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  • is launching a self-serve platform for brands

    Furniture retailer is planning to open up self-service ad options to furniture brands to bid on ad placements on Overstock’s site. The idea is to ramp up Overstock revenue from marketing and advertising, a high-margin way to make some money on the side. Overstock will now offer multiple types of advertisements to brands.

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  • Outsourcing giant Wipro has a $450 million agency

    Count one more new agency entrant that can boast serious scale. Over the last few years, Wipro, the software and outsourcing giant based out of India, has slowly put muscle behind Wipro Digital, its agency and design services arm. Last week, it announced the acquisition of design agency Cooper, enhancing the agency services capabilities it started building with the 2015 acquis ...

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  • The Rundown: Amazon runs up against a culture wall

    Amazon is making serious moves in advertising — that much is clear. Its latest move is the announcement of 2,000 more jobs, mostly in the ad team, in New York City, a clear sign of how much it needs to cozy up to Madison Avenue executives. There’s no doubt Amazon has the goods: It has the data, the targeting and has serious muscle in the attribution sphere, all of which oste ...

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  • Why Instagram and Facebook cross-post case studies

    The Digiday Agency Summit is coming up, and we just opened up a few complimentary spots for qualified agency execs to attend. Want to join us? Apply here. Facebook and Instagram are pitching themselves to buyers as a cross-platform play, if their recent case studies are anything to go by. An increasing number of case studies on Instagram include numbers gleaned from Facebook campaigns.

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  • Advertising has a ‘Fearless Girl’ problem

    Perhaps there is no better image of the extreme awkwardness facing the advertising industry currently than this: Arvind Raman, senior brand journalist for McCann Worldgroup, proudly showing his agency’s work, “Fearless Girl,” to a room full of brands and agencies at the ANA confab in Orlando, Florida, on Oct. 4.

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  • How Amazon is readying its blitz on the ad industry

    Amazon continues to make serious inroads into the advertising business. Its latest move: a new office in Manhattan that it says will bring 2,000 jobs, mostly in advertising, to the city — and closer to Madison Avenue. Multiple media agency executives in New York said they’ve been hearing more from Amazon reps who are trying to sell them and their clients on Amazon advertising.

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  • The Brand Lie: How Tina Sharkey wants to shake up CPG

    Tina Sharkey thinks people are being ripped off. They pay extra for basic goods like toilet paper and toothpaste on the back of billions in marketing and brand building by the likes of P&G and Unilever. The extra margins charged thanks to branding amount to a tax on people. It’s why she’s even trademarked the term “BrandTax” and put it at the center of the, yes, marketing f ...

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  • How the CMO became a politician

    Thanks to the disappointments of digital media, CMOs are starting to sound a lot more political. Part of it is down to how complicated the marketing world has gotten. The average brand chief no longer just has his or her boss to appease. Whether it’s creating a hardline on platform verification or figuring out on what channels to spend money, CMOs now have other constituents, ...

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  • Digiday Research: Marketers lack confidence in their data-driven approaches

    Turns out for all their talk of data-driven marketing, executives at brands are feeling a crisis of confidence when it comes to the data they collect and whether they’re even using it right. That’s the big takeaway from original research conducted by Digiday in September, when executives from brands joined us in New York for a one-day event to figure out the future of data-driven marketing.

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  • Advertising Week Briefing: Scale is a dirty word

    You made it. It’s the final day of Advertising Week, which runs only for four days, because life is a rich tapestry. Here’s what you need to know. The seven stages of Advertising Week Scale is a dirty word Chasing big audiences used to be the be-all, end-all. Now, scale has become a dirty word, associated with ad fraud, flyby traffic and clickbait.

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  • Advertising Week Briefing: AI is everywhere and nowhere

    Congrats. You made it through Day One of Advertising Week. This time, don’t forget your phone charger. Here’s what you need to know about the event so far — and what’s coming up. Artificial turf Depending on whom you ask, artificial intelligence will either save us or enslave us. Some of those people will tell you that artificial intelligence is here and now; others will say ...

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  • Why Amazon is set to change advertising as we know it

    When it comes to threats to advertising, Martin Sorrell is a keen student. He quickly identified Google as a frenemy during its rise. And now, it’s Amazon that’s keeping him up at night. The reason: Amazon boasts a gigantic pool of data, not just likes and habits, but actual purchases. It could position its ad platform to be the arbiter of what ads work in actually driving peo ...

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  • How Equinox uses its mobile app to collect customer data

    For upscale gym brand Equinox, a mobile app is more than a service to customers; it’s a way to collect valuable data. Over the last year, the brand, which has 89 clubs in 12 different regions, has focused on bringing in as much data as possible from members and then targeting it across geographies, interest levels and more.

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  • Amazon reviews have a bot problem

    Bot reviews continue to be a growing concern for retailers and brands selling on Amazon. Multiple small companies report they’re seeing one-star reviews of unverified purchases on their pages that are written with bad grammar, coupled with remarks like, “Great product satisfaction guaranteed.” The problem seems to run across both the first-party and third-party sellers on the platform.

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  • End of an era: Amazon’s 1-click buying patent finally expires

    Get your pointer fingers ready: Amazon’s one-click buying process, patented by the Seattle-based company back in the heady days of 1999, expired on Tuesday. And retailers, which until now have either had to not use one-click buying or pay Amazon licensing fees to do so, might be looking to capitalize.

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