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  • Affiliate Summit West 2018 Will be January 7-9 in Las Vegas

    Save the date – Affiliate Summit West 2018 will be in Las Vegas on January 7-9, 2018. We went through the feedback from this past January, and the majority of people wanted to return to the Paris Las Vegas Hotel, so we will be going back there. Hotel rooms at the special Affiliate Summit group rate and registration for attendees, booths, tables, and sponsorships will open in the near future.

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  • This is How I Podcast

    I have been podcasting on and off for a decade, and I’ve used many different tools over time. This is what I am using now. My podcasting process is bare bones – I record in one take and do minimal editing for my current podcast, This is Affiliate Marketing. The format is a six question interview that runs 10-15 minutes, where I dig into social media accounts for my upcoming guests.

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  • JB Glossinger to Keynote Affiliate Summit East 2017

    JB Glossinger, Founder of, will be a keynote speaker at Affiliate Summit East 2017 on Tuesday, August 1, 2017 at the New York Marriott Marquis. JB Glossinger, MBA, Ph.D., is a self-described “archaeologist of life,” who has studied human potential, performance, and happiness for over 30 years.

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  • The Affiliate Marketing Cowboy

    The affiliate marketer is a unique animal. It takes all kinds and there are many paths of an affiliate. We’ve got those focused on blogs, mobile, PPC, content sites, video, SEO, coupons, email, and any number of other methods to do it. Some wear a white hat. Others wear a black hat. We’re all working the frontier together and apart for some sort of common goal… starting up a ...

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  • 3 Business Benefits for Mediocre Athletes

    I played all sorts of sports from first grade through the end of high school. There was a single season flameout with t-ball, and a bunch of lost winters with a basketball, but I mostly played soccer. Spring and fall, year after year, and I spent time at just about every position, except goalie. A lot of this was with my local boys and girls club, where I did well, and I spe ...

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  • Submit Your Affiliate Summit East 2017 Speaking Proposal

    Speaking proposals for Affiliate Summit East 2017, taking place July 30 – August 1, 2017 in New York City, are now being accepted. The submission deadline is Friday, March 24, 2017. The speaker submissions are chosen based on the following: Public voting scores and comments. Voting scores and comments by the Affiliate Summit Advisory Board (including Affiliate Summit ...

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  • Video of Marty Weintraub Keynote at Affiliate Summit West 2017

    Marty Weintraub, Founder of Aimclear, gave a keynote presentation at Affiliate Summit West 2017. The keynote from Marty Weintraub took place January 16, 2017 at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. Shawn Collins and Missy Ward, founded Affiliate Summit in 2003 for the purpose of providing educational sessions on the latest industry issues and fostering a productive n ...

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  • How to Achieve Inbox Zero

    Email can be a productivity killer, but that’s only if you let it. The physical inbox is sort of an archaic notion these days, but if ever worked in an office, you’ve probably seen somebody who had one that was piled high. An inbox filled with all sorts of folders, memos, clippings, and other garbage that they were never going to clean out.

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  • Many Booths and Tables for Affiliate Summit East 2017 Sold Already

    We opened registration for Affiliate Summit East 2017 Meet Market tables and booths a few weeks ago, and about half of the tables and booths are already booked. The conference is taking place July 30 – August 1, 2017 at the New York Marriott Marquis in New York, NY. Details and pricing are available at the Affiliate Summit East 2017 exhibitors page. Prices go up after February 17, 2017.

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  • Recap of Affiliate Summit West 2017

    Affiliate Summit West 2017, which took place January 15-17, 2017 at Paris Las Vegas Hotel, has come and gone. It was a fantastic bunch of days of networking, learning, and friends with the awesome backdrop of Las Vegas. I was chronicling the before, during, and after of Affiliate Summit on Instagram, and here’s how my iPhone said it all went down.

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  • Jeannine Crooks on Denver Sports, Prague, and the USPS

    Jeannine Crooks, Client Services Manager of Affiliate Window US, joined me to chat on my podcast, This is Affiliate Marketing with Shawn Collins. I wanted to learn more about the real Jeannine, so I asked her a variety of questions I figured she had not been asked in previous interviews. Jeannine Crooks on Denver Sports, Prague, and the USPS.

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  • Network Before Affiliate Summit West 2017

    Hopefully, you’ve already been scheduling meetings for Affiliate Summit West 2017. If not, get moving on that now. The Affiliate Summit West 2017 networking site, powered by Pathable, will help you network with other attendees. This tool will enable you to view the profiles and interests of the other attendees; discover which of your contacts from Facebook, Twitter, and Link ...

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