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  • Why Email Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

    Whether you’re posting, tweeting, pinning or poking, the tools we use to market have vastly expanded over the years. We can market traditionally, organically, or pay for our leads. However, one method of online marketing (contrary to popular belief) is truly standing the test of time: email marketing.

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  • Older Adults Utilizing Facebook Could Mean Big Changes for Marketing

    Older Adults Utilizing Facebook Could Mean Big Changes for Marketing Once upon a time (a few years ago), young teens were pleading to have a Facebook account and parents were putting their foot down against it. Fast forward to present day, now older adults are friend requesting their children, pushing them to post more pictures and statues so they can stay updated in their lives.

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  • Is Any Marketing, Good Marketing?

    There’s a very common phrase in the PR industry that goes “Any publicity, is good publicity.” This term seems to hold truth considering Miley Cyrus has the reputation of the infamous twerking pop star and Justin Bieber is the notorious troublemaker teen. Their images might not be squeaky clean, but people are talking about them. And that’s the point.

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  • A Fool-Proof Formula for Converting Visitors into Leads

    So, you finally have the website of your dreams, you’ve optimized your content with keywords, and now you’re waiting for all of this hard work to pay-off and the leads to come in! Well…you could be waiting a while. If you’ve ever heard the saying you can’t get by on just looks, it certainly applies here. Simply have a great looking website won’t get you more than a few compliments. 6 readers -