• 5 Tips That Can Help Save Unnecessary Business Costs

    Want to save on unnecessary business costs? Then consider these five top tips for reducing your expenditure, from paperless offices to embracing online marketing, from reviewing the software you use to considering your insurance needs. Follow these tips to save your business pennies and pounds. 1) Create a paperless office Make yours a paperless office, and you’ll soon save o ...

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  • Integrating Social Media Into Your Business Website

    Social media is very important to small businesses. Not only should your business have social media accounts but also your website needs to be connected to social media. There are many different things that you should be doing to ensure that your website is integrated with social media to allow your visitors to share your information and find your website more interesting and valuable.

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  • Contentmart – How They Zoomed To 20,000 Satisfied Customers

    This is a sponsored post by Contentmart. The one common strand that beautifully binds the virtual world is content. Otherwise, how would you build a connection with a large number of people without a voice as the source? In such conditions, content becomes the only and the most effective way of communication.

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  • Making the Most of Your Project Management System

    Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at So your company decided to spend for a project management do you know that you chose the right project management system? How do you make sure that you are getting the most of this investment in software? This post will offer pointers for the pre-purchase and post-purchase scenarios.

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  • What Is The Optimal Level Of Debt For Your Small Business?

    Small businesses and solo entrepreneurs aren’t afraid to borrow. With interest rates at record lows it makes sense to fund your business with a little bit of credit. Borrowing money to expand the business can genuinely boost the returns on your investment and let you keep 100% control of the firm.

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  • How to Make Sure Your Website is Ready: A Prelaunch Checklist

    There are countless factors to consider when building a website – the layout needs to be just so, the copy impeccable and all the technical building blocks in place. The success of your online project depends on how well all the separate elements come together, so covering all bases is a must. Indeed, getting it right is an ongoing process and requires continuous maintenance.

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  • How To Stay Healthy Without Risking Your Health

    Often, in pursuit of wealth and success, we become overextended entrepreneurs and work long hours, don’t move enough, accumulate too much stress, and then have a health crisis serve as a wake-up call. Sometimes, too, we neglect our health because of a hectic, stressful, or self-indulgent lifestyle.

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  • Business Opportunities for Budding Entrepreneurs in Singapore

    Are you eager to begin a new business? You may be surprised to discover that Singapore is a fantastic place to establish yourself – the best in the world. Beginning a new life there is a great option, and a visa for entrepreneurs is something that can be acquired relatively easily if you meet the requirements.

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  • Making the Most of Personal Finances as a Professional Blogger

    Being a professional blogger has its advantages and disadvantages. On the Pros side, we’ve got Freedom of schedule, working for yourself, endless opportunities to expand into new online territory, few necessary business expenses. On the Cons side, it’s challenging to make a lot of money in your first years of blogging, it’s hard to have consistent income sources that last, an ...

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  • Learning How Businessmen Can Deal With Stress More Effectively

    Businessmen deal with stress on a daily basis in their personal and business life. Even though life is stressful, there are solutions to dealing with the problems that go along with it. Most business owners are forced to monitor and manage their business, without assistance from their partner, just like mothers raising children alone.

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  • The Perks of Using Instagram for Business

    Instagram is a social networking app which is similar to popular desktop mediums like Facebook and Twitter. The app has a newsfeed of its won and every user gets their personal account with required privacy settings. This app lays its emphasis on image-based content rather than the regular content. The images can be filtered and enhanced with Instagram’s inbuilt filter features.

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  • Things to Consider Before Starting an eCommerce Business

    Launching an eCommerce businesses can be great way to get your start in business, due in large part, to the low overhead costs. Of course, costs can vary depending on your industry but you will find that an online business is often much easier to manage and will require less startup cash, compared with brick and mortar ventures.

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  • How to Make E-Commerce Work in a Non-Viral Industry

    E-commerce is big business. According to a 2016 report from the US Census Bureau, it is growing steadily in all markets - from manufacturing to retail and wholesale. In fact, e-commerce shipments represented 60.9% of all manufacturing shipments in 2014. What’s the dream of any e-commerce entrepreneur? To see their product go viral.

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  • 5 Tips to Help You Pass the CFA Exam

    Advancing your career in the finance industry is often achieved through certifications, and one of the most difficult to achieve comes in the form of the CFA. Becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst means accessing better jobs, higher earnings, and a level of prestige many finance professionals are apt to acquire.

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  • Accounting Software as a Subset of Enterprise Management

    Balance sheets and profit and loss statements that are generated through traditional double-entry accounting are the only way for company management to determine whether operations are profitable, but those reports have long been shrouded in little-understood processes that result from quarterly or monthly flurries of accounting department activity.

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  • 3 African Entrepreneurs Overcoming the Odds & Helping Others

    Entrepreneurs from 3rd world countries don’t often get enough recognition as they should do. We hear about all the great entrepreneurs from the likes of the US, but what about all the other entrepreneurs across the world, who don’t necessary have access to the same resources as we do? There are plenty of amazing African entrepreneurs, living in very poor countries, who are o ...

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  • How to Create a Cool, Space Saving Office

    You don’t have to be an interior design whizz to create a cool, space saving office. You don’t even have to spend a fortune hiring one either. There are plenty of neat tips and tricks that can help you create a fun, spacious workplace and here we’ll let you in on some of the best and easiest ones you can incorporate today.

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  • A “How To” Guide on Working From Home

    There are dozens of benefits to working from home ? like you might actually get work done during the day instead of being interrupted by that nosy coworker, or you can use your own devices instead of constantly battling the outdated, company-issue computers, or you can work from a jungle paradise in Thailand, a high-tech retreat in Colorado, or a slick city office in Tunisia.

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  • From Blogger to Author: 3 Rules for e-Book Success

    As a blogger, you are always looking for ways to boost your site, whether it’s gaining new followers or enhancing the quality for your existing subscribers. An excellent way to do both at the same time is to create an e-book – and believe it or not, it’s not as daunting as it sounds. A high-quality e-book can add credibility to your blog and set you apart as an expert in your f ...

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  • Where is Your eCommerce Store Failing? 10 Things to Take a Peek at Under the Hood

    Ecommerce is big business, as evidenced by the 69 percent of Americans shopping online today, according to Mintel's Online Shopping Report. However, it takes more than just any website to acquire customers. You must to be sure that the site is easy to use so your customers can find and purchase what they want quickly. If your store is failing, don't despair.

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