Shari Thurow

  • Website Taxonomy Guidelines And Tips: How Best To Organize Your Site

    Let’s play a word association game. Before we begin, clear your thoughts. Try to stay focused on this game only. Are you ready? What comes to mind when I say and write the word taxonomy? As mental models differ from person to person, I am reasonably sure that I will get many different answers. Information architects have word and image associations with the word taxonomy th ...

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  • Web Searcher Experience: Is Delight Overrated?

    Delight is a word that I often hear to describe pleasurable moments in our experiences with websites and applications. These delightful interactions can make an experience with a website more fun and engaging. Providing delightful elements on a site can also be a powerful way to encourage site visitors to empathize with your company, organization or brand.

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  • User Experience Smackdown: Usability Testing Vs. User Testing

    Throughout my user experience (UX) career, I have encountered many people who honestly, truly believe that their company conducts usability tests on a regular basis. But when I probe for details, I quickly learn the truth. For example, I was hired to produce wireframes and advanced prototypes for the health section of a major brand’s website.

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  • User Experience Myth Or Truth: The Three-Click (Or Tap) Rule

    As a web professional, I believe in ongoing education and training. I attend industry conferences, webinars, and other events on the topics of usability, web design and development, information architecture, and even search, to ensure that I thoroughly understand fundamentals. I also like to learn the latest-and-greatest techniques for future usability testing.

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  • Calculating The Risk Of Search Engine Spam

    Every year, I donate my time and expertise to a worthy cause. This year, my worthy cause was helping a small company get a Google spam penalty lifted from its website. The reason I wanted to help? The Google penalty happened over a year ago. The small company cleaned up the spam mess that over three search engine optimization (SEO) firms created for it, including (but not li ...

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  • Think Breadcrumb Links Aren’t Good For User Experience? Yes, They Are!

    Peter Morville’s Facets of the User Experience (UX). Used with permission. “Breadcrumb links are not good for the user experience!” proclaim members of the website design/development team from a colleague’s company, with arms folded and glares that might melt a few icebergs. I admit that situations like this one are difficult, because: (A) the design/development team is cl ...

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