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  • How Airbnb Uses Data Science to Improve Their Product and Marketing

    As well-known as it is today, Airbnb had quaint beginnings. Unable to afford the rent for their San Francisco loft, founders Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia turned their living room into a mini bed and breakfast, hosting three guests from a local sold-out trade show where lodging was scarce. The original design for AirBed and Breakfast provided temporary living quarters, breakfast ...

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  • How to Create Value in Competitive B2B Markets

    When it comes to attracting and retaining B2B customers, the biggest push is on creating value. We know B2B customers buy value – in the form of convenience, simplicity or integration. But what exactly is value and is it something that can be created? Once it is created, can it be maintained or built upon – especially in the face of fierce competition? Let’s take a closer look ...

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  • What Top Companies Know About Analytics (That You Don’t)

    Having the right kind of insights available at the right time is crucial in today’s business. But some brands are taking analytics a step further by not only relying on it to make sound decisions when opportunities present themselves, but making it the absolute core of every impactful business decision. And their analysis isn’t limited to one type of data.

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  • Do Push Notifications Increase Conversion Rates?

    Push notifications are the opt-in of the new generation. But, just like with email – how you use them is vitally important. Done wrong, push notifications can cause users to opt-out, delete an app and spread the word about how annoying and intrusive it is. Done right, however, push opens up a marketing cornucopia that’s close ...

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  • How Much is Bad Data Costing Your Company?

    In a world of big data, bad data is becoming more and more commonplace. Part of the issue is fueled by the technology we use to help manage and organize that data. In our rush to be more on-demand, personalized and data-science-powered, we’ve embraced cloud computing, mobility, social collaboration and enhanced analytics. Every scrap of every shred of customer data is valuable.

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  • Which Lead Generation Tactics Get the Best Results?

    When it comes to lead generation, quality matters over quantity. But by the same token, people don’t like being sold to and they resent the notion that they’re simply “numbers in a database somewhere”. With that in mind, Ascend2 conducted research on the most effective tactics for both lead generation and lead nurturing. What they found out may surprise you.

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  • Which Marketing Channels Deliver the Biggest Impact on ROI?

    A new report released by eConsultancy, in collaboration with Oracle Marketing Cloud, has revealed precisely which channels marketers feel deliver the biggest impacts on their return on investment, and how they bring those priorities to light within their respective teams and companies. If your efforts to squeeze relevance out of marketing initiatives leaves you feeling frustra ...

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  • How to Increase Conversion Rates with Google Shopping Feeds

    If you sell tangible products online, you already know how crucial Google Shopping feeds can be. But did you know that with just a few simple tweaks, you can greatly improve your products’ visibility in shopping feeds and thus get your products viewed (and possibly purchased) by more customers – thereby increasing your conversion rate? And perhaps the best part is that it does ...

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