand AI scheme

    It has been just over week since Publicis Groupe CEO Arthur Sadoun announced that Publicis would scrap awards shows to focus its energy and investment over the next year on creating Marcel, an “AI platform” that — well, that’s kind of all the information we’ve got. Here’s how it’s described in the launch video: “The first-ever professional assistant that uses AI and machine- ...

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  • The definitive oral history of Burger King’s Whopper Sacrifice

    In 2009, Crispin Porter + Bogusky and Burger King were on a high. In answer to a brief to show people demonstrating their love for the Whopper on the burger’s 50th anniversary, two zany campaigns had pushed the envelope and broken online records: Whopper Freakout (which secretly taped people after telling them the Whopper was off the menu) and Whopper Virgins (which took a crew ...

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  • Retailers chafe at Amazon’s tight hold on data

    The Digiday Retail Summit is coming up at the end of July and we just opened up a few complimentary passes for brand and retail executives. Interested? Apply here. With spending on Amazon accounting for 43 percent of all the online revenue in the U.S. last year, the choice for brands is no longer whether they work with Amazon — it’s how they do it.

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  • Scenes of paralysis: WPP employees draw, play board games in wake of cyberattack

    As a massive cyber attack roiled several agency’s across WPP’s network Tuesday morning, paralysis seemed to grip many offices in the network. All WPP offices around the world currently have no access to internal Wi-Fi and there are email outages across the system. (The attack is reportedly a ransomware attack that hit companies including WPP, Maersk, Mondelez and some banks in Ukraine.

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