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  • 5 Signs of a Great Account Manager

    As one of the many fantastic account managers at TechWyse, I’ve wondered what has allowed us to be so successful in our roles. Each of us has a different personality and working style. Some account managers chat with clients about sports on the phone, while others love creating decks full of data. With all these differences, what’s the underlying connection? What makes a great ...

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  • Webinar: Supercharge Your Internet Marketing 2017

    Last week TechWyse held a webinar called Supercharge Your Internet Marketing Strategies for 2017, giving our listeners an opportunity to learn about upcoming changes in the worlds of SEO, PPC and content. If you didn’t have a chance to attend, you can watch the full webinar below: This was the first of many in our new TechWyse Webinar Series.

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  • Tips for Lowering Your Cost Per Click on AdWords

    One of the key KPI’s that should be tracked in order to maximize the results of your paid search campaign, is your cost per click (CPC). Your cost per click is the actual dollar amount you spend per click on AdWords. AdWords provides you with an actual CPC for each keyword you are targeting, as well as an average CPC for your entire campaign.

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