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  • How to Make Your Marketing Personal (But Not Creepy and Weird)

    Sometimes it’s a struggle for brands to walk that fine line between personal/friendly and creepy/weird. It’s really hard to strike the right balance when it comes to achieving a memorable tone of voice. This is, in part, because you have access to thousands of pieces of information about your customers. You probably know who they are down to the tiniest details of their lives.

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  • 6 Essential Tips to Create More Valuable Content

    Quality content may mean different things to different people. In real life, there’s no hard definition. In one instance, readers may find short, focused content that answers one specific question very well valuable. In another, a long, detailed post presenting a well-reasoned point of view might be exactly what they are looking for.

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  • Uber-Targeted Social Media Strategies

    In theory, more followers means more eyes on your content… But savvy marketers know that doesn’t always work out. To be effective, you need engaged followers, people who are so interested in your content they will read it, comment, and share with their audience. In other words: It’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean.

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  • 7 Tactics to Write Quality Content Your Audience Will Love

    The debate is over. We’ve all bought our tickets. Creating quality content is the most effective way to market a business. Even the big retailers and B2Bs are on board. But, questions of quantity and quality still linger. How can I produce the right volume of valuable, sharable content? The truth is, you can pump out a ridiculous number of killer blog posts and still wind ...

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  • How Any Business Can Tell a Brand Story that Resonates

    Your story is your brand. Every company has a story to tell…the trick is to frame your story in a way your customers will find appealing. With the right elements, your brand story can inspire trust, boost sales, and inspire loyalty. One of the best ways for a new business to get ahead in a crowded marketplace is by telling its story.

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  • 5 Ways to Extend Your Blog’s Reach and Grow Your Audience

    You may not be a superstar with a giant audience. So how can a person with a relatively small following generate big buzz over a new post? Follow these five tips. 1. Choose links carefully While you’re adding value to your post, why not choose links that boost your reach? Look for quality posts about related subjects written by people who are likely to share your post.

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  • Up Your Content Game With Engaging Infographics

    Content marketing is constantly evolving, and new ways to deliver your message crop up every day. But no matter how cluttered the marketplace, one thing remains constant: the power and glory of visuals. With every website scrambling to add quality content with the goal of appeasing the SERP gods, why do so many waste time and money on terrible infographics? Infographics allo ...

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