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  • EgoBait: The Movie

    Yes, it’s true, we’re going to be producing a documentary on EgoBait, where we’ll interview “influencers” who will be more than willing to retweet the movie to their myriad of followers, thereby ensuring views and links for WTFSEO. Heck, we’ll even throw in a couple of employees here, talking on script camera about how influential WTFSEO was to their careers, and how we’ve chan ...

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  • HASBO – Totally different than HARO

    Hey buddy, can you Help A Reporter Out? Look, we like the idea of HARO, but we can’t be bothered to actually submit our requests to it. Besides, we’re not technically reporters and we’re really just focused on creating some spam So we thought what better way to get help than from out loyal WTFers. Following are several requests for upcoming articles we’re doing here, don’t worr ...

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  • WTFSEO’s State of the SEO Industry Media Survey

    Yes, it’s that time of year, when we reach out, to you, our loyal WTFSEOers to get your thoughts on the state of the SEO industry media. What are your intimate thoughts about SEJ, SEL, SEW, SER, SEQ, SEX (are you sure about that one? – ed), and how WTFSEO fits into this landscape as a purveyor of SEO newsiness.

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  • How to Fire an SEO

    Given that Google is now scraping our content for their own… with their “how to hire an SEO” video, quite clearly “inspired” by our classic post – “How to interview at WTFSEO” – yet without the credit that such inspiration clearly deserves… we’ve decided that it’s time for us to fight back. The best way for us to do so it to put out more great content that they’ll steal, but pe ...

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  • 10 Black Hat Tactics That Google Will Penalize You For!

    As you know, we always reward our loyal readers with the latest tactics and news in the SEO industry. Since we’ve decided to triple down on Search in 2017, we thought what better way to start out than by warning you of the ways that you can irrevocably harm your site in the eyes of Google. Now, these are completely black hat, and you should be aware that if you implement them ...

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  • 10 Advanced SEO Tactics You’ve Never Heard Of!

    As you know, we always reward out loyal readers with the latest tactics and news in the SEO industry. Since we’ve decided to triple down on Search in 2017, we thought what better way to start out than by telling you the ways that our in-house team of SEOs has tripled our daily traffic since the start of the year (it’s true, we’re at 6 UV’s a day now – ed).

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  • WTFSEO is Tripling Down on Search in 2017

    Hi WTFSEOers, We wouldn’t be here without you, so I wanted to give you a brief update on some big changes happening at WTFSEO. Tl;dr: We’re focusing our efforts on core SEO parodies such as dumb things brands do, ego bait posts on “industry leading sites”, and search engines asking us to turn our heads and cough.. In the future, we’ll no longer offer OWDY Content or Dingy’s weekly newsletter.

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  • The Grand WTFSEO SEO Grandmaster Challenge Contest

    As you, our loyal readers will know, from time to time we like to challenge you to prove that you’ve been reading every word on this site, and applying it to your daily life. As such, it’s time for us to run The Grand WTFSEO SEO Grandmaster Challenge Contest, so that we can determine, once and for all, which of our loyal, gentle readers is better than the rest.

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  • The Top Speakers at #Ungagged & #StateofSearch

    As part of our continuing series of covering events at industry conferences, we sent our new Latverian intern Constantin down to cover Ungagged in Las Vegas and State of Search in Dallas. While he obviously couldn’t attend every session at each, what with them running on the same days, and with him not speaking a word of English, there were some challenges, but what follows is ...

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  • The 15 Step Guide to Site Migrations

    Like the swallows to Capistrano, the chances are that you’ll regularly be migrating content on your site, either to a new domain, or a new URL structure. All it takes is a new head of UX to suddenly decide that your Information Architecture is sloppier than a piece of bread that’s been used to sop up the gravy that Lisa Barone refused to eat, and then been left out in the rain ...

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  • Our favorite Pubcon Vegas 2016 speakers

    Last week we attended Pubcon, a conference that’s 2nd only to WTFCon (which we’ve decided not to hold this year as our ad revenue wasn’t good enough to be able to rent even a meeting room in a cheap motel in Detroit. Anyway, we decided that in order to increase our Klout score we should get these easily egobaited excellent speakers some recognition, while doing very little work on our end.

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  • What If Crawlers Were on Tinder?

    After the success of our last viral piece “What if Crawlers were Trees?”*, we’ve decided to beat the corpse of that particular deceased equine and return to the scene of the crime with yet another “What if Crawlers…” post. So batten down your hatches, gird your loins, put the kids to bed, rub some…(get on with it – ed)… erm…and get ready for “What if Crawlers were on Tinder.

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  • Do You Want To Write for WTFSEO?

    At WTFSEO, we are dedicated to making fun of out of date marketing trends, events, and what some think to be news. And one of the ways we do that is by publishing guest articles by people who have more time than sense, and are in the field (the SEO field, not a literal field). We are looking to grow our guest contributors team! Basically because the core group are totally out of ideas.

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  • The Guide to Legendary PokemonGo Spawn Points

    Given that the entire staff is wandering around the office with their noses pressed to their phones yelling “I see one!” and “Dammit, it’s another Rattata”, we thought we’d have our Latverian “offshore” team put together a guide to show you exactly where you can find those “gold foil” pokemongo characters.

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  • Meet the Brains behind PokeMongo

    You all have it on your phone, you’re running around derelict buildings, breaking into neighbor’s houses, all trying to complete the objectives of the best selling (erm isn’t it free? – ed) app on the market. Yes, of course we’re talking about WTFSEO’s augmented reality app PokeMongo. For those of you waking from a coma lasting longer than the 4 days the app’s been out, here’ ...

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  • Why Modern SEO Requires Almost No Technical Expertise

    The Internet is complicated. If you think about the innumerable calculations that go into every Google search just to bring you the perfect information for your request, it can almost be overwhelming. Trying to appeal to every line of code in Google’s core algorithm to rank higher would be virtually impossible, even for the most advanced programmer.

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  • Google’s Reptile Disfunction

    Our woman at Google let slip that there’s a huge issue over at the ‘plex that they’re powerless to deal with. Ever since Seinfeld let slip that Mark Zuckerberg was a lizard person (which he denied, but as we all know, only a lizard person would deny that they’re a lizard person), Google has been hemorrhaging staff to Facebook.

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  • Editorial Direction: Supporting Our Bot Traffic

    Based on recent news that as much as 50% of traffic to websites may be coming from bots, we’ve decided that we need to pander to this community, so from this point forward every other post will be written for bots rather than humans (sorry fleshbags). 01000001 00100000 01110010 01101111 01100010 01101111 01110100 00100000 01110111 01100001 01101100 01101011 01110011 00100000 0 ...

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  • How to build a “Top SEO experts” list

    It’s that time of year when the ego-bait posts come out in full force. All of your competition is putting out their “Top 247 SEOs” or “Best 100 Social Media Experts“, etc posts, but you don’t know how to do it, so you sit there twiddling your thumbs trying to come up with a true list of the best and the brightest out there.

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