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  • #TheHustler: How Gary Vee became the ad industry’s lightning rod

    GE bigwigs Beth Comstock and Linda Boff had just finished a two-hour breakfast with Gary Vaynerchuk at SXSW in 2012 when they saw Vaynerchuk tweet about a party he was throwing. When they showed up, people were already lined up around the block. There was a DJ, and people were dancing while Vaynerchuk held court, pouring wine for guests.

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  • OH at the Digiday Brand Summit: ‘We have a power struggle’

    This week, in Charleston, South Carolina, Digiday gathered together executives from top brands to discuss the challenges they face in building brands in a new digital age. We held meetings — to address internal issues, platform relationships, agencies and measurement — under Chatham House rules, agreeing that all discussions be on the record, only without attribution of names and companies.

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  • Digiday research: Agencies worry about stretched payment terms

    Last month, we gathered some of the agency industry’s biggest names in Nashville, Tennessee, for the Digiday Agency Summit, where they discussed the gripes, challenges and opportunities for the advertising agency industry. We surveyed them to get a pulse of the industry. Here’s what we found. Strategy talent is in high demand Agencies are certainly more focused on strategy, a ...

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  • Publisher gripe: Agencies treat us like banks with crazy payment terms

    Business can sometimes be a game of each company putting off paying the other company. Cash flow rules everything. But lately, hard-hit publishers have had enough with agencies extending payment terms even well after they’ve been paid by their clients. Agencies then use the money as float, according to multiple publishers and agencies interviewed by Digiday.

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  • Ask a Millennial: Where do you (and your agency) stand on working from home?

    Along with unlimited vacation and PowerPoint slides, perhaps no agency office culture issue is as hot button as working from home. Inside agencies, where people have been brought up in a “face time” culture, the idea of working from home may seem anathema to purists. But it’s certainly a trend — one agency, the Goodway Group, has no office at all, with 400 employees all working ...

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  • ‘Most people hate ads’: Confessions of a disillusioned agency strategist

    Fraud in advertising is real. For a long time, agencies have been staffed by people that are often just in it to prove they know what they’re talking about. There are few divisions where that’s more apparent than in the strategy department. Strategists have long occupied a tenuous role inside agencies: Theoretically, they’re supposed to help clients tie back creative to long-te ...

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  • Confessions of a finance-company CMO: ‘Social is a fraud’

    Marketers can often feel like they’re toiling in a fog of metrics and data. In this edition of Confessions, we spoke to the head of marketing at a major financial services company about how this atmosphere creates frauds and fear of missing out that is driving many major decisions. Answers have been lightly edited for clarity.

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  • What it’s like to be an ad agency Republican in the Trump era

    On Jan. 20, a group of people huddled around a screen in a small office inside an advertising agency, cheering and clapping (quietly) as Donald Trump was sworn in as President of the United States. Outside, most of the agency’s employees went home, in tears, or sat around at their desks talking about what was happening in hushed, funereal tones.

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  • ‘Bullshit can work’: Advertising’s real fraud problem

    Advertising has a fraud problem, but it’s not the one with bots and non-viewable impressions. Talk to anyone in the industry long enough and they’ll tell you about creative director who spends all day on Reddit, the strategist who speaks at conferences non-stop, and the creative chief who spends all his time judging awards in far-flung locations.

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  • Drop it like it’s bot: Brands have cooled on chatbots

    What goes up must come down. Just this week, Facebook said it was “refocusing” its use of AI after its bots hit a failure rate of 70 percent, meaning bots could only get to 30 percent of requests without some sort of human intervention. Many brands had already begun dropping their bots, saying that they didn’t do what they were supposed to.

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  • Inside Accenture’s plans for agency dominance

    Watch out, agencies, the consulting firms are coming. Accenture Interactive, the agency inside consulting giant Accenture, is on a growth tear, snapping up agencies and opening offices. AI has grown double digits in the last year — it has over 13,000 employees globally and has increased both capabilities and where it has offices.

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